What makes them?

Security and the underrated power to keep everything simple and rewarding.

What breaks them?

It may simply become too boring, middle-of-the-road and lacking in imagination from the inside. Virgo and Taurus can overlook the opinions of others who think their relationship is dull, but shouldn’t have to suffer in silence once they start to believe it themselves. One has to speak up and inject a little spice, every now and then.

Can it work?

It’s almost like there is no option but for this one to work, since it makes so much sense. Having said that, if it should end the reasons will be so inexplicable to both that the romance is almost guaranteed to be beyond saving.


Taurus male is a sign highly influenced by his romantic encounters and it works well for his soul’s prospects in the afterlife that Virgo woman is willing to think nothing but the best of him. To Virgo woman, he seems nothing more than a balanced individual with a quietly reserved steel in his character grafting for all he sets his mind to. She will know nothing of his darker moments, unscrupulous past and his dependable, common sense approach to tasks serve as even greater reason for never thinking to ask.

Virgo and Taurus work on their own timetable, so their friends’ view of their dating as unadventurous does little to discourage their romantic ambitions. Taurus’ more reserved side comes off, initially, as music to Virgo’s ears. He comes off as guy who delivers on exactly what he plans and there is no better trait to win over a Virgo woman.

He also believes, like her, in not letting his emotions get the best of him (although this is debatable if Taurus has previously engaged in romances with some of the darker signs) and his career path has enough security for Virgo to get on board with. It is only with the steady passage of time that either Virgo or Taurus will be forced to say what the other one is thinking; they have achieved everything on-schedule that it wouldn’t help for a little excitement to escape from under their button shirts.

Taurus male is known to take his time around the bases when in the presence of a lady, so he may never find self-initiative to exercise some of his wilder fantasies on his woman (unlike his romantic involvements with other elements of the zodiac!). Virgo faces the prospect of never truly having her character pushed to new boundaries in other areas of her life, since Taurus is likely to build career success in the stable professions and she will want to compete with him on similar grounds just to show herself she can.

This is a union to protect Taurus from his dark side and withhold Virgo from her more creative one. They may never have to decide outright whether the trade-off is good value since they are largely unaware of what’s missing.

Ironically, nothing can be more unsettling to two signs who like to legislate for everything in detail, but they know some level of excitement could be brought in somehow and will likely have to focus on making small changes to keep them happy. The biggest prospect for change to shake things up is one that makes pure rational sense for Virgo-Taurus: the prospect of parenthood.

In between those two stages of commitment, the level of security and protection they foster within each other will not go underrated by either. There is also enough friendship and passion to be found in their shared resolve of character and impervious nature towards outside influences.

Virgo is not a woman desperate for companionship (often needing brief spurts of alone time to feel like herself) and Taurus is largely unimpressed by other people’s designs on his success, save for the opinion of the woman he values a cut above the rest. They can find enough attraction in each other’s strengths to bring a little passion and lust into their lovemaking. When it is said and done, they make a fine family unit to show their children what simple values of focus, sacrifice and drive can deliver in the long run.


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Virgo gal

Can you do cancerman virho woman? Please

This is downright boring.i am virgo woman with taurus man in love.this is a kind relationshilp which should be supported and nurtured for lifetime these two signs are negative they do not trust completly in each others remarkable love at first sight experience thanks to the world and blogs like you this makes it more more confusing as there are so many easier options available out there as pisces and cancerians who will just say nothing and bring the half side of the taurus and taurus who is just on the senses cannot understand anything and do not want anything… Read more »