What makes them?

A shared sense of logic and intellect mean these two can share mind, body and soul with no regrets. They also bring the beauty and polish within each other to the surface.

What breaks them?

Despite being two logical beings, the fact remains Libra’s spirit sees itself in the big picture whereas Virgo respects the small detail. That means a lot of mopping up after Libra for Virgo and passive stand-offs, when they reach crossroads in their relationship.

Can it work?

As long as they communicate and Virgo is allowed to help Libra better understand himself before he takes advantage of her, it’s a lifetime commitment well worth honouring. Sometimes he may have to take advantage of her – don’t be fooled by her innocent demeanour! The only way she’ll tolerate steering this ship in the face of his indecision is if he throws her around a bit in the bedroom to excite her.


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Virgo Woman and Libra Man is a very rewarding puzzle where efforts should be expended on getting the small pieces in place. Virgo likes the sound of such a challenge already, and she holds a mastery of logic to help Libra see why it is so essential. After all, Libras don’t mean to create mess and sometimes would even bury their head in the sand to avoid facing the disorder they’ve left in their path. Taking a deeper look into a prospective romance with a Virgo princess and Libra will see there are absolutely no square pegs here. It is a relationship where they both need to be themselves and let time take care of the rest.

Their spirits are both naturally uplifted once they discover another person who, despite obvious differences, approaches a topic purely in terms of what makes sense. Virgo can present Libra with enough faultless detail in her life’s plans for him to swoop in and add the final imaginative colours from his palette.

He shouldn’t expect her to extend her skills to the planning of first, second or third dates though. Our Libra male might have to have gone through a few failed relationships to have his behind kicked into gear, before landing a Virgo. Libras take a little more time than Virgo to appreciate why it is so important to get things right, and preferably first time.

He welcomes the chance to bring out grand gestures of courtship. He has, however, simply never met a Virgo woman who expects all this creativity to be executed on schedule. Come late to a dinner spot or mess up on trivial matters and, early on in the relationship, the chances are her back will be up at the potential danger of attracting someone who simply doesn’t place the same value on time as she.

This isn’t the actual truth with Libra, however. He values the fantastical idea of building a perfect family environment as much as Virgo. He will certainly bring his A-game at the prospect of making this a reality, when his mind focuses on the truth of Virgo woman embodying all of his dreams in one woman.

He is essentially a one-woman man when perfectly satisfied with his life’s direction, and Virgo’s high personal standards justify this ideal. Once they become established as a family, however, Libra’s goals can shift to outside the home and this change brings testing times to their door.

Virgo will have to accept she always got into a deal with a big thinker and philosopher. Excitement and charm flood her life when she embraces the chance to walk the world’s surface with a man who applies logic to big adventures. Nevertheless, a Libra that begins to exercise his grander ambitions in society can soon become careless and chaotic in the household. He sacrifices time previously spent on helping out with household chores for darting hurriedly on another professional project. When he fails to even clean up after his own mess, that is where Virgo draws the line.

She can also be exploited in other ways too, if they fail to communicate or maintain her famous boundaries. They both possesses charm but her soul is slightly more giving to others. It can quickly foster a “taker” out of Libra in spite of himself. Lesser women have given themselves to Libra until there is nothing left.

If she sees this spiral continuing as a trend, she will end it (even a marriage) without looking back whereas Libra procrastinates and ponders over second chances. With a little tact, Virgo can learn rules actually bring out the best in Libra and protect him against his darker moments. They are easy to miss since he always possesses the same charming smile, even in depths of depression.

She has to know when to let him make his own mistakes and openly come back to her out of his own will to seek forgiveness, rather than constantly correcting him or invading his space. Libras often use alone time to come to a decision that is in the interests of everyone, even it takes them an age to do so.

He will also have to communicate to Virgo his need for praise, rather than criticism. She is challenged with this task but also to be sincere in her forgiveness and let the past stay in the past, rather than throwing Libra’s old mistakes in his face.

Both Virgo Woman and Libra Man can help each other to stay honest, straight-talking and maintain integrity. It is a pure bond of spirit that transcends into expressions of love through strong sexual chemistry and a family hierarchy to raise an outstanding family. Their children are a credit to them as parents, and they continue to grow as people hand-in-hand into the sunset.

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7 Notes on "Virgo Woman and Libra Man"

Lindsey Boo

This is me and my Libra lover. We’ve found each other at the wrong time. Therefore I am compelled to give freely and he to take relentlessly. I appreciate the insight.


Sounds like a very introspective place you’re in right now and that’s always a winner.


Oh boy me and my Libra lover are in for a ride this summer. He’s indecisive, I’m impulsive. He’s so neat/tidy, I’m a bit of a mess. I love public shows of affection, it is hard for him (but he’s learning!). Behind closed doors we can’t get enough of each other. we could kiss for 4 hours. But we both don’t communicate our emotions. So I fill in the gaps with what I think he’s feeling.


Sounds like us- I’m a Virgo w/libra man and everything u said is spot on – he’s neat/I’m a mess, communicating emotions def a prob for both of us and I think we both are filling in the gaps w/what we think about eachother in our heads. I’m def impulsive-

stacey france

I am Virgo I’ve met a Libra man well what can I say he’s sooo keen,always caring and such a romantic he can be dreamy though and not serious enough he jokes too much apart from that I really like him


Wow. This is my love and me. We’ve known each other since 1988 and have gone back and forth for years. We are getting along extremely well right now and have made plans to see each other for a weekend ( he lives in another state)…not getting back together but just seeing how things go…the sexual chemistry is magic!!!


Omg Ms. Nina, u are spot on.