What makes them?

Think of a picture perfect family, where everything is done to stately order and no detail is left untouched. It’s the kind of thought that appeals to both Leo and Virgo’s idea of fulfillment.

What breaks them?

Leo’s pride is not something typically brought into check by Virgo’s meekness. They’ll have to be careful this picture perfect family doesn’t quietly develop soul-destroying distance behind the scenes, and remember to let their hair down every so often in touching home truths.

Can it work?

This is great match but it will need truth and soul to keep their love from turning against them.



When Leo male first encounters his Virgo woman, they find themselves comically unable to prevent his momentum and convictions from flattering her into submission. Leo would dearly like to remain in proximity to anything that re-affirms his status as “a cut above” the average man, so a proper courtship of Virgo’s innocence will fit nicely on his repertoire.

In terms of everything Leo male fantasizes his eventual wife to be, Virgo woman is the real deal: she’s not easily accessible, she’s even harder to lure to the bedroom and believes in the symbolism of the home as foundation for success. She’s naturally liable to sacrifice herself for the happiness of friends and loved ones, so a leap to being the careful hand behind Leo’s throne is just another day at the office. If she only knew how her nature tends to feed Leo’s ego to dangerous levels, they both might think twice about the gradually growing dangers to come.

At any stage in their youth and adulthood, this is the couple most likely to introduce one another to friends and family. They would dearly like to find acceptance across the board for their fledgling romance and will find any sort of symbolism to make their practical love “official”. This doesn’t necessarily translate to marriage instead of much simpler things like the daytime trip to the professional photographer for “that couple photo” or a joint-hosted party over an entire weekend for all their friends. Nevertheless, you can be sure the increasing grandiose statements of their commitment are a warm-up to a stately wedding.

Their fearless commitment appeals to her mind for reason and his desire for status. Loyalty and fidelity are forged more out of the tangible possessions that surround them and the family photo book that chronicles their ventures.But there is enough distance between Leo’s fiery emotion and Virgo’s reserve to create rough waters ahead.

The most dangerous of problems are those that surface in spite of their better intentions, and a near imperceptible irritation begins to foster between all the moments Virgo quietly criticizes Leo’s increasingly showy routine and Leo smothering her in reply. Virgo has no need for taking plaudits over her partner as long as she is valued as a woman, rather than placed on a pedestal.

However, Leo knows his force of emotion rarely sits well with a Virgo queen who believes in self-control at all costs (even if this sometimes means paying with her mental and emotional health) and he struggles to relate to his woman in any intimate interactions beyond the comfort zone of the pedestal.

The unspoken frustrations can drive them both outside the house and into a high-achieving yet workaholic lifestyle, since they hope the growth of their estate and admiration of friends will continue as strong enough purpose for their bond. Virgo stealthily goes about earning her professional targets and hoping Leo will be able to show some positive emotion her way rather than largely negative outbursts. Nevertheless, they essentially remove the power base of their home that always served as symbolism for togetherness.

The trick is in Virgo growing to see her reserve and cool do not illicit the desired response from Leo man, nor will it ever. She has to come out of her comfort zone and let her feelings show in the face of his passion, and be surprised that he is then relaxed to speak truths in the bedroom and open himself up to new realms of lovemaking.

If they both let their hair down and communicate their frustrations in plain talk, there is more chance for the Leo boiler room to melt her heart rather the house walls down. Consequently, they have more opportunity to re-find themselves on the strength of their union’s biggest foundation.

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I enjoyed this. Thank you.

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Great sex!

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Very true. 2 much time and patience needed to work on virgo woman


This is impressive!!!!!