Virgo Woman and Capricorn Man

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What makes them?

The capacity to learn infinite new sides of each other; growth; deep respect and pressure-free negotiating when change is needed to keep things fresh.

What breaks them?

Even if it should inexplicably end, it won’t be on anything other than amicable terms.

Can it work between Virgo Woman and Capricorn Man?

It has enough momentum to work for two lifetimes and more. A match made in heaven, even if it takes a slightly more mundane course right here on Earth. You can take a look at the ethereal connections in our comments section alone at the bottom to see how deep this one goes.

Although it is true Capricorn man is able to hold up his end to a satisfactory degree in any relationship, Virgo woman is one of the few partners to hold a real eye-opening factor in his eyes. She finds herself among an exclusive company of lovers who can outlast terms like “satisfactory”, “acceptable” and “adequate” when it comes to his judgement. Not only that but, thanks to Virgo’s delicate and meticulous nature, they normally disappear and make way for something far greater with imperceptible ease. He is done loving life to a “good enough” level, only choosing greatness from now on. And she refuses to take credit for his enhanced vision. That is one of the great feats of a Virgo woman, and a quality Capricorn man will love her for while he also enhances her talents by mere virtue of his presence in her life.

Virgo women are so giving and prone to self-sacrifice, it would be a credible reputation that follows them around if they were not so well-versed in shying from credit, for fear of stepping on anyone else’s ego. The humility and undemanding nature of Virgo finds a comfortable and rewarding home when placed in the arms of her Capricorn mate. She has given her heart willingly in the past, but is not so foolish to keep doing so without learning from past mistakes. She does not seek to exact revenge on anyone for any misfortune she may have suffered, but her meticulous and well-regimented nature will eventually come to the surface as a defence mechanism against all the ways in which the world could let her down again.

Along with sharing an earth sign, Capricorn man also shares this meticulous planning and attention to detail. Both partners work on the essential notion that time is the most valuable thing in their lives and should be well accounted for. It is a shared trait making them excellent business partners, colleagues or creative partners. Unlike Capricorn’s capacity to build a dual personal and professional relationship with other signs, however, it would be best if he took a different approach to his domestic life with Virgo and let her mothering qualities shine through.

Even in the workplace and beyond the home they both cherish so dearly, Virgo finds herself adapting to the qualities of her Capricorn man. This time, the adaptation and subservience she practices so well for her friends and family do not result in her fading into the background, instead enhancing her skills to levels she never thought possible. This is a gift to reward both partners in truly spectacular fashion.

Even if Virgo eventually becomes more capable and efficient at the qualities Capricorn male has championed for a lifetime, what possible greater ideal could Capricorn be blessed with than seeing his presence push Virgo to new levels of personal achievement and success? It is almost the quintessential Capricorn fantasy, to see everything they have stood and persevered for embodied in the person they love the most. The only people they could possible love more are the children they will inevitably bear.

Virgo is not one to posture or point out how much of a capable person she has become in exceeding her Capricorn mate, and her mothering instinct needs satisfying by building a worthy house for both of them to love coming home to. Capricorn will get his due time to ascend to the mantle of breadwinner in this well-run and harmonious household, once again.

What he cannot expect are the changes and rewards bestowed upon him during the period his Virgo queen excels professionally and socially. Logic, structure and reason could not account for the change this relationship has fostered in both of them. As a consequence, for pure lack of answers, Capricorn finds himself more willing to become philosophical and dream about the future. This is a totally new experience for him and, unlike the hazardous changes that would await him in a similar bond with a Piscean woman, Virgo woman holds enough earthly character to ground his compass whenever he needs to come home and familiarize himself with surroundings again.

This is the kind of union written about in fantasy adventure stories, only the mundane and meticulous reality that these two lovers will comfortably harvest between them shall mask their perfection to a sufficient degree so as not to make any of their family and friends too envious.


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Hello! I am a Virgo Woman and once married to a Capricorn Man (deceased 2003). There are no words that could possibly defy the love between what we had. Recently I was blessed to meet another Capricorn Man and have since resigned my single status. From his voice to his touch, there is no place else hear on Earth I’d rather be. I am most critical of others and always self examining myself. This guy does not care that I’m critical…he explains the downside of it. If I’m away from him too long he looks for me and I’m always… Read more »
Virgo Woman in Love

I am a 52 year old Virgo Woman. My man of only 6 months is a Capricorn. I never thought I could have the kind of love I have with him. He captivates me spiritually, mentally and physically! I am never letting go and neither is he! I waited 52 years to date my first Capricorn and everything stated above is true! My match for eternity!


Its not even attraction but something that actually gravitates us towards each other. It was within two three interactions and i knew that “MY HAPPINESS QUOTIENT” has become dependent on this guy totally. We parted away as we both have responsibilities we cannot give up on. I am ready to wait for him forever.
Hope life brings us together soon.


words cannot even describe the connection that we have….I am Virgo woman…he is Capricorn man Our union is divine. In the beginning there were many forces that tried to come between us, but we got past that and now is smooth sailing. Been waiting my life for a love like this!!

Queen Ali
I’m a Virgo woman Currently falling in Love with my Capricorn man, ironically we’ve known eachother 7 years and dated once before but neither was in the place to give ourselves to one another. Now recently we ran back into one another and have been inseparable since. Being a Virgo I can be overly critical but bring with my love calms me and what I feel pushes all of my critiques to the left… Loving him feels so right! The laughter and bond we share is so dope for the both of us, so it’s nice to read this and… Read more »