Virgo Woman and Cancer Man

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What makes them?

They’re both attracted to an ‘underdog’ partner in their younger years. Cancer guys can be quirky and find all-round success late in life. That works out well here because she doesn’t care. She’s looking for an outcast.

What breaks them?

Get it all out on the table in words when it comes to miscommunication, and quickly. Because let us tell you – Virgo and Cancer – picking up on ‘hints’ is not your forte as a couple. These two have to be able to talk it out.


Blackbook entry from London – Spring 2015

Here’s a couple I met – in London – not only reaffirming anyone’s hopes in the unusual workings of an Earth-Water romance but pretty much restores anyone’s faith in online dating.

I actually met these two months before we hosted our live poll to find out which male Sun Sign has the biggest schlong (a poll suggested to us by a Virgo woman member no less!) so it all just came together at the right time.

Cancer Men conquer the vote for biggest...

Virgo women will be thrilled to know our May ’15 poll saw Water sign men come out… on top. Click on the picture for the full view.

As neither of these two are subscribed to the Blackbook yet, I won’t even disclose first names right now but just give you the inner workings so you know everything about how Virgo and Cancer really works. This romance is a slow burner, and we mention online dating because these two first met on Tinder.

Derided as a hook-up app, right? Well, true to form, our Virgo Woman initially only ran into her Crab because she was looking for “nothing serious”. She swore to keep it at just something to occupy her time enjoying the single life.

…Ask them today and they’re both happy her plans went up in smoke.

Initial Passion Potential

As a matter of fact, when they first met in person she joked to him that he was “ugly” (he’s not).

He – in turn – was nothing but praise and persistence. Our Cancer Man promised to “wait for her” and do whatever it takes to land a committed relationship.

I once ended up at a dinner table of mutual friends talking myself into a hole about how some men use the persistent, borderline-creeper tactics to subdue their woman into a relationship (not realising I was sitting right next to a Water Sign man!)

From the other side of the table, our Virgo Woman smiled longingly into her Cancer’s eyes with a playful grin: “Yeah, those tactics worked on me.” The rest is history. For every one of us at that table there, the sexual and romantic tension in the room was palpable.

That was the first time I’d met them. She was hosting dinner for all of us, and they were several months into their online-affair-turned-full-blown-relationship at that point.

And therein lies the rub for clicking between these two: Virgo women fall for the Cancer soft touch against her own expectations. And she can end up falling quicker than him – no matter what she swears to mutual friends. That much will scare her. It can bring out the side of Virgo that likes to play it cool, swear off emotions and even push him away a little in insisting she likes them both to have space.

Friendship and Long-Term Potential

Don’t be fooled, Cancer guys… she’s falling. Push the ‘cold emotionless’ Virgo robot stereotype a little too far though, and our Cancer Man may just lose his patience or appetite.

He may internalize his emotions and keep quiet for the sake of peace at times, but don’t forget at heart he’s a caring and sensitive person. If she treads too far on all the little things he does for her, they can push themselves out of a good thing.

These two can try to suss each other out. The temptation is strong since disagreements rarely blow up to the surface in an instant, but instead tend to work themselves insidiously into the background. In short: Want to make this work in the long-term? Avoid passive aggression here, please.

It really helps if both are able to voice their thoughts (if not their feelings) on any number of subjects – not just romance but their respective careers and hobbies – in order to appreciate once more why they attracted one another in the first place.

Speaking with our London couple, I noticed he actually kept their living space tidy. She confessed quietly that she didn’t “love” cooking as much as she initially claimed to – but they both created little gifts or did small acts of faith for one another in their fair share. She is a product designer, he a music promoter.

Sex Potential

Just know Cancer guys (if you couldn’t tell already) she’s not anywhere near as innocent as she may seem to be at first. We know that’s something often said about Virgo women on the web – but believe it. She may suggest a threesome or watch skin flicks with him together, even if he only wants a quiet life with her in the bedroom.

And after all, it was a Virgo Woman who suggested our web poll for biggest schlong. That tells you all you need to know about sex and the Virgo mind.

When I informed a Virgo-Cancer couple of the web poll results, he simply pumped his fist. As he left the room to get back to work on his music, she asked me from the other side of the room – with her back expertly turned to me – ‘when they voted for biggest schlong, did they just mean length or girth? Girth too, right?’

And there you have it, the fine focus and detail of this sex life. She knows what she wants, and he knows the value of “just being there” to provide it.

When you have a question you’d like us to poll to our web guests for either Virgo or Cancer, just leave a comment below and we’ll put it to the polls.

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I have a cancer man in my life (and I’m a virgo) and I feel like his moods are a lot to deal with. I’m very sensitive and when he gets into a bad mood I assume he no longer has feelings for me or his feelings have waned. He also has trouble talking about his feelings unless he has had a few drinks. I need to feel loved and his love is inconsistent. How can I tell when he’s just in his shell temporarily versus when he has written me off or is losing interest?



I’m a virgo woman (25) and I’ve recently met a cancer man (23). I find when we text he is more light hearted and playful, but the few times we have been around each other he’s more serious and hard to tell if he’s interested. How should I proceed with the beginning stage of talking to a cancer man?

Natasha Cloutier

I just recently started the possibility of a dating relationship with a male Cancer. I am a Virgo female/woman/business/owner. I hate stereotypes but you got it pretty much right on in the above story.

Virgo gal
By the way tiziani there’s another virgo in my class she’s intelligent un studies and they both are friends and he does the things what that virgo girl does everything I know that m not easily trusting individual but plz say if he love her or me here are some clues he had same coloured bag as she does he jokes with her but not have problem with that he will took the line as that virgo girl will take and he always stands by her side I can’t see this anymore I have to talk to him but becuz… Read more »
Virgo gal
Hii tiziani m virgo girl I have had been with cancer boy for 4 years between these years he many a times flirt withs girls (m 15 years n his also the same) i know that m small for that but I don’t care I love him he stares many a times at me and yes when m not looking at him that time alot but he’s so confusing I can’t understand him two or three times his friends took my name n he being shy when I talk to other guy even with the guy whose elder than me… Read more »