What makes them?

He is all for going after what he believes in, and she gives him something to believe in for the long-term. It’s a high achievement relationship with plenty to keep both sides happy.

What breaks them?

They will spend so much time learning how to make each other work, that they won’t have much time left to learn anything else together. This really is a union of conveniences and comfort among two fundamentally different souls. There is little room for anything else so they will have to hold onto what little common ground keeps them together.

Can it work?

If they have the willingness to sacrifice, “work” is the fundamental word here. It functions like a pact because they can scarcely afford for it to be labelled anything more adventurous. That would instantly tear down their understanding.


Even if the romantic element of a Virgo Woman and Aries Man union seems rather grey and slightly too opportunistic, these two have the weight of history on their side. Virgo Woman and Aries Man have often been known to make fantastically successful couples who leave others admiring them, even if there isn’t enough intrigue around Virgo-Aries for any idle speculation into how these vastly different people make it work. They attend public gatherings with maximum polish and minimal controversy, which can be something of a surprising reform to Aries’ bachelor lifestyle.

Even if Virgo Woman successfully pioneers a few much-needed changes in Aries’ errant ways, she won’t feel like she had a major hand in them because Virgo is too busy counting all the time invested in bringing him onto the same page. Even one minor detail of difference can take years to iron out between them, and Virgo often discovers the only tactic to instigate change is the threat of leaving him. Nothing crystallizes purpose in our Aries warrior’s mind more than the chance to pursue a prize slightly out of his reach.

Aries Man is a fighter who goes after what people tell him he will never have, in a manner that they promise him he will never be allowed to do it. He follows through on his intent with action, more out of a desire and satisfaction in proving his adversaries wrong rather than what genuine interest there may be for achieving the target in question. When he meets Virgo woman, his idle passion for her might be as fleeting as the last few romantic encounters that came and went. But the respect of her peers, the effervescence that surrounds her social circles and her pleasing appearance all tingle his senses with the overwhelming signal that this is the woman he should be interested in.

His heart gravitates on outside factors as a paperweight since, internally, his passion boils over at the flip of a coin and he has been proven wrong in trusting himself before. A successful conquest of Virgo holds all the social approval and gravitas he secretly desires, whilst she knows he is a man of action who can deliver on anything she would like in her possession.

Therefore, Virgo female is far from resistant in leading him into a merry dance. She always remains that step ahead of him, exactly how Aries likes it, and they can see obvious potential for getting a lot of what they’re both motivated for out of this deal.

She can use their love to build a home like it was a domestic project. It is so well detailed that their house effortlessly doubles up as a safe haven for him to keep the most secretive parts of his day locked up within, rewarding the faithfulness of his wife by only sharing his emotional turmoils with her.

His youthful optimism never dies and he will come to rely upon Virgo to bandage his wounds and let him know it will all work out in the end. He can come back to her bearing gifts, often to make up for their disagreements, and a man like Aries finds no problem in earning society’s acceptance and admiration. This sits well with Virgo who is happy to be the silent hand and guiding partner. It is the essence of the expression “behind every great man stands an even greater woman”.

This is a union of opposites, rationale vs impulse and passion vs logic. It makes for an interesting¬† (if slightly distant) mix of styles that extends to their sexual connection and parenthood. When one’s way of going about lovemaking becomes boring for both, the other can take the lead. They will both probably take their cue from the book of Karma Sutra, which interests them both for different reasons.

Their children will laugh and forever indulge in stories about how their mother is always showing them how to do things in precisely the manner their father told them not to do it. Nearly always, the family will end up doing what mother wants since she is often right anyway. They can find a certain routine amongst conflicts that makes Virgo Woman and Aries Man trust each other since, although neither will completely change their ways for the other, they can always rely on provoking the same reaction as the last time they fell out.

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13 Notes on "Virgo Woman and Aries Man"

Priyansi angreji

My boyfriend Aries and I M Virgo so what think about marriage life


Same here he a Aries and I’m a virgo an I’m in love with him we are thinking about moving together and starting a family and getting married


So it sooner rather than later!


Am a virgo woman, just meet aries man. I am so attracted to him its scaring me, don’t know what to do


Veronica , I am in the same boat. I wish us both luck and romance


I can relate


Just go for it take a chance go with the flow it will be fine…

te hand

we are in the same page….good luck to us…

Virgo the virgin

Run while you can..He will disappear on you without notice…You’ll be treading on thin ice soon watch..


I have dated an Aries man on and off for 7 years, we have a child together and another one on the way. If you can get past your differences it’s a rewarding relationship. But you have to work hard.