Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man

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What makes them?

Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man are two signs completely comfortable in their skin and have a strong sense of individual identity. This keeps a large amount of truth and honesty surrounding them and they tend to spend time in each other’s company as if each day were their last.

What breaks them?

Strong identities make for strong opinions. Unfortunately they rarely ever share the same perspective and, even if they speak the same language, they are focused on different priorities. Perhaps fatally, they can grow to completely different spaces and lack mutual friends. Communication (of any kind) over relationships issues is a big challenge, as they both build castle walls for fear of being misunderstood.

Can it work?

It’s a superhuman romance. If Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man have the patience and sacrifice needed to see they share more than meets the eye, they find a superhero companion walking by their side. It is much easier said than done.

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If you’ve ever read the story about two frustrated co-workers who long to take a break from the office and express their true feelings for one another, the chances are you were reading the story of Virgo and Aquarius. It ticks all the right boxes for a sizzling thriller threatening to seriously undo itself throughout. These two do not waste words, tell lies or disrespect other people’s time… precisely the reasons why they will steal muted glances at one another whilst their growing feelings only lead them to be more confused. What is left unspoken only ramps up the sexual tension between them.

One side will have to fold under pressure to get the ball rolling on this one. When and where the sprint for something beyond friendship happens (if ever) is a lottery. Their differing lifestyles and friends may permanently keep them apart and, should they share any common ground in their social life, they will have to be on permanent guard to make sure they do not lose this territory as they evolve.

Aquarius is more likely to be found in a private member’s club or the cigar room, discussing issues that concern the world’s fate. By contrast, Virgo women is helping her best friend with their tax accounts on her rare nights off from work, owing to the fact that she has all the practicalities of life figured out. Should either sign be deceived by their respective routine, they find disappointments and let-downs hard to ever forget. This is a common trait that opens up a little door for some very big empathy and emotional connection to flood the gates.

The mystery of their connection can unravel in Aquarius’ world where he finds some career issue that needs Virgo’s analytical skills, or in Virgo’s life where she feels under attack and Aquarius rides in on his white horse. Either way, they will both be thrilled to find out just how much moral values count for much in the collision of their worlds. But it will always be, essentially, a collision as the thrills often give way to anger and stubbornness.

If Virgo is helping Aquarius to sort of his lofty ambitions, it is on the proviso that her way is the right way and she can hold for long periods while she convinces herself that he needs to be taken down a peg or two. Similarly, the novelty of finding a man who makes her feel like the most important woman in the room often wears away for Virgo, considering she has to put up with his constant absence from their love nest. He is often on some new adventure that she simply does not want to know about, if their priorities aren’t first in order.

It all makes for very heated discussions on the rare occasions Virgo and Aquarius find the stomach to verbally communicate. They have been so used to building walls around them to forgive (but never forget) past disappointments that they think this is a ready-made strategy to win the domestic war in their relationship also. Nothing could be further from the truth. If they both (and that means you too, Virgo!) use their initiative to spell out how they feel when they feel it, they can quickly learn to use their differences to cover more ground between them rather than walking in completely separate directions.

At the end of that romance novel, the hero went above and beyond the call of duty to honour his woman and she did so in return. They lived happily ever after. But both hero and heroine had to go through some extraordinarily challenges before they ever found the character within themselves to give it an honest shot. It is exactly the same for Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man, who both value integrity in every aspect of their lives but shy away from it when matters of their own heart are on the table. If either of them lack courage, they may find it was all a daydream while they were sitting back in that office as total strangers.

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Lisa Hughes
Yeah i totally agree with the challenge part…i am a virgo women struggling to love a aquarius male…we have strong wills but i feel i have to give in to the Aquarius male all the time they can lack romance, they move slow when it comes to emotions and make you chase them, they can be forgetful or lazy when it come to minor stuff but they are very goal oriented and great in bed but can be a little selfish and also when it comes to dating they dont put a lot of effort the male Aquarius need to… Read more »

Great sex though


Yes it is