What makes them?

Taurus believes in being treated as special (in private) and Pisces is willing to oblige.

What breaks them?

These two are opposites and may get involved in a battle of wits to draw each other out to the other’s perspective. Neither will succeed. Taurus likes her partner to keep things simple and stick to the goals at the head of the family table. Pisces finds just about anything else more natural, besides that.

Can it work between Taurus Woman and Pisces Man?

It can be a long, tedious affair with ample opportunity to get it right. With an older, more settled Pisces that also means enough of a window to get it right.

This is a romance of opposites with differences that go way beneath the surface. Judge the expression of any Taurus Woman and Pisces Man in a social gathering, and they will both be likely to maintain the same pleasing demeanour to all around them.

Pisces does this because they genuinely can’t operate on any other level. To be found out in public amongst a crowd is effort enough, so they reason to make it worth their while by giving it a good go at socializing. Taurus does this to separate the men from the mice.

She has a fairly keen eye to judge who will be able to give her the royal treatment, should she let them in the door, and who would be better off being passed over. She meets her match, in a sense, when she realizes she cannot read Pisces.

This doesn’t necessarily mean she will fool herself into deeper investigation, however. It is far more likely than the fish will be snagged into thinking there must be something deeper and convincing his Taurus love interest to take it to the next step. He has enough convincing arguments and persistent to sway them both into believing there might be a greater good here.

He convinces himself that Taurus might be just as deep an ocean and just as complex underneath her still waters to match his own tumultuous character. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Taurus make it a calling card to keep things explicitly stated and on track for the sake of their own survival. They can show remarkable instincts for braving rain and storm, to come out the other side with a smile and the same set of friends they were always capable of charming.

They deeply value a partner who can keep things on the straight and narrow and remove life’s mysteries from their path, on the route to family happiness. Pisces is, quite simply, not the man for this particular job.

It is true, however, that Taurus have a hidden capacity for creativity and Pisces is able to awaken this side of their Taurus woman by pure virtue of who they are. This leaves enough middle ground to be explored between these two. With a more experienced Piscean male in the mix, it is possible that he can see enough reasons to take a firm grip on their relationship and bring the alpha male virtues to the table that she would like to encourage as a permanent fixture.

In return, she can learn the value of trusting her emotions around him and seeing his ability to bring her into a dream world where the rules needn’t always apply. Taurus can find rare moment of peace and spiritual contentment with their Piscean opposite that aren’t so easy to come by with other signs.

On the other hand, these moments are made rare because of the daily preoccupations taking up her mind through her man’s ongoing indecisive nature. It is common for Taurus to grow intolerant of this and call it quits, if Pisces male will let her. He has an array of tactics and emotional upper-hands (not to mention sometimes outright emotional blackmail) when he cannot see the same end to a relationship that his mate pleads from him.

Even though the sexual attraction is moderate and the friendship grows to average at best, these two can often draw out their romance to a battle of wits. To call it a “Cold War” would be stretching it, as Taurus will flash her horns enough times for even Pisces to find himself defenseless in his own world, with no place to hide. Nevertheless, the long winding road presents enough turns for a fatal car crash or a surprising journey to redemption for Taurus Woman and Pisces Man.


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The Pisces Male would be the one to blame he had better KNOW* what he wants the statistical probability reveals he could not find better selection. Yet this is generally true with all males if they lay down their wondering desires having only eyes for their partner then most women (hypothetical speaking) would cherish such devotion. Statistically Taurus men make the best husbands hard working and dedicated . also Capricorn ranking second. Being born between 2/28 and 3/1 surly find the one Taurus 5/11 woman {Sandy dated 3 years} The most wonderful woman of all excluding mom 8/24 who loved… Read more »

I’m a 5/10 woman my very best friend is 8/24.

Greg Lester

The thing is i want her and we arexbetter together i think she is gorgeous

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