Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man

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What makes them?

Both have been longing to build the home they’re about to put together.

What breaks them?

Too much of a good thing can inhibit growth. Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man might actually find they enjoy the odd disagreement… they just need to find something to disagree over.

Can it work?

There really is no reason to turn away from everything this relationship can provide. Just make no mistake about it Capricorn Man – she’s looking for a man who will let her run his life, whether he knows it or not. She won’t ask… she will just ‘do’. It’s long odds to find a Capricorn Man that finds himself at ease with that when he wakes up one morning to realise he’s no longer in charge.

Capricorn and Taurus – two Earth signs who will soon realize they have already walked a mile in each other’s shoes, refusing to settle until theycouples romance compatibility found what they are looking for: each other.

Perhaps the more practical version would be to say they’ve found shared ground in each other’s values, as they both tend to be pretty skeptical with flight-of-fancy romance even if Taurus would love to believe in that aspect of life more than she lets on.

Both have been unmoved and full of precaution when it comes to gauging the true meaning behind situations that life has put them in. Whereas Capricorn Man exercises caution against failure in financial and practical security, Taurus Woman’s caution is very much against the illusions of emotional security.

Taurus Woman is not someone to be manipulated, nor are her ideals to be trifled with carelessly when placed in the hands of others. Capricorn himself would never dream of such a thing and will quickly recognize familiar routines in his Taurean counterpart that he finds pleasing and agreeable for a steady, lifetime relationship.

The fairly organized and mannered delicacy of a Taurus Woman makes her a pleasing and amiable addition to any group setting. What they may not realise is she quickly looks to run the group to her own will.

She brings a smile and calm to those who are lucky enough to enjoy the privilege of her company one-on-one. She is not one to impose strict demands or encourage a long pursuit outside of romance but, when locked into a relationship, she will then go about seeking control over her partner.

Here’s a long term pitfall for Taurus and Capricorn as Taurus is a deeply (THE most!) possessive sign on the zodiac and Capricorn – as a Cardinal man himself – cannot stand to have the wind or the initiative taken from his lifestyle, no matter how slowly it closes in on him from the ultimate hand that guides… that of the female Bull.

What Capricorn Man won’t object to at first are the practical gifts of Taurean persuasion. He finds comfort and reassurance in the structured terms of their romance and the moral compass that guides their personal life. It sounds tame to others but this is what both Capricorn Man has been waiting to receive and Taurus Woman waiting to give, to the right partner.

Where Capricorn leaves imagination to others in pursuit of more tangible goods, Taurus is capable of creativity and imagination that will be of no threat to her Earth counterpart. She knows how to remain an ever-present fixture, showing consistency and reliability no matter how far she may let her creative streak flourish out of bounds.

She finds comfort in a steady, settled home and family life that Capricorn will enthusiastically build together with her. These are two people that can mix business with pleasure and have no fear of recrimination for doing so.

They are the steady couple that imports the blueprint of their well-oiled family setting into the professional environment, most likely as business partners or associates flying under the radar. This can even flourish into other areas if the creative license of Taurus is allowed to flourish and benefit her Capricorn counterpart.

Taurus and Capricorn get along so well that it may never push them to learn beyond what is comfortable for them. Eventually one day Capricorn can open his eyes to the feeling his Bull has gotten too comfortable and he may feel too much in her shadow.

It’s the common “blink and you miss it” subtle weaknesses to all Earth trine romances and perhaps the reason we don’t hear too much about Taurus and Capricorn couples.

Both Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man do not believe in letting states of high emotion or feelings overcome them at all, but it is precisely when a little jealousy, anger, insecurity or other fish-out-of-water scenarios splash across their pleasantly structured life that they will draw even closer to one another than was previously thought possible.

Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man is a couple that actually benefits long-term from going through a couple of rough rides rather than avoiding the rollercoaster completely. It’d probably be better to go through the rough patches earlier than they’re both used to so he can see the side of her that is willing to assume “boss” status in times of conflict.

They should both know that no matter what they go through in the heights of emotion or sex (and both are naturally geared to be great in the bedroom – they are Earth Signs after all) there is always the foundation they’ve built at home to fall back on and plenty of common ground.

It’s a bankable relationship – the humour in it could be lost on everyone else, but these two get their own private inside amusement when they let it happen.

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This relationship is so perfect that me (Taurus) and my (SeaGoat) knowing each other for 24 years and been dating for 14 years. The relationship is so beautiful that it is hard to let go.

Thomas B
Im 29, and a cap male. I met a girl randomly when I was slangin purses on vinted.com and through turns life through at me and loss of relationship, this friend ended up lining up to probably be more. Through talking we just click so freakin well that I went on a little hunt (and im usually the skeptic about these things). But that description of caps on about 20 different web sites in a relationship is dead on me, and its sickening how accurate it is. My perspective of her has been exactly what it said so far down… Read more »

I have never experienced something so intense..me being the taurus…I always keep.in mind…his right and need to feel free. We always come home.