What makes them?

There is a strong work ethic underpinning any Cancer-Taurus relationship. They have the power to acquire the security and options that both want from life. It makes for a good marriage.

What breaks them?

This relationship almost seems like a gimme… and possibly too easy for both of them to not make their own problems. We all know Taurus is stubborn, but Cancer won’t see it that way. He’ll hold out for as long as it takes for her to try and back down from her opinions. Maybe too long…

Can it work?

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man can just as easily as it can slip out the door before both realise. They both pride themselves in holding onto things – ironically leading to one another taking this for granted. They’ll have to make sure they aren’t distracted by all their possessions and let love build bonds to last.

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man form one of the most straightforward couples on the zodiac, even if it will seem that way to everyone but these two. Cancer is not known to share the stubborn traits of strong, salt-of-the-earth Taurus female but he can protect his own emotions with the same toughness of character, if he senses she is stepping all over him. There really isn’t much complexity to this pairing as it is totally up to them whether they want to make their romance as easy or difficult as they want. The problem may simply lie in having too many options.

Both Taurus Woman and Cancer Man, as individuals, have many sides to their character that can go undiscovered for nearly a lifetime. If these two start dating each other on honest terms (which Taurus will insist upon anyway) with a lot of good will, then they can be the missing link in each other’s life to unlock new personas within them.

Taurus, particularly, has a life journey affected by her encounters. In Cancer male, she finds someone who will not abuse or misuse her and can give her what she wants the most: to be treated like a queen. She can easily mess this up if she confuses Cancer’s kindness for weakness.

Is it true that he becomes prone to periods of depression, glumness and needs to lighten up before he is ready to cease the day once more. Taurus can even help him to do this, because she can set any scene and is never short of understanding friends. But there is something of a Messiah-complex in how Cancer insists on doing things the right way.

If anything, this rare trait resonates with Taurus’ own convictions and shows the kind of strength in resolve that she rarely finds when she looks to her circle of friends. If she is wondering how he can be so reclusive and recalcitrant when he feels wronged, imagine how far he will go to protect her from injustice once they establish a commitment. This isn’t a case of what you see is what you get, Taurus! When it comes to Cancer, there really is more than meets the eye.

Nevertheless, male messiahs are often seen as effeminate in society and do not garner the same level of respect normally due to them, until circumstances prove them right in the end. Cancer’s resolve extends to formulating the perfect plan of attack on his career and social ambitions. When he finally risks his chips on the table, he executes the type of game plan to take no prisoners.

He may not be the life of the party, preferring to remain backstage with his trusted clique, but his colleagues are most likely to have the VIP all-access passes to the event. The wealth, security and plain common sense Cancer brings to any relationship (once he’s ready) is right up Taurus’ alley.

She, too, values family life but would dearly like her family to be able to rest on a certain amount of prestige. She also values nice things even if Cancer is a bit more functional when it comes to accessories. The quietly secure and re-affirming presence Cancer assumes in Taurus’ life can enhance her growth and help her to realize her own professional goals, even outdoing them. Her powers of organization will always exercise themselves back at the household before long, though. Cancer has a mate he can deeply appreciate as she is incredibly committed to family life and meets his ideals.

If Cancer can share in the views she paints around the household, these two can spend most days retiring to a loving nest that makes for a satisfying love life. Foreplay takes up a large part of their lovemaking sessions. They are just as likely to get lost in some 80s love-ballad or film soundtrack as they are to follow through and spent the rest of the night under the sheets.

It is just as well that these two can come to such a good understanding through body language and physical expression, since their verbal communication runs hot and cold. Again, the emphasis is on Cancer not to come off as too much of a wet towel. It is one thing to hold out on Taurus in the warm-up to the big event, but a queen bull that sits on top of her throne will never turn back and is always convinced her way is right.

She would second-guess herself or see the need to be more sensitive to her man’s feelings if, say, there were children and a family’s future at stake. Cancer will simply have to be mindful of her possessiveness, as he can easily put her nose out when she feels he divides too much attention between his children over her.

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9 Notes on "Taurus Woman and Cancer Man"

I’ve been on and off with this cancer guy for about 3 years now but this year for some reason we’ve got closer. sometimes its hard and sometimes he talks to me but I’m just trying to be patient he tells me he wants to be with me and I hope its true I’m just an Aries girl that started to be impatient.its true he treats me like a queen and I try to treat him like a king.but unfortunately he says he can’t be with me because he’s not financially stable which makes me think if he’s lying or… Read more »
It sounds like your guy is being honest with you and truly does want the very best for you and the relationship. Being upfront about wanting to marry you but currently not having the means, means he wants to do it but do it the right way. Love is beautiful buy it don’t pay any bills that I’ve found and could be a strain on an otherwise great relationship – sounds like he loves you enough to know that and wants to avoid messing things up with you. Figure out if he’s worth the wait and how long your willing… Read more »
taurus girl

I agree 100%

taurus girl
I am a Taurus and mine said the same thing i had to tell him how i felt about the situation cause in that case 6 months would have went bye and we could have pursued our relationship everyone needs assistance sometime and to know someone cares and has their back and even though he explained how feels about it and it makes him feel less of a man to just reassure him and make sure you are sincere and he will give you his heart trust me there are alot of other females mad because he is off the… Read more »

I am a taurus woman who has been in a long distance relationship with a cancer man. He loves me and I love him. I am 60 and he is 62. We have talked about our future and marriage but recently he has been financially unstable and feels that I shouldn’t put my life on hold for him. Should i let go or hold on


If you love him wait on him if you don’t let him go,anyway what are you waiting on if it’s love true love than go for it all the way,I’m a taurus with a cancer man he is so awesome.


I am a Taurus woman with cancer man we are still new in our union hope for the best as he said he loves me a lot


I have a sweet crush on a Brazian Beauty who lives in Recife her name is Edinalda. I’m a leg and bootie man and she is Icandy. She is a Taurus


I would like to hold her in my arms sum day sooner much better then later. Get it . U feel me !