The Betrayal – 9th to 23rd June

Getting your just desserts at any cost: it’s a dirty job at times but, if you don’t step in to collect, someone else will. You convinced yourself writing that love letter confession to the new lover, putting together that meet-up between colleagues and friends, or any other way to tie up loose ends in this waning gibbous Moon phase would be the recognition you deserve. And even splashing the cash with someone else’s savings wouldn’t hurt anyone, when they understand that you’re just trying to fix any mistakes this month that haven’t gone 100% to plan in the last 3 weeks. So there’s no harm in lavishing on a new direction, right?

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“You keep accusing me all the time,” to paraphrase Dan Barker, “but I cannot be convicted of a victimless crime.”

Following on from this weekend’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, the Moon falls into a winding down phase until it hits the New Moon in Gemini on the 23rd and conspires to break free from a rock (Pisces Neptune transits) and hard place (Libra Jupiter transits) to reason all of the above, repeatedly, especially in the most artistic or creative sense. You may be trying to make genuine efforts to move on from small errors with artistic endeavour and create something from nothing: impressing a new lover, building bonds with a new confidante or performing your hidden talents for a fresh audience.

There’s only one problem with victimless crimes: In the long-term, they start to take on a different colour, when it comes to consequences. Pisces Neptune’s conjunction is here to remind you of values you may want to consider twice, before doing something out of character that you cannot take back. Someone could well end up sitting in your shadow when you take up the limelight. In your haste to seek recognition or personal justice, the victims may just be your family, or someone who still believes in what you once had to offer. Their identity may even be at stake, and you’ll have to decide whether that’s your problem or not.

The Threat – Libra Jupiter

During this swing from Sagittarius to Gemini energy, the Moon is going to make a couple of hard aspects with Libra Jupiter along the way – there is blame, projection and some swerves in your personal direction in buckets during the next 13 days. Think of Libran energy at its most restrained and polite tinkering into relationships, and then reverse that completely since we’re talking about Jupiter – a planet giving off energy that simply doesn’t believe in boundaries unless we’re talking about breaking them. This is Libra unbridled, willing to manipulate and out to settle scores. And not just you, but people closest to you, will feel your temptation to cross lines in the interest of what’s fair for you, above any concerns of what is fair in the eyes of those closest to you.

Libra Jupiter is not your friend from now up until the 23rd of the month –  It will be more like the stranger or annoying adversary that just walked into your life, who’s still scoring such strong points in your life that you cannot afford to completely ignore what they’re pointing out to you. They have a sharper hold on this ‘new you’ threatening to break free from the restraints of the role your long-term relationships depend on your to play, for them.

If you feel your long-term relationships aren’t giving you the due attention you want, after all your efforts in the last three weeks, will you seek some kind of revenge to ‘level the scores’ for yourself? Libra Jupiter is asking you as much: Sure, you got a few things wrong but didn’t you get a lot of things right, too? Who’s there to show appreciation? And who’s going to sweep in and take credit for all your work, if you’re away thinking about how you can do better?

Jupiter is trying to convince you the threat to your happiness lies elsewhere but, make no mistake about it, turning yourself against your own long-held personal values may be the biggest threat of all. Maybe a colleague at work has picked up some of the slack on the ideas you left on the cutting floor, and they look like getting credit for the whole project now, unless you intervene quickly and remind people of your worth at all costs. Maybe your long-term romance is going through a tough patch, and a new infatuation with a strange lover seems like the way to revitalise your passion. But Jupiter alone cannot convince you to commit the crime – that would be too lame. It needs a helping hand from forces within your inner circle that conspire to make you frustrated, no matter which option you chose. Your mistakes this past month have left a couple of things within your personal care broken and what’s really tough is both Jupiter and Neptune suggest you cannot fix it. In fact, if you try to fix it you may wind up trying to do too much, behind the backs of too many people who matter. Especially a protector in your life.

The Saviour – Pisces Neptune and Moon

Take it back a couple of days to the nights of 16th and 17th June – here we find a strong suggestion of morality popping up as a theme for all of us, and the question of rights and wrongs weighing down on your life. Neptune is right at home in Pisces, ready to unload all its energy on the Pisces Moon moving through the neighbourhood in mid-June. Neptune, during this phase, represents someone close to you, or at least someone who’s known you long enough to be truly invested in what you stand for and now reminding you of your moral code. They’re shocked when they catch wind that you’re willing to give up on that for personally gratifying justice elsewhere. But what they won’t admit, that you and even Jupiter recognise (for all little time this Jupiterian person has been in your life), is their reaction betrays that they feel your new direction is a threat to their system. This hypocrisy is making it all the more tough for you not to reason that you should look at for number 1 and worry about the consequences later.

We know there are no true selfless heroes. If there were, your decisions for the next two weeks would be cut-and-dry: go with Superman, and lock every else out the front door. That’s never going to happen. Even Superman had to viciously lie to himself and his loved ones, to get through some days. This Pisces Moon and Neptune conjunction in mid-June suggests the kind of hero(ine) who’s an opportunist: by protecting you, they are trying to preserve a side of you they fell in love with a long time ago because, if that part of you dies, their own personal piece of ego dies along with you.

Remember, I said Jupiter wasn’t your friend but it doesn’t mean he isn’t making valid points. Here he looks like less of a bad guy, in the light of someone closer to you who refuses to acknowledge their own self-interest. Jupiter may be beckoning you to take the shortcut to personal justice, but at least he’s not pretending you should do it for moral reasons. He’s telling you to do it for yourself and make no apologies for it in the midst of the act. The Neptune route is asking you to take a step back from personal fame, in order to recognise how important you mean to someone else. It’s putting them first (strap yourself on the cross, Pisces beckons you).

No matter who you decide to take care of in the coming fortnight, one simple (yet sometimes hard) action will make it a productive two weeks for you in either case: acknowledge the feelings of those you care for and who, in kind, care for you. Doing as much doesn’t mean you have to be subservient to their feelings over your own. Neptune this phase, represent that person who holds your long-term interests at heart, because their identity is firmly moulded to the integrity of your values in their own life. If that is their biggest crime in your life, as much as it may frustrate you right now, it’s easily without any true victims in the long-term. They may be vocal or abrasive during the Pisces Moon phase coming up and take personal exception to any new risque ideas you voice out loud, but ultimately they’re invested in what’s good for the both of you. Just open acknowledgement of their perspective and how they feel may be enough for you to achieve both the personal license to take short-term liberties that you seek, and keep you both firmly clear that you’re still on the same side, no matter what. If you do upset someone who trusts you implicitly during these next two weeks, it will pay off handsomely for you to find time to acknowledge the simpatico that lives on between the both of you and the strange, new love of Jupiter be damned, no matter how good a case he or she is making for you right now.

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