What makes them?

A high degree of intuition means Scorpio Woman and Virgo Man can meet for secret meetings and figure any personal or work problem to their benefit.

What breaks them?

A lack of chemistry, different values and different principles means these two will end up being bored of one another (if they didn’t, in fact, start out that way too). Of course, Scorpio’s dramatic version of being bored is always interesting to the rest of us but highly damaging to any relationship’s survival odds.

Can it work?

It actually can. Stranger things have happened than a Virgo-Scorpio partnership based on understated success and achievement. Just don’t expect either of them to be completely fulfilled. This is a partnership where the other person keeps you on your toes in a way to breeds insecurity eating away at the edges, slowly. If that sounds like a healthy change of pace for you… go ahead and give it a shot.

Scorpio Woman and Virgo Man romances often unravel over their biggest individual strengths turning into a collective weakness. Virgo may not look like the type of middle-of-the-road, easily dependable man that would register on Scorpio’s radar but he maintains one skill that she truly appreciates: He has an uncanny ability to read into people and figure out what makes them tick.

Scorpio delights at such a skill because she’s tried to hone her own intuitive powers since day 1, but the hardest thing to convince a Scorpio is that some people really are what they appear to be… most of all Virgo male. If Scorpio thinks she can change Virgo from his mannerly ways into a colluding devil, the joke’s on her. He hasn’t fine-tuned his body language skills out of natural intrigue but more repeated necessity.

Virgo wants to be able to read people so that he can avoid repeating past mistakes and eventually settle down to the quiet life with minimal disturbance or bad karma. His focus on understanding others is more a question of self-reflection and self-improvement so he can use others more efficiently and serve a mutual goal. Scorpio’s attraction to mastering all intuitive powers is, first and foremost, born out of desire to dominate others and influence them into fulfilling her needs.

romantic couple tensionOne can only wonder as to why Virgo believes he can “get it right” with a Scorpio woman. He will insist upon treating her like a lady or a best friend and she often fails to be treated this way by most men simply because she doesn’t identify herself in that light.

A big misconception about Scorpio female’s notoriety for sexual attraction, tension and power is the idea that they use sex indiscriminately. On the contrary, the question of sexual tension and expression (in all its forms) dominates Scorpio’s thinking to the point where she has no choice but to become very discriminate about which partner she would like to mate with, and to what purpose.

In a funny kind of way, this makes Virgo and Scorpio almost best friends for a brief moment. They both think carefully before making a genuine commitment to a relationship (even if, unlike Virgo, Scorpio does not much care when the actual physical act of sex enters the equation) and both need clear goals to their relationship’s path because Virgo places high value on his time and Scorpio values her energy. Nevertheless, despite sharing the same brief methods they are still geared towards different values.

Stranger things have happened than a Virgo male and Scorpio female going on to create a “marriage of accord” where they can both rely on each other to deliver the targets agreed upon. But if you told a Scorpio her one guarantee is that Virgo will never waste her time, she will come up with a number of different examples as to how he is missing the point.

Similarly, Virgo won’t see the senses Scorpio can teach him to enhance as reason enough to give his full, unreserved trust to their love. He is not interested in mystery. He wants guarantees on paper, and the ethereal world of Scorpio’s mind becomes, to him, totally purposeless.

A Virgo-Scorpio romance that took on greater significance may come to an even more memorable end. If the relationship loses purpose, Scorpio needs justification as to why she dedicated herself to Virgo. Neither have grown to trust each other with mind or spirit so there is only the body left to do the talking. They can build a great sexual connection on the basis of Scorpio’s desire to please herself and Virgo’s commitment to assisting pleasure.

But, again, Scorpio sees their sex life as the final solution to dominating her man or swinging him around to her way of thinking. He neither sees himself as something to be “won over” nor sees any point in dominion. The total lack of indifference will irritate Scorpio and they may find their relationship has ended long before either of them bothered to actual verbalize the words “it’s over!”, considering they spend most of their time together pulling in different directions anyway.

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7 Notes on "Scorpio Woman and Virgo Man"



Lady Scorp



I am a scorpio woman talking online to a virgo man for a couple months. I agree with some of this…but i love how they think. Intelligence is so sexy to me. He treats me with so much respect and thats so refreshing. I feel hes the male version of me. But i may be a bit harsher than him lol. I understand his shyness, i understand his humour, and I admire how he takes his time. Im the same. He makes me want to be a better version of myself ☺


My husband is Virgo and I’m Scorpio. We met online as well. We’ve been married for 5 years. I had the exact feelings for him as you do for your virgo man now. However, I need to warn you that once you live with him in every day, his behavier will drive you crazy. It’s not that he changed, it’s he never changes for good. So be aware. Better to live with him before getting married.Good luck


Sounds a little bias lol


I am interested in finding out more about an Aries woman with Scorpio rising and a Virgo Man, don’t know his ascendant… Brilliant site by the way.


I find this to be accurate, even one week into chatting to a virgo man. This doesn’t seem like an ideal or good match on paper, or in my limited experience.