Scorpio Woman and Taurus Man

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What makes them?

Loyalty, understanding and the tease of adventure constantly provides a sexual undercurrent.

What breaks them?

They’re so good at being bad, if they mistake each other for enemies then one side will be provoked into pressing the big red nuclear button. Everyone will suffer from their disagreements. The toxic nature of this relationship is too strong at young age without something else as counter measure.

Can it work between Scorpio Woman and Taurus Man?

They are unique together. Frankly, they have a wealth of better options out there if these two wanted to surprise themselves with morals and values. But no one said “the bright side of life” was a given with Taurus or Scorpio.

Here’s another “dark artistry” bond for Scorpio female to wrap her energy around. The earth sign Taurus has big enough canvas, within the depths of his character, to take several directions through life depending on encounters along the way. His key decisions hold consequences that differ vastly and he will make no more fateful decision than to get involved with his precious Scorpio. Taurus is one of the few signs who can awaken the extremely loyal side out of Scorpio female, yet this is achieved by way of a toxic cocktail that most of us would dismiss as madness.

There is one glaringly obvious red light casting its glow on both signs: Taurus and Scorpio spend numerous moments in any relationship being thrown into fits of jealousy over their mate. A whole palette of negative emotions can grow to destructive proportions. Paranoia, vengeance and anger will all rear their heads in this dance, as well as any methods they can employ to manipulate the other into seeing how it feels to be in the other’s shoes for a day.

They both have the impression that the world owes them for time invested in other people. You often hear both Taurus and Scorpio complaining that people are scarcely worth the effort, as they rarely see reward reflected back on their own terms. In many ways, it takes one to know one and truly understand why they have reasons to feel this way.

Scorpio woman possesses a well of energy and magnetic presence to inject a little taste onto the most worn tongue in the room. Colours seem brighter when she is around, probably in contrast to her inherent darkness and gloomy introverted emotions. She pushes her Taurus man to new heights and devastating deeds, which serves him well because he needs that nerve to back up his razor-sharp ambitions. He would do well to remember paying her lip service for her efforts and shower her with credit in a public place.

She can take care of every other aspect that drives their adventure along. With so many emotions to play on between them, it is unsurprising their sexual chemistry and exploits are off the chart. The earth and water signs ooze sexual energy to the point where they constantly find new ideas with what to do with it all. When they show their real faces to one another in private, Taurus and Scorpio begin to appreciate the common daring spirit that fosters loyalty. There is a sense that you won’t get it this good or adventurous anywhere else, despite the relationship leaving so much to be desired in other areas.

Any chance that Scorpio has to remodel her image as a good girl that only occasionally acts out naughty things is gone. She has one foot permanently planted in the dark side and her man Taurus holds hands with her for company. They just have to draw a line under using their gifts for emotional intellect against each other, or both will pay with flesh and blood. When Taurus or Scorpio turn their back on their loyalty to one another, they attack each other with twice the ferocity used against any innocent bystander.

The worst thing these two can do is spend a protracted period of time apart, or get involved in long mud slinging matches where they tear each other down, always knowing they will regret it later. The damage done may be bigger than they can afford to repair and there won’t be many third-party takers waiting to really give them what they need to heal. They are too far gone to find anything other than empty souls or meaningless comfort, should they venture into the arms of another lover.

It is not that they aren’t perfectly interesting individuals with more to offer their friends, in their own right, but they make a mysteriously intimidating couple that finds it difficult sharing common interests with anyone outside of their bubble. Taurus and Scorpio have to think carefully before getting wrapped up in this dance. It is a fun and unique ride, but a one way ticket with no return should they take one wrong turn too many.

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Purple Scorpio

I am dating a Taurus and he is MINE. LOL It is addicting the way this man “handles” the Scorpion in me. He is strong and a man’s man but if I even slightly dislike something – he is quick to make amends. My best friend met him (over a week long vacation) and she was knocked out by his complete and utter devotion to me. LOL


This is good to hear Purple Scorpio… I hear a lot of contradictions in the Taurus Man and Scorpio relationships.. I have been talking to a Taurus man and I am just wondering.


I’m dating a taurus,he’s so loving I must say,calling in every day,twice a day,that scare me coz no one ever done that,we holding hands,touching each other,maybe I’m dreaming,to be loved like this,Taurus man loves a Scorpio Woman.So happy

Scorpio lady
I met my Taurus man 1 1/2 months ago and we can’t get enough of eachother. It’s so magical and natural between us. He seems to be everything I’ve wanted in a man. He’s clever, funny, intelligent, dependable, and makes me feel so loved and cared for. We are very sensually comfortable with eachother. It’s like coming up for air. I’ve never felt the exchanging of sparks and energy so strongly before. He dedicates songs to me daily, tells me sweet things, and I’m quick to return the favor. We share the same sick sense of humor and talk shit… Read more »
Taurus guy

I am Taurus and my gf is Scorpio. She is the jealous type and checks my facebook, Skype messages etc. Things were nice and sweet at the start but it quickly went down hill. She is the meanest girl I have met and the toxic words sure hurt me a lot. Despite this, we couldn’t bear to be apart. Ultimately after about a year, I finally made the call to end it.


She is more than likely like that because she wants to be the best woman for you and it is hard to see anyone getting close she knows what you have is special but she os guarded because she is territorial and any woman coming along is a threat can’t blame her because alot of woman men have been taking for letting there guard down “Shes Protecting Her Country”

Scott Jenkins

Good job and I’m proud of you for ending it as I personally know how difficult it was. Your words describing your relationship with said Scorpio are identical to my past Taurus and Scorpio relationship. Only thing is, she wouldnt leave. She kept coming back over and over again resulting in a nightmare. Now, shes with my old high school buddy. Still trying to hurt me because I lost or let go of that fire/passion for her and theres nothing she can change about that

Scorpio Youngster

From what I’m reading at this site and others, Scorpio women seem to love their relationship with a Taurus while the Taurus men seems to dislike it….