What makes them?

Loyalty, fidelity and social climbing with class. Leo and Scorpio allow each other to play their gender roles perfectly and the timing is often right for both to bring their best qualities in mending the relationship.

What breaks them?

There are some early miscommunication problems in the build up to the romance but most issues are entirely concerned with its end. They are so intimately committed and may form so many memories together that it becomes dramatic and painful, should they ever need to let go.

Can it work?

Absolutely. These signs are square but it’s one of the strangest squares on the zodiac – it’s almost like black magic as Leo always gets enthralled and bends to Scorpio’s will.


Scorpio Women are intuitive and energetic creatures from birth, so they have a number of forces within them set to cruelly oppose over early life: they don’t quite know what they want, but they know they cannot live a life in solitude without discovering greater meaning. Scorpio Woman doesn’t have all the details of this greater meaning figured, but they know happiness depends on choosing the right person.

And so, Scorpio woman employs every method making itself obvious to her in order to find answers… but Leo Man isn’t the solution to any question she could have thought up herself. Instead, he’s a pleasant surprise that she will be challenged to take at face value.

Leo Man is one of the strongest archetypes of his gender on the zodiac, with enough complexity and far-reaching emotional concerns to maintain Scorpio’s interest. He, too, knows he was born for greater meaning and purpose but he has no desire to keep this journey all to himself. Leo finds the very definition of power is to serve, whilst Scorpio is attracted to power and feels comforted by a partner who will serve her.

Leo males might go onto big management and executive roles, or remain self-employed whilst maintaining a heavily active role in their neighbourhood community. If Scorpio Woman observes this man over enough time (and she will certainly be watching him at first sight) then she will see he doesn’t have any ego issues to get in the way of making her feel wanted unconditionally. The two signs grow into very committed and loyal lovers once they have found the right partnership.

Scorpio Woman might be a little too much of a mystic to get completely involved in Leo’s world or career choices, so there are no power conflicts here. She can survive and grow to leadership roles in the same big business but she needs more clarity and defined common purpose before she sees any point in applying herself to a project.

The prestige and credit that go with any line of work are very important to Leo, so both would be encouraged to gravitate away from mixing business with pleasure as there is little need for playing mind games with each other.

Instead, Leo is likely to give due praise and hang up the best of Scorpio’s work on the family household walls. She can spend enough time fulfilling her own ambitions whilst quietly taking a personal interest in where Leo spends all his time, achieves his goals and even be there for when he needs a reminded as to why he attacks the world everyday.

Scorpio and Leo both have a firm sense of protecting their love from the threats of the outside world, even if Leo sees opportunities where Scorpio tends to observe only problems.

Together they can deduce problems and solutions, almost anticipating any storm that could come their way. They are the type of couple likely to reward themselves with a long extended weekend vacation out to the summer home, for a year’s work well done. Leo often seeks time alone with his Scorpio queen to remind her how purposeful and symbolic she is to his life. Scorpio can reward Leo, in turn, with physical expressions of love to take over both mind and body. These two are automatically the best of friends, but the fact that their energies dwell in such distinct domains of gender differences mean they acquire the one thing that often eludes them in any other relationship: deep, ever-lasting respect.

Scorpio Woman and Leo Man should really reward themselves by creating a family but history has shown this pairing to dissolve either very early on or late in the day. The obvious bones of contention are Scorpio’s penchant for jealousy and mistrust which can creep up throughout their romance. At the beginning there is a guarantee that Scorpio will test her Leo male and scarcely allow herself to believe he is all the hunk of love he appears to be.

Even if he wins over her mind in time, his commitments and duties are still wide and far-reaching. They support each other to grow their influence over friends, colleagues and community… so Leo’s duty to serve any worthy cause that appears on his doorstep can have alarm bells ringing for Scorpio.

She may unnecessarily manipulate or throw dramatics to get the attention back on her, and Leo can ramp up a minor skirmish to a nuclear war with his own acting skills. Scorpio Woman and Leo Man will most likely need to spread their quality time over a diversified area of common activities (faith, sports and domestic time) to not lose track of their communication. If this pairing sounds like a very old-fashioned couple that missed the modern evolution of woman and man, that really is the essentially secret to the magic they can create.

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12 Notes on "Scorpio Woman and Leo Man"

Angel rani

I want to knw my bf date of birth is 10.06.1989 and iam is 14.11.1992 he is lio and iam Scorpio pl male me bcz he is Hindu and iam christian but I love him so much that I can die for him so plz tell the match for there parents sake


No way, my boyfriend’s birthday is 10.6 as well!!! & my own is 11.12 🙂
We’re relatively new but both fell fast. Communication is key, let go of your doubts, and stay in the moment. Best of luck!


Sorry but your not a Scorpio ma u a Libra


Well my dude was a Leo and we were together but not anymore he cheated on me N even tho he did I forgive him I do but I’m a Scorpio N my bday iz October 31zt 1996 N then hiz iz August 16 1991


Are you still together?

My Leo and i, have melted over each other with silly smiles, quotes and all. Yes, he needs to be center or will retreat. Now let me tell you girls something, as a fellow scorp and as a woman. The Leo man is worth keeping. Strong, intelligent, and oh so good in….. well, u get my drift. He wants to be king, let him, give him space to shine and yes, even get attention from other women, but know that if you play your cards well and you shower him with love and admiration, your lion will turn into a… Read more »

Big thanks for saying the truth . Being a leo husband, i have to share your comments to her to understand me.

Chris vera

Wow, if every woman felt that way how better off us Leo’s would be…scary how close to home that touched on. Good stuff.


I just met my Leo on POF.com and he sounds like what you’re talking about with your guy. Thanks for the advice!

I completely agree with all of this. I am a scorpio woman 11/08 and my Leo man is 08/01. Well actually we just broke up after 3 years. Although a lot of this is true, he has some very deep emotional issues stemming from abandonment from his mother (they are reunited now) and just a very crappy childhood in general. I give and give so much to him but it’s like he doubts my love and has a hard time trusting me. Our communication is so different and I know it mentioned that in this post as well as us… Read more »
My Leo and I have been married for almost a year now. Ever since we’ve met, he’s spoiled me like the Queen that I am. When a Leo truly loves you, you’re the only priority. I never understood it at first considering how my Scorpio ways have led me to believe he just wanted something from me. But I was wrong , he has my heart and is my King. Never been with a Leo until him and I met. Our passion for each other gets stronger day by day and our friendship is always there whenever we don’t wanna… Read more »

My DOB is 14/02/1993 (Scorpio) and my partner’s DOB is 21/08/1990 (Leo). We are loving each other we want to marry..so, any suggestions