What makes them?

Differing levels of emotional intellect means they both learn a good measure of self control from one another. Most likely to raise happy and sensitive children.

What breaks them?

It is not possible to leave a Scorpio-Cancer disagreement without deep wounds.

Can it work between Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man?

It definitely can and arguably should always be made to. These two water signs can protect themselves from the wider world at large


It seems unusual for a bond between broody Scorpio and fearful Cancer, but an encounter between their two streams will bring out wholesome and sunny futures for both. When Cancer male first encounters Scorpio female, it will seem as though they already knew each other for a lifetime.

The deep canals that Cancer has to offer match Scorpio’s own pedigree for emotion and can definitely make her feel as though she is warped into an outer-body experience. They both possess so much emotional intelligence that they’ve often forgotten solutions to old problems the rest of us are still stuck on.


Scorpio and Cancer are afflicted with sensitivities that mean they overcome emotional quandaries early on in their life, where others might have to face them in middle age. For that reason, any date between these two often involves head-nodding and understanding without words. It is a meeting of two energies where Cancer spots enough depth in Scorpio’s alluring eyes to know he wants more.


She has already been sending him signals to stir these feelings within him, but she will have to get used to initiating romance between them as Cancer is rarely known to come out of his shell without asking. The emotional stakes are particularly high between these two, so she shouldn’t take his cautious action as an insult.


Rather, it should be re-enforcing to her self esteem that this is a man who seriously takes into account a three-dimensional view of everything she brings to the table. She has been so used to dedicating herself to past lovers without seeing what she wants reflected back, but Cancer male will not let her down.


They can help each other to build careers, personal lives and bring creativity to every aspect of their life in parallel to one another. Mixing business with pleasure comes naturally to these two, because they’ve messed up in doing so with everyone else. They have learnt the lessons to get it right with each other, in different ways that could open their eyes to learning little tricks from one another.


Scorpio will discover Cancer male has a well-practiced emotional mastery that brings harmony to her swinging moods. No one knows fluctuating emotions better than Cancer himself, so he will find no judgement on his bad days when knowing Scorpio offers him a lap in which to rest his head. She soothes his temples and whispers words of strength and encouragement, until they retire to the bedroom to express their love for each other without words.


It is likely these two will create a very large family because, when you are this deeply connected to one another, why stop short of giving such a wonderful gift? With Scorpio, you are “in for a penny in for a pound” and Cancer wouldn’t want it any other way.


They bring a certain sense of honour and integrity to their courteous and ritual praise of each other in social settings. They often speak admirably of their partner in front of friends or hold their silence when angry with one another. Scorpio and Cancer learn to keep their disputes and secrets indoors, finding relief in building a family of relations they can trust to pick them up when they fall.


Before she met Cancer, Scorpio could have found herself in a bad place where she spills her negative impressions of any and everyone to make herself seem untrustworthy to close friends. But, should she encounter Cancer in a settled space, she will have enough respect for his well-meaning approach and enduring affection to learn the value of trust behind closed doors.


He also has to learn to overcome his caution as a bachelor, for there are few better chances to meet someone who will truly bring out the best in you besides Scorpio-Cancer.


They won’t even remember what happiness once pretended to look like, as soon as they intertwine in each other’s capacity for endless love. This is the real definition of love in the sacrificial and giving sense of the word. They have all the answers they will ever need in their family unit and have the creativity to make a lasting impression on the world.

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22 Notes on "Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man"


After 40 years is searching, this Scorpio woman found her cancer mate.

Don’t despair Scorpio women, you may have to wait a while, but it’s well worth it.

Peace, love, and soul


My cancer and I have been dancing around this game for 23years … still have not ended up together frustrating.. but i do believe 1 day we will be


23 y ain’t it official Thas my biggest fear I let my babe know as friends I’m not interested in the friend with benefits forever I think he get it. Cuz he been stepping up on so much


I met my cancer man 2 months ago. Sex is very good with him. It’s true for us, we don’t have to communicate verbally, we seem to know what each other wants by just a look or a nod. Never had this in a relationship before.
One thing that frustrates me though is after a night of cuddling and good sex, he withdraws from me. Until the next time we meet.


That’s how I feel about this cancer man that I am really into and I feel like we connect so well and we could be great together but I feel like he is holding back and I really want to see where things will go with us. We’ve known each other for years but we recently met back up. I don’t expect anything from him, but I swear when I am with him I feel alive I just wish that he will open up more to me


Hunni you can’t just wish and hope with a Cancer man you have to possess some aggression. They love it and if he’s really into you. It will show you he really wants you or not. They love maternal figures and want their woman to be sensitive with the but stern. And don’t be afraid of him his aggression is a facade to throw u off. If you have to have him be a lil aggressive and watch him let u take over.

Lyndia Young

I love my man

I lost my sweet mostly Scorpio girl (silly AM 22/11) she said it was nothing I’d done, felt lost after the miscarriage and eventually loved me but wasn’t in love with me. She continued to work with me (literally next to me) for 7 months and we still communicate frequently, many have noted her body language and the way she looks at me and while we don’t meet up outside work she told me that ‘when the time is right’ I will know. I’m a cancer (9/7) and this is the love of my life, after we broke up I… Read more »

Yes you have a chance


Sorry no you don’t scorpio women expect our men too be strong….it’s weird and I’m not proud of it but we do respect strength not yielding compliant partners. Be spontaneous challenge her belief of who she thinks you are.


As long as both people want it, you always have a chance. Yet outside events like a miscarriage putting pressure on the relationship is something neither of you can beat yourselves up over – it is something I know that has broken and distanced the best of couples.


We rarely do ?..especialy if you disappointed us beyond limits


If he didn’t do anything physically to her or mentally or emotionally he has a chance needs to show her he love her and can be strong without her. My Cancer I left because he didn’t respect who I am constantly tried to walk over me. I’m so tired of men who have to be told they need to give a woman respect. It exhausting and disgusting that they can try to get over on you in the first place. That ruins any desire for a relationship

Scorpio Queen

no, speaking honestly, she’s no longer interested on that level, and it may be literally impossible to change that.

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