Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

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What makes them?

Intellect, creativity and ambition; They also work well as people who bring totally different (but complementary) natural skills to their bond.

What breaks them?

This is an extremely slow burner with potential for a lot of miscommunication to happen before they ever get serious about accepting the limitless possibilities. If you thought Air and Water signs could never do anything but co-exist, these two are the exception but it will take them time to learn what everyone else sees.

Can it work?

As long as Scorpio doesn’t do anything too irrational whilst figuring out her Aquarius man’s buttons and he doesn’t torture her with distance or detachment, then give it time and they will become inseparable.

It is often said Water and Air signs only ever skirt around the edges of each other, often creating a sort of energy in the middle to eat slowly at their substance. However, the terrain isn’t all made of narrow rivers to usher in brief gusts of wind. Every so often, you find a calm lagoon that traps the musky air into a lasting bond to protect from the outside world’s disturbance. This is the sort of landscape Aquarius male and Scorpio female has the ability to create together but they both need to give themselves the gifts of time and experience in order to appreciate the kind of love they can grow into.

To put it bluntly, Aquarius is almost everything Scorpio isn’t. Scorpio will be wrapped up in her feelings whereas Aquarius is just trying to bargain for the key out of his padded cell thought process. He’s spent so much time fretting about the big issues, the world events and his place within them that it often threatens to suffocate his creativity and upward mobility in early life. As a consequence, if he cannot move upwards he reasons it is better to move sideways.

romantic couple tensionIn this state of permanent transition, Aquarius stumbles upon a woman to bring back the feelings, and he recognizes this in the alluring magnetism of Scorpio’s eyes. She probes her dates and only ever throws a second suggestive look at the suitors she believes will help her discover new ground.

Although Scorpio female would prefer a lifetime bond that all society would understand, with the marriage and security thrown in to boot, she’s fine discovering unusual connections that go to the bone and leave her victims unable to forget her memory when it’s over. When she meets Aquarius male, her excitement and engagement is only ramped up since he has no aura of victim about him whatsoever.

He is impervious to the usual obstacles she places for less worthy challengers. It is not so much that Aquarius male can jump through her hoops as circumnavigate them entirely. His pursuit may come on a little strong and intense (leaving Scorpio to believe she has him exactly where she wants him) but he purses her on clearly intellectual principles and purely in environments where he can engage her in conversation as a friend and confidante.

Scorpio female’s spiral into confusion continues, since she is not used to being treated or challenged like a friend (at least, in more than just the label). Here is an Aquarius male that cedes ground to her in the emotional and sensory domains, since he clearly sees early on she has a firmer grasp on emotional intelligence that he ever could. He seeks her counsel and guidance and, if there are enough obvious openings for them to take the relationship to the next level, the whirlwind of an Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man love life begins in earnest.

If she’s noticed Aquarius likes to stay on the move, here’s another secret to this man: That won’t change. Aquarius’ desire to take on new challenges by himself is totally contradictory to Scorpio’s need for a partner in crime that remains ever-present by her side. She wants to feel they are inseparable, whereas he would scale the highest mountain for a lover who could guarantee a relationship doesn’t go hand in hand with sacrificing independence.

This could lead to Scorpio doing many irrational things in order to test how valuable (or indispensable) Aquarius truly considers her. She mistakes his trust and willingness for her advice as carte blanche to presume he cannot live without her, and waits for the right (manufactured) setting to give him the chance of coming out with the magic words admitting as much. She’s in for a nasty crash back to reality since, on the contrary, Aquarius is prone to making severe accusations and insensitive remarks when he feels someone else has come to symbolize his repression.

With Aquarius proving an amateur at feelings and sensitivity (Scorpio will even find him rather dull and uninitiated in bed at the very beginning) and Scorpio made to look wildly self-absorbed standing next to his cerebral deductions, there are enough wrong turns for this love to get killed off before the stakes get real.

These two will likely prosper if they meet each other somewhere later down the line and learn to accept people’s differences for what they are. After all, one of Scorpio’s favourite maxims is “timing is everything” and they will never forget the time they were ready to take onboard valuable lessons about learning balance between emotion and thought. Aquarius, for his part, has always had the lifelong commitment as a thought piercing the back of his mind. There is enough stimulation across different planes to keep these two interested for the long run and fill the void in their single life.

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I think this is very true, I’m an Aquarius make and a scorpio lady had just the effect on me described Emotional intelligence?!! You’re not joking!!! Finding what I need in her eyes??!! Absolutely. Yes I’m deeply in live with her, and in my case she does have me any way she wants pretty much. I’ve always valued commitment to the right person, independence doesn’t mean as much to me as that. I have a need for a partner in crime as much as the typical Scorpio. With us, my Scorpio lady friend seems the detached, cerebral one, but I… Read more »
thank you you for taking the time to deliver your impression. I am surprised because usually I can read the other signs my ex partner not at all. it drove me crazy. it was during hours sitting in front of each other in a train and then nothing! of course I know he loves me so but I wanted to know the true color, the true flavor of this love …. you see? asked him the question … I thought! but no ! it would spoil everything. and then another day he looked at me chat with fellow diners and… Read more »

Im a scorpio woman whose married to an Aquarius man for the last 6 years.He’s ofcourse emotionaly distant and almost no communication at all.He’s not what I ever wanted and I suffer alot from inside.I always feel alone even when he’s around.he doesnt stand by my side when ever i need and I alone handle everything.this match doesnt work unless a scorpio become a stone hearted.

i know exactly how you’re feeling. there’s a slight difference though – he is just the sort of person i wanted, even if his apparent detachment sometimes hurts like hell. 🙂 and i do get mad at him too. there are days when i wish he would hold me close, but then he’s busy with other stuff, or simply doesn’t see that i need his comfort- till i ask for it. if the communication is kept clear it’s beautiful. his presence is comforting, and his cool sweet nature somehow takes all the hurt away, and i feel like a fool… Read more »

Pray for your husband. It’s ultimately a lack of the love of Jesus in his life which is why he can be distant and detached. Prayer is powerful and God hears your prayers. You are a beloved daughter of God. A God who calls us to seek reconciliation with Him and also those in our lives. I don’t know you but I know God is bigger than our horoscopes and zodiac compatibility signs. Through prayer all things are possible. I recommend reading the book “The power of a praying wife.” You will be encouraged.



Being detached isn’t something to fix. It can be a huge blessing. It gives logical thought, commitment to action, ability to let go of people and outcomes, strength to get through adversity, dedication to an ideal. It’s beautiful. It just needs to find its complement.

We scorpios being so passionate and romantic , love when the guy holding us from behind and kiss.but he never does that.simply he’s far from being romantic.every time need to ask for we’ll just ask several times and we’ll give up and keep quiet while being hurt from inside.that doesnt mean he doesnt love or anything,but what he mean by showing love is quite strange for us and the level of it is seems careless.he’s very faithful sexually eventhough he flirts elsewhere. Also as exactly you’ve explained he doesnt know what privacy is while his entire world is friends… Read more »

Wow!!!!! Amen.

Anastasia Garton

Why are you with him ?! From a fellow ScorpioLeave your note here


EXACTLY! How do you cope without losing your Own identity? We’re only stone hearted to whom have caused us to strongly dislike them for whatever reason. What makes you stay? I’m a Scorpio lady who’s losing my aqua man after 4 years of us trying to meet in the middle.

Aquarius men are gentle, kind, and very loving. If he likes you have him for life if you know how to give him time to himself.. My man does not curse or get loud, however I’ve seen him mad and at first I was clueless and now it turns me on to think about it… I just give him time, even though I am clingy.. It took years for me to learn how to behave and not allow my Scorpio traits ruin my life or run good people out my life….. My magnetic sex appeal , in my eyes I’m… Read more »
I am Scorpio woman turning 46 November 14th of this year.. My Aquarius Male is 41 and turning 42 January 28th 2017.. I do not agree with some of the description of a Scorp and Aqua man traits. We are so into each other, the sex is all so amazing. I take him to places he has never seen before…Opposite attack…. I consider myself Classy , sexy calm and cool… He was the man I would never date in my wildest dreams.. He has dreads, and love to dress up in tennis shoes and urban wear. I usually go for… Read more »
scorpio woman here. i find it rather disturbing and sometimes it just gets out of hand when my aquarius man says something in public when it is quite personal. i feel hurt but i can clearly see that he didn’t intend to do so consciously, for him it was all in good humour. i get mad at him , and then feel bad myself. sometimes i do tell him not to talk about what i may say to him about myself in private to others , but then i’ve seen him do it again. 🙁 the funny thing is that… Read more »

Of course…for the sake of not “upsetting” our Aquarius men, we (passionate, hot blooded Scorpio women) don’t say anything, keep things to ourselves! But don’t you just get fed up of doing so? I have been in the same situation and often wondered…what if it was me “disclosing something private in public???”.
Ahhhh Aquarius men! So complicated, they drive us crazy…and yet we LOVE them!!!