Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio Man

What makes us?

There’s a potent combination of Fire sign intuition with Water sign perception here. They are both capable of intelligence far into their years, on completely different levels. If they meet under the right circumstances they can find out life’s hidden truths together, come high or low. There’s also the incredible sex…

What breaks us?

Meeting under the right circumstances is crucial, otherwise they’re prone to either lies or lack a reason and lose track of why they keep going at it in romance. It’s refreshing for her that he pursues her when she walks out, and he’s seen new sides of love through her too… but without common goals they’ll lose the thread.

Can it work between Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio Man ?

It can either go very well or very sour. The positives take time, whereas the negatives can creep up on them in an instant. Scorpio is a sign that can transform Sagittarius into a hopeless love addict and betray herself.

Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio Man come come together and form a powerful combination of intuition and perception, uncovering both the hidden and lighter sides of life together. As zodiac neighbours, there’s the potential for other planets in their birth charts to mean they share much of the same personal energy in love and communication – but in fact this combination can work because of differences rather than similarities. There’s the added advantage that she tends to take the lead in matters and force him into being a man, and it wouldn’t hurt for him to let his thoughts be known immediately on the fly before it all comes pouring out in the wrong manner later on.

Scorpio Man is an audacious lover who has no problem telling his partner exactly what he expects of her in their private time. Just this once, however, he might Sagittarius Woman is a lover wiling to call out his bluff in public or anywhere else. He can seduce her away from the crowd by reading her thoughts and spelling this out to her but she would do well to never betray her own values or let him cut off her options.

He holds a discerning taste for all avenues of life – not least material possessions and career advancement behind the vulnerable act – with the subtlety of his perception and manipulation of others. Nevertheless she will teach him that the personal details of his life goals are nothing without the moral calibre and consistency to sustain them.

Sagittarius Woman has a notorious problem seeing the common link between the responsibilities of relationships with personal freedom. At a young age, she actually sees these values as completely opposed and may talk herself into a detached romance to keep within her comfort zone.

Scorpio Man will have none of it as he doesn’t stick around for detachment or half-assed proposition. Luckily they form enough of an electric sexual bond for her to take a risk and roll the dice on this one.

Sagittarius Woman is – at nature – wild and capable of greatly intimate acts of passion yet needs a guide to help her look inward. Scorpio Man uses her superfreaky acts of passion between them as their channel to an inward journey. It helps that they can keep things simple and uniform in this way, considering all the differences they have to overcome between them. Sex is very straightforward with both lovers getting far more from it than they ever have to put it between the sheets.

They move into the throws of sex and passion thick and fast, and this can mirror the fashion in which problems creep up on them elsewhere. There are still some fundamental differences in their every day routine leading to major disagreements or moments of naked, exposed vulnerability that great sex simply can’t paper over the cracks.

For one, she likes to recover some of her sense of “independence” by taking some distance and space to herself after heavy chapters in their romance. He often takes distance as a threat to his security.

She will reason in these moments that he’s simply “too emotional”; and this kind of rationalization is a Scorpio Man’s worst nightmare to hear.

She tends to hold a lot of friendships (not least of all to ex-lovers) and speaks out on her feelings with many people without firm boundaries. She may even have problems ending her past relationships in a clear-cut fashion, which can lead both to think they’re being less than honest with one another. He would prefer her all to himself, and larger discretion exercised over their love.

We’ve seen a jilted Scorpio Man carry out his revenge on a Sagittarius lover once he feels she betrayed their bond. Years later, Scorpio returns in her life when she’s truly on a stable relationship with another partner, and convinces her to give it one more shot with him – if only to satisfy himself that he can have her anytime he wants and leave her.

Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio Man can actually be an epic romances of zodiac neighbours who take life with a pinch of salt (and tequila from Sagittarius where need be!). Yet, the right circumstances are pivotal in order for them to encourage clear communications and boundaries. They need clear explicit, verbal reasons to keep pursuing this romance which he won’t easily give up but she won’t easily give into. There is a great sexual chemistry here but too much of a good thing can be abused when it’s the crutch a couple chooses to lean on.

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Good god this is accurate.

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This blog has helped me understand so much of what I am experiencing. It’s like a breath of fresh air. It goes into great detail about a scorpio man, and is all very accurate.

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I love this!! Thank you