What makes them?

These two have a good friendship and many adventures with quirky details to keep the other entertained.

What breaks them?

They are likely to never make any serious venture beyond the comfort zone of friendship. There is a lack of passion of raw chemistry and both will lack reasons to see what life is like in the other’s shoes.

Can it work between Sagittarius Woman and Pisces Man?

It’s a very superficial romance with big compromises needed to make it work as a routine. They could both do themselves a massive favour by exploring what their friendship has to offer instead.

The differences between these two signs are like chalk and cheese. Sagittarius Woman and Pisces Man will have ample reason to rattle off that old expression about walking a mile in each other’s boots, but use it as a platitude rather than a real reason for coming together for compromise.

This is mainly because they will likely have put in ample mileage alone before having met each other, and the only real bond between them lies somewhere in the entertaining re-telling of the tales at the dinner table.

Sagittarius can delight in Pisces’ imaginative journey through the flavours of the world, but he will likely grow tired and weary that his presence has not inspired her to change her flighty ways and set a final destination towards a stable life with him.

couples romance compatibilitySagittarius Women are often typified by a taste for life that, once stirred on their tongue, they cannot get enough of. If they are to be found in a relationship, marriage or building a family it will likely be one where they can be proud of everything their family unit has to offer to society.

To this end, Sagittarius Woman places herself carefully in any committed relationship so that she can profit from all the things that make her happy. This is all fair game to her and Pisces Man can understand this approach considering he is a big tease when the mood takes him too.

What really gets Sagittarius in the mood is the prospect of leading a life where she is admired by many, and stands the chance to shake hands with even more. By contrast, large crowds and being the life of the party do not appeal to Pisces Man.

He is also likely to be found wanting as a bread-winner and provoke gender-bender dynamics in his relationships that do not instantly meet with society’s approval. It would be a very confused Sagittarius that allowed herself to fall for a Pisces Man because she is not the ideal woman to find happiness in all the wonderful things he has to offer.

If she does get entangled in Pisces Man’s considerable charm, it likely comes about from them reading too much into the great conversation they can build together. They both have extravagant tales to tell and even more extraordinary ambitions.

Sagittarius also brings her enigma to bed with her, where she is willing to experiment and try anything that might bring about a new sensation. Pisces revels in this kind of open-mindedness and similarly indulges his partner with whatever takes their mind. However, they may never even take the chance to let their relationship get this far as there is a distinct lack of animal chemistry between them to justify the risk.

Sagittarius-Pisces dynamics typify the kind of relationship where two people make such excellent and agreeable friends that they may never reach heights of emotion or tension to build up any sexual attraction between each other. Make-up or break-up sex will never be an issue with these two.

They will want to avoid ruffling feathers altogether, much preferring when everything is peaceful, tranquil and easy-going. Even if Pisces finds himself at a moment in his life where he becomes desperate enough to play dramatic games to get some sort of reaction out of Sagittarius, she still won’t be bothered enough to build over the rivers between them with love or romance.

She would much prefer it if he found a way to explain to her what is going on in a way she can understand, or deal with it himself and move on. Moving on is most likely what they will do, even if they could be well served to stay in touch as friends. They can make each other smile and laugh with the best of them, but it will be a undemanding and compromising Pisces-Sagittarius couple that allows for these superficial pleasantries to dictate that they build a loving partnership over it.

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but i love him he’s perfect for me.


i agree with her ^ LOL


i read alot of articles between pisces and sags. and thia is the most negative most discourging article ive read.

These posts are based off interviews given to me through their experience. I can’t blow smoke up people’s rear end all day like most astro sites do. I don’t want to discourage anyone from pursuing the right relationship for them no matter what the sign involved, I’m just interested in writing the stories people bring to me. If any of you are a Pisces and Sag and you’re having a great time of it then I really am happy for you – in fact, where were you guys 4 years earlier when I was interviewing couples? I would have loved… Read more »

This is totally on point. My pisces guy and I wasted 3 years dancing around each other. totally pointless because we just couldn’t work up enough passion to make things work. even as friends we blow hot and cold.

I think this is as close as it can get. I’m married to a saggitarius woman and we blow hot and cold. Sometimes, I am so frustrated I wish we had never got married and sometimes, things are fine. Although, there is always an underlying feeling that she is not the kind of woman I want. We are different people but the irritating thing is that she tries to make me like parties and stuff, which I will never be. We seem to have reached an agreement on some things now though. She thinks she is always right which can… Read more »