What makes them?

They’ll never be short of friends or places to go, and there are is more common ground then meets the eye when they eventually take off the masks.

What breaks them?

Will they wait long enough to really delve deeper into what makes them tick as individuals? As a couple, they’ll have a lot of fun. But fun is no basis for a lasting commitment.

Can it work between Sagittarius Woman and Aries Man ?

Patience is needed, and a willingness to really talk and listen. It takes learning one another’s language, because there’s a lot of room for infidelity or insidiously bad habits at the beginning of the romance that may lead to big betrayals later down the line.


It’s a good thing Aries Man uses his Fire as his guiding compass, because that’s exactly the kind of energy needed to keep a Sagittarius Woman’s attention for the evening and beyond. “It’s hot outside and that’s a good enough reason” sums up the mantra of Sagittarius Woman and Aries Man encounters of any kind.

They’ll likely run into each other and compete for who can win over more friends with favourable impressions in one night, knowing just where to draw the line and saving the last dance for one another if there is a real connection there. After that, it’ll be all on Aries Man to prove he can keep up the rhythm and he’s no flash in the pan.

After all, the more widespread arrows from our Sagittarius lady’s bow seem aimless without a target, but she may be convinced to start firing back down a more narrow path when she finds a witty enough sparring partner.

Nothing crystallizes purpose in our Aries warrior’s mind more than the chance to pursue a prize slightly out of his reach, and Sagittarius Woman often epitomizes this in the eyes of others. Sagittarius is often typecast as the betrayer or borderline heretic, but mutability is as much to do with perception as genuine intent.

What Sagittarius Woman cannot find time for is the need to explain her high standards wished for in a partner – ironically standards Aries Man is more than capable of meeting if he pushes himself beyond the great first impression he makes upon her and really opens up on what makes him the man he is, underneath the hood.

The bottom line is, after the fun and music stops playing and there two are done competing on a courtship scale, one or the other will have to be brave enough to ask for a slower pace and catch up with reality.

Realistically, Aries man is a fighter who follows through on his intent with action, more out of a desire and satisfaction in proving his adversaries wrong rather than what genuine interest there may be for achieving the target in question. Sagittarius actually understands this fighting for the zest of life on principle, and will not judge him lesser for it like others have done previously.

He is – fairly early in life – a man who comes into his own through sheer experience. As such, his intelligence and intellect is hard-earned and not merely wisdom dispensed from the cookie jar. This speaks to the ideals and fantasies of Sagittarius Woman, since she is full of hidden wisdom and principles but dearly seeks a real life manifestation for all that she wishes she could express.

In a brief gender-bender rare for Aries relationships but inevitable in double Fire partnerships, he becomes her muse and she offers him the prospect of emotional comfort and understanding. What Aries Man has to realize is her understanding and empathy comes from a sincere place.

Who else knows of fleeting passions burned out before they had a chance to really mean something, than the trailblazing, journey-seeking Sagittarius herself? Who better understands losing control of one’s emotions can’t be helped at times and shouldn’t define character if it can be forgotten by tomorrow?

Aries would do well to get this sort of empathy on his side, since he is going to understand Sagittarius Woman has hidden wells of anger, passion and loftier expectations that match or surpass his own.

She’s actually only so fleeting because her ideal partner is on that high a pedestal and, although Aries Man should never seek to ascend this pedestal, he can knock it down by walking through the door and providing her with a little of what she’s been missing all this time: Consistency.

Consistency of passion, of generosity, principle shared among themselves privately and with friends are values that can actually provide them with a happily ever after. They both have it within them to bring the most enjoyable and strongest traits out of each other’s character to the surface.

The question is: Can they remain patient long enough to uncover this?

After all, there are too many friends to meet, too many new adventures to magic up, and everything seems a little too good to be true at first sight for either to want to ruin the initial honeymoon with revealing the other face behind the mask.

Nonetheless, that time of really getting to know the other side of love is inevitable. There are only so many times Sagittarius Woman and Aries Man can step out on relationships and commitments before they start to catch onto the same result emerging from their frivolous ways. Hopefully, if they meet each other at a point where they’re willing to take it slow – despite the reasons to turn the Fire all the way up in the raunchy sexual chemistry of these two – they may just surprise one another with what waits at home, proving far more adventurous than anything miles away on yet another journey away from commitments.

Aries Man will also have to curb his jealous streak since, as much as Sagittarius Woman does secretly love to build a family, she’s always going to need other outlets (be it career or social life) within which to invest her boundless energy.

Take time to really understand one another and Sagittarius Woman and Aries Man may just discover they were standing on solid foundations when they first met, all along.



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10 Notes on "Sagittarius Woman and Aries Man"


I’m a Sag woman , this article is Sooo true. I’ve been single for a very long time. And the only men I’ve ever fallen in love with have been Aries men. My first love when I was 18 was an Aries. My second 12 years ago was Aries. And I’ve met a man this year on an online dating site. And the one trait that intrigued me on his profile was he’s Aries. He’s also beautiful. And we are becoming very close friends so far. I think we are perfect for each other.


I just met my lst Aries man…..we shall see….it does sound exciting! P.S. there are many typos in this article, probably due to spell check?


Thanks for pointing it out. We haven’t updates this part of the site recently – been expanding in the monthly horoscope areas.


please help with my coment


An Aries man is interested in me. He’s beautiful and authentic. He is known…I’m a Sagittarius widow of 4 years. I’m terrified yet intrigued by this exclusive man. I keep trying to sabotage this because of fear. I want a permanent relationship if I have another one!

Chris S.
My Sagittarius girlfriend broke up with me 2 1/2 months ago after our 4 1/2 year relationship that consisted of many break ups and then getting back together. Although we rarely fought, we would have a disagreement about every 3 to 4 months which led to our break ups. We had great times together and went on plenty of adventures. Initially we both struggled with commitment, but after about 3 years together she wanted our relationship to go to the next level. Which was me moving in with her. Because of my 2 previous divorces, and rebuilding my financial house,… Read more »

i just met my first sag woman and wed few years ago, but very time we fought and i experience some thing about both, things are not really going smoothly every time we see failure, please whats happening should we quit the relationship?


You’re going to have to give more details in order to know what the problem is and what to do next together