What makes them?

The Pisces mermaid greets earth’s shore to discover, in the form of the Taurus male, the perfect rock upon which to take rest, and he in turn has found his muse. Here the ether meets the mundane – consequentially leading to magic made real.

What breaks them?

This pairing could be considered so harmonious that it runs the risk of one day falling into listless complacency due to the sheer degree of comfort experienced; or alternatively, an expansion of that comfort level which sees the pair’s mutual love of sensual pleasure devolve into blatant hedonism. Fortunately however, with just minor effort on both parts these outcomes can be avoided, and the couple’s little piece of paradise preserved.

Can it work between Pisces Woman and Taurus Man ?

It can work beautifully, with the Pisces female providing inspiration to nourish the Taurus male’s goals and ambitions, while his reassuring stability can bring her down to earth long enough to actualize her own.


This bond may appear quite traditional to the outside world, with the Taurus male taking on the role of provider for and protector of ‘his’ Pisces, a woman who has long-yearned for such anchorage in the midst of life’s vicissitudes, and for a heroic defender from the wounds it can inflict upon her tender soul. The strong Taurus male could not in fact be any better equipped for the job.

couple in bed loveThe fixed and steady nature which defines the sign of the Bull is most enticing to the fey, mutable Pisces female, who feels safe enough to expose her innermost vulnerabilities in her mate’s loyal and enduring presence. He meanwhile receives the sort of transcendental inspiration only Neptune can offer to fuel his material quests, through a woman who also possesses the requisite sensitivity to intuit his fears in attaining those goals, and with the ability to allay his doubts through her genuine belief in his talents. Indeed, the Pisces woman’s unwavering faith in her Taurus mate motivates him to bring his dreams into fruition not just for his own sake, but perhaps even more for the benefit of her, his muse.

And it doesn’t end at his dreams. The salt of the earth, patient Taurus male can ground the Pisces female so effectively that he will have ample time to teach her the tools of his trade so that she may then turn her own into reality. One might envisage a rock pool, whereby Pisces represents the water that seeps into each and every nuance of the Taurus male’s fissures to offer nourishment and foster life, as he in turn contains her with his strength, providing her with the structure and boundaries necessary to achieve her own worldly aspirations.

On the domestic front, both of these individuals are earnest lovers of peace and so quarrels tend to be rare occurrences. The Taurus male’s love of harmony and his resistance to change, combined with the Pisces female’s receptive and hyper-adaptable nature, may sometimes however prove to be too much of a good thing. Those occasions when matters could do with being hashed out in a more serious, frank (and less ‘pleasant’) manner can see both recoiling from the threat of discomposure, and subsequently continuing on instead with habitual behaviors that would benefit from being broken.

This would likely apply mostly to minor issues, where the two may simply be too comfortable to care to work on improving things they have deemed bearable ‘enough’. And so care should be taken by both to ensure that concerns are addressed when they first arise, so that the level of progress they each assist one another to make out in the world can be similarly achieved at home.

Extending the idea of ‘too much of a good thing’ – a maxim which could indeed be ascribed to the less advanced Taurus male and Pisces female coupling – it should also be acknowledged that this pair honor sensation in the bedroom perhaps even more than they value peace, and their taboo-breaking sex life left unchecked could flow over into a state of debauchery that does justice to neither.

However, if the pair can master temperance in their approach to sexual pleasure, they will enjoy a physical compatibility that verges on the profound, capable of wholly satiating their every carnal sense as it simultaneously deepens a lovemaking bond which in truth seems heaven made to last a lifetime.

Ultimately it is important for this couple to recognize that in spite of their natural compatibility, maintenance work on their relationship should continue throughout its course, and that they should refrain from taking one another or the comfort of their connection for granted. For together this pair truly can create a special sort of magic, the Pisces woman reinforcing the importance of dreams to her Taurus male and injecting his ambitions with a spark of the mystical, while he proves to her that it is possible to actually live one’s dreams, and that doing so may even take you beyond them.

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