What makes them?

They display the sort of casual approach one usually finds between solid friends, their numerous surface-level similarities promoting a playful, amicable and positive vibe between them.

What breaks them?

Conflicting communication styles and distinctly different emotional needs may find the pair at odds when it comes to making things work at a deeper level. While possible, they may have too much fun at life’s shallower end to bother venturing farther, in which case a long-term union could not eventuate.

Can it work between Pisces Woman and Sagittarius Man in love ?

If both parties make substantial accommodations for the basic differences between them it is possible for the relationship to function, however achieving a workable balance will take significant mutual effort, and likely a fair few attempts to get right.


The Sagittarius male and the Pisces female traditionally share the ruling planet Jupiter, and indeed there are many characteristics this planet bestows which both individuals exhibit. An open-minded approach to life, a need for space and a love of freedom, as well as a diverse assortment of spiritual and philosophical ideals and a well-developed sense of humor cover such mutual proclivities, and these commonalities can form the basis of a respectable friendship, if nothing else.

love-horoscopes-romance-coupleHowever, granted some notable differences in their fundamental modes of operation, a functional romantic partnership (though not impossible) may be asking too much. While both value freedom and neither is inclined to possessiveness, the Pisces woman tends to need a great deal of emotional reassurance, the provision of which is not generally the strong suit of the independent Sagittarius male. This is a man who has a lot of ground to cover in his lifetime, many adventures to be experienced, and he is deterred by anyone or anything that makes him feel even remotely restrained – something that the Pisces female’s ample need for intimacy can (however inadvertently) do.

Meanwhile, at least a little verbal restraint is something the Pisces woman would prefer the Sagittarius male exercised more often, for she is a sensitive soul easily hurt by the blunt and sometimes brutal honesty that distinguishes his communication. Pisces has a very different approach to truth, which sees her predisposed to wrap it up with so much tact that it is not infrequently lost altogether in translation, and indeed the Sagittarian male may come to view her indirect communication style as dishonest and deceitful, traits for which he in turn has no respect.

While she will likely admire the gregariously outgoing nature of the Sagittarius male – as opposed to her own introversion – there is the possibility that his many forays away from home will trigger insecurities in the Pisces female that have the effect of distancing the two even more. This would entail Pisces falling back on behavior characteristic of her sign, pulling further away (be it consciously or not) to cradle feelings of vulnerability triggered by his absences. In the meantime, the quiet reserve the Sagittarius male had initially found so enchantingly mysterious in the Pisces woman may begin to serve as a source of both frustration and irritation, as even while he does respect her space, he finds it difficult to comprehend her frequent need for ‘down-time’ and solitude, he himself being as sociable as they come.

Though when they do make time together, and this is particularly applicable to the beginning stages of their relationship, these two are apt to have a lot of fun and many laughs, with the Sagittarius male teasing out the lighter and more carefree side of the Pisces woman’s personality, bringing brightness and buoyancy to her world. At the same time, she will captivate his attention with her views concerning topical subjects in which both share an interest, such as those of a philosophical or metaphysical bent, and the pair will undoubtedly discover that they share many similar notions about life’s more abstract elements.

In general, the mutable couple do not take themselves too seriously individually or otherwise, and while this facilitates a common sense of fun, perhaps the corresponding downside is a reluctance to take the relationship seriously enough, or at all. Making a relationship work on deeper terms that go beyond the surface fun and games will take willingness to put in the labor necessary to understand and adjust to one another’s differences, and this may prove quite the challenge, with hard work being a past time for which neither are renown.

Together they can be prone instead to indulgence in its myriad forms, not the least of which is sex, for there is no shortage of sparks when it comes to their basic attraction. They may even find one another so exorbitantly satisfying in this department that the carnal bond temporarily binds even in the absence of working on that deeper understanding, however without an emotional union to complement the physical ties this will quickly prove insufficient – for the Pisces female in particular.

Overall, these two could generally be said to make better friends than long-term lovers, as it will be difficult for them to nourish each other’s differing core needs. However, like most things in life, if they each want it strongly enough it can be achieved – if mutual respect for their differences is fostered, and reasonable compromises are made as a bridge over these differences. The exterior similarities shared which so easily provide the foundation for a worthwhile friendship might be used as motivation to make a sincere effort to understand each other on more fundamental levels, and to cater to respective core needs; and this would indeed be a mutually beneficial exercise into a time-well-invested romance, whether they chose to persist with it romantically or not.

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13 Notes on "Pisces Woman and Sagittarius Man"


I am a pisces female …I am in love with saggitarius male …..from past 4 years in these years we quarrel each other and we try to make relation each other …and we are planning to marry in 2016….how my life goes with saggitarius after marriage plsss tell me

Hello Gayathri, I am a sagittarius man and I have fallen in love with a Pisces woman. I am nuts over her and will try everything i can to make it work but there are challenges. I find she leaves me emotionally in social settings. I don’t understand this. Its almost like she is avoiding me. I have talked with her about it and she feels bad for me but does not really understand my sensitivity. Very puzzling for me but we are both working respectfully on our differing point of view. I hope your man treats you with respect… Read more »

Hi John,
I am a Pisces female dating a Sag male and I know he likes the social scene more than me and loves to socialize with everyone. I shy away because I don’t like all the attention like he does. Maybe this is what is going on with her. If I understood your question correctly. Good luck!

I am picses woman with sag man and i do it too. Avoid eye contact, short convo if he is there. We live together and as soon as we are alone again i breathe and almost ‘catch up’ on how his nights gone. Its something within that tells us to leave them to it because there is a part of us that, i believe, says let them go and if they come back to us thats great. Its almost a weird self destructive but daily reassurance pattern that i certainly have seen emerge. There is nothing i would like more… Read more »
. All we want is to run into ur arms and have the best night but something inside tells us we’re not that person for u, we’re not that girl, we’re made for other things so instead we let u go and even if u we feel u dont want jt. We cant help it without u really showing us its safe to change and ull be there. I say more suggestions when ur with her as in ‘i have so much fun with u. Its always better when ur out. See this is why my friends love u’ and… Read more »

She probably just feels uncomfortable voicing her feelings and thoughts in social settings. She would probably feel more comfortable doing that in a safer setting, such as one on one with you or, in general, just with people she knows on a comfortable level. I think you should try to understand and respect that more. Talk to her about it. And just realize that she isn’t as outward or as much of an open book as you are with your thoughts. As a Pisces, she is inward. I know, as a Pisces Moon.

I am a pisces woman who has unintentionally fallen in love with a sagittarius man, stress UNINTENTIONALLY! We both come from previous relationships that result in a child, and went to the same high school. Nothing happened, but like a pisces, I dreamed about him as the crush I could not get over. I let that go, or so I thought. Now falling for him as an adult, I felt like I was ready to take a chance. But i feel like we have so many differences that he might not understand me. He seems to be trying hard to… Read more »
Love Garrett

Express to him the good things he does for you. Believe it or not im going through the same feeling with sag. I believe us pisceans tend to think think the worst because we are so trapped on WHAT IFS and we are afraid to talk to our partners about it because the thought of losing them is unbearable. We just have to reamaun happy and talk to our partners and dont think the worst. Think positive speak positive. Do things that used to do back in the beginning of the relationship…


I’m a Pisces woman having a casual sexual relationship with a Sagittarius man who is much younger than me. His practical nature and direct cm indication assures me it can never work longterm due to being at different life stages yet neither of us can let go of the other because the sex is too good. It’s been six years!


Should read communication* style

Brittney Dawn
I recently started dating my Sag. man 3 weeks ago. But, I’ve been in love with him for the last 8 years. He loves to socialize, drink, party, whatever. I do too, but when it comes to talking randomly, I’m so shy. I’m scared I am going to say something that might make me sound stupid, or make him mad. He’s a sweet guy, funny, awesome to be around. I just can’t shake the shy… And I know that bothers him. But, even if there isn’t a lot of talking, at the end of the day, he compliments me. Calls… Read more »
Such accuracy I am amazed. As a Pisces Female with my shining Sag male partner – I’ve found he has made me stronger, more honest and more loyal. Absolutely the best partner I have had for personal development. Others can’t understand why we are bonded since conflict is common but he is my Sunshine. No man above my crazy, lovable Sagittarius. Astrologers seem to only consider a good match if they allow you to stay in your natural state. When however a great relationship should bring out the unexpected! Pisces can easily fall into our own traps. Sagittarius can easily… Read more »