#4: Pisces Full Moon – Go The Extra Mile

All truths becomes obvious during the middle degrees of Pisces, even more so when each truth runs naked under the light of a Full Moon. The sun and moon are in direct opposition, this first week of September, and the result is pure projection. Flip the table on your temptation to project and see it as an opportunity to get out of your own way, and finish your plans for the last 3 weeks.

What’s stopping you? Well, the Moon in Pisces often causes sensory overload.

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You can tell you’ve ruffled a few feathers and found out a different face to people around you, where you’re tempted to sit and wait for the full story on who’s truly moving with you or against you. Relying on your senses to get through to the greater truth, to an explanation no one but you is willing to accept no matter how difficult it may be, is probably a large part of the reason most of us turn to astrology in the first place: exploring the difficult parts of how we feel and what we’re picking up from people around us, that no one is willing to talk about out loud.

The problem with that approach: it involves a lot of waiting, a lot of speculating and a lot of painting up a picture inside our head. Don’t end up isolated. Pisces is a great sign for the Moon to land in, but going up against a Virgo Sun makes it too fast, and over-confident. It’s tempted to read messages into the Sun, that the Sun just willing to entertain. This Virgo Season has been telling you to finish doing the hard yards and go the extra mile to reach your original goals, no matter.

The exact degree of this Virgo Sun-Pisces Moon opposition throws up one strong suggestion: some of us might have to physically go the extra mile. There may be a call for a small trip to a part of town, or completely out of town, to a place we’re not used to going in order to get things done.

Are you being asked to do something you’ve never done before, to finish reach your goals for this month?

Do you have to go out of your way to finish what you’ve started?

You may find your sixth sense telling you telling you there are too many unknowns involved to stick with what you’ve originally pictured for this month, but even if your intution is right, what are the worst consequences for going against it? Do you sit back and be right, or do you want to find out the truth?

Even if you fail, you’ll make mistakes through which you can see greater reasons behind them than you’d first let yourself acknowledge. The point of this Full Moon is not to wait around for others to fill in the missing picture for you but, rather, move into owning the truths you know are coming to your door, either way.

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