Taurus Love and Romance Profiles

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Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman and Aries Man
Taurus Woman and Taurus Man
Taurus Woman and Gemini Man
Taurus Woman and Cancer Man
Taurus Woman and Leo Man
Taurus Woman and Virgo Man
Taurus Woman and Libra Man
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Taurus Man

Taurus Man and Aries Woman
Taurus Man and Taurus Woman
Taurus Man and Gemini Woman
Taurus Man and Cancer Woman
Taurus Man and Leo Woman
Taurus Man and Virgo Woman
Taurus Man and Libra Woman
Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman
Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman
Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman
Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman
Taurus Man and Pisces Woman

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Astrology (and astronomy) is still waiting to officially site a love asteroid that would officially denounce Taurus from its Venus domicile but, until that day comes, the Bull is doing a fine job of representing the polarized aspects of love and war quite nicely. To truly understand Taurus, you have to understand Venus has a loving side yet also a ruthless nature too, and appreciate life’s beauty often involves sharpening your horns to rise above the ugly aspects on the journey.

Taurus is a negative, feminine sign in polarity but while Taurus Woman may embrace this energy with her quirkiness, Taurus Man is an individual prone to being changed immensely depending on the relationships he settles for in his lifetime. Taurus may be considered a beta sign, yet their determination and myopic focus on all things from career, to personal affairs and family relationships makes them the steady bet and highly dependable in acquiring success on many levels.

Like their opposite sign, Scorpio, Taurus is a fixed sign focused on self-worth. Yet, where Scorpio attract admirers for how lavishly they can treat an object of their affection, Taurus acquires followers for how well they can treat their own selves. When in the company of a Taurus, you’ll be hard pressed to notice they’re quick to treat themselves throughout the day. It could be that extra slice of cake after lunch, that bonus ‘bag’ their gift themselves at the designer store or simply staying in for the night because they feel they need to reward themselves for a good day’s work.

Taurus Relationship Astrology

Venus By Night – Taurus is the Natural Ruler of the House of Emotional, Physical and Mentality Security

Taurus is here to teach us how to acquire the things we need to stay in good form, and keep our own sense of self-worthy through thick and thin. Taurus is about ‘my money’ and they would be dependable earners throughout their entire life, if they weren’t busy throwing gifts at their loved ones for lack of a better way to show their affection!

In love, Taurus are very aware of their dependent nature in partnership. They’ll acquiesce to most demands in love and, although they value social advancement and can play the game as well as anyone, they’re eventually looking for someone who can spend a lot of private time behind closed doors with them. They are very prone to jealousy and possessiveness on borderline outrageous levels at time and, in the wrong romance, can turn controlling and aggressive before they even know it. Beware the famous Taurus temper!

Taurus Woman has a reputation for never getting over her first true love, should it ever end, and she will go to great lengths to keep this relationship in her life before ever thinking to give up. Taurus Man is highly acquiescent to his partner in any committed relationship. It is imperative to them to take their time in the buildup to a romance, and their famously slow pace has been known to test the patience of any potential lover.

Taurus have the ability to railroad anyone into believing their way is the only way, and their powers of conviction have witnessed the Taurus Sun give birth to many dictators and cult leaders in the past millenia. That kind of leadership does have its merits in the right context, but be sure never to treat a Taurus badly or the silent treatment and walking away will be the best anyone can hope for from Taurus.