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Pisces Woman

Pisces Woman and Aries Man
Pisces Woman and Taurus Man
Pisces Woman and Gemini Man
Pisces Woman and Cancer Man
Pisces Woman and Leo Man
Pisces Woman and Virgo Man
Pisces Woman and Libra Man
Pisces Woman and Scorpio Man
Pisces Woman and Sagittarius Man
Pisces Woman and Capricorn Man

Pisces Woman and Aquarius Man
Pisces Woman and Pisces Man

Pisces Man

Pisces Man and Aries Woman
Pisces Man and Taurus Woman
Pisces Man and Gemini Woman
Pisces Man and Cancer Woman
Pisces Man and Leo Woman
Pisces Man and Virgo Woman
Pisces Man and Libra Woman
Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman
Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman
Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman

Pisces Man and Aquarius Woman
Pisces Man and Pisces Woman

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

It’s last call in the departure lounge at the 12th house of the zodiac, with Pisces representing our pursuit for making peace with the after-life… within this lifetime. Pisces are capable of devoted love without limits, but it’s their unlimited approach in other areas of life that can be their worst enemy and sink relationships before they’ve even started.

Pisces are neither introverted nor extroverted, despite being a negative and feminine sign on the zodiac. If there was a sign where it would be said no two are alike, then certainly grouping mermen and mermaids into a collective could prove a fatal task. You can land upon the A-type Pisces which is highly geared towards success in life (there are many Pisces tycoons and celebrities all over the globe today), or the introspective Pisces that shuns anything which they deem could hold down their spirit.

Like their opposite sign, Virgo, the Fish are prone to playing martyr and subscribe to self-sacrifice. They share Virgo’s love for animals and marrying man with nature, seeking to find harmony for all things on the planet before our final deliverance. Owing to their more emotional water element, Pisces can find (rightly or wrongly) beauty in pain and search for the next cross to throw themselves upon – proving infuriating at times for others as Pisces wander off into another adventure.

Pisces is a universal sign, ruled originally by Jupiter but now co-ruled by Neptune. Neptune is said to be the higher octave of Venus, and Pisces are the last remaining souls of the zodiac to teach us universal love to bring us closer to a higher power. Remember that the Fish is the symbol of Christ and his (disputed) birth date is often assumed to fall under the Pisces Sun.

In love, for all their potential for universal understanding, Pisces tend to be very uncertain in finding their feet in personal relationships. They take the roles of givers in romance, but have a capacity to be ‘selfishly selfless’ where their refusal to fight for the wellbeing of a relationship can shorthand any partner who’s invested time and material effort into their bond. Rather, Pisces would prefer to be engaged on both a spiritual and emotional level. If these areas of not fulfilled, they can swim away without much notice.

Pisces have a tendency not to finish sentences…let alone begin them! Their vague, indirect mutable nature makes them hard to pin down. They prosper in relationships where they are allow to preserve their free spirit. Never try to hook a fish, and you will find them right back to circling you in the still waters with love before you know it.

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