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Leo Woman

Leo Woman and Aries Man
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Leo Woman and Cancer Man
Leo Woman and Leo Man
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Leo Man

Leo Man and Aries Woman
Leo Man and Taurus Woman
Leo Man and Gemini Woman
Leo Man and Cancer Woman
Leo Man and Leo Woman
Leo Man and Virgo Woman
Leo Man and Libra Woman
Leo Man and Scorpio Woman
Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman
Leo Man and Capricorn Woman
Leo Man and Aquarius Woman
Leo Man and Pisces Woman

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo is one of the strongest archetypes in the zodiac… and horribly outdated at that, in the modern world. Yet Leos can often make their vintage status work for them by sheer force of nature because, while no one may have quite the time for kings and queens as global culture once used to, there’s an undeniable refreshing aura about their Fixed assertiveness that the more things change, the more they should stay the same.

Leo is the only sign in astrology ruled by the Sun, often mistaken as the planet of the Father yet truly the home of humanity’s spirit. While the Moon may represent the soul and vessel by which humans are connecting their subconscious with their emotions, Leo is operating on a completely ‘higher level’ of permanent evolution. No one knows where the Sun’s perpetual, life-giving energy comes from and – similarly – no one quite knows how Leo individuals have the seemingly endless capacity to lift the spirits of their friends and loved ones. We don’t question it, we simply accept it as who they are in truth.

Their opposite sign, Aquarius, is focused on breaking the rules while Leo is focused on finding their place within hierarchy – usually as the top of it. Yet, as we alluded to previously in today’s highly democratic and equal opportunity world, Leo Man is a gentleman walking with an out of date stamp to his name. He struggles to find adequate channels in life with which to invest his energy as a young man. He has plenty of love to give, yet struggles with decisions of whom to give it to! Leo Woman barely fares any better in these stakes, often earning a reputation for making poor choices in love and attaching herself to partners who do not deserve her generosity of spirit.

A Leo Man-Cancer Woman Wedding in the woods just north of Paris – 2014. I back them all the way.

Leo is here to teach the rest of us the importance of mastery, creativity and overcoming one’s self to give back to younger generations. Leos know how to engage with children, and their values ascribe to older generations gone by. If they struggle for their current place in love and romance, they certainly do not lack for friends or connections to form the bridge between past, present and future. They build bridges between Man and Life, itself. Who would not want to follow suit in a kingdom of such high principles?

In love, Leos have a reputation for not knowing the word ‘No’ should exist in their vocabulary. They can take their time in deciding to commit, even if Leo Woman is a little more headstrong and impatient than Leo Man, but once committed will rarely abandon a relationship or know when to call enough as enough – be it due to their own flawed behaviour or others. They also tend to be highly possessive and prone to jealousy, as all fixed signs are – yet the only difference is they’re not afraid to wear these emotions on their sleeve.

Overall, with this sign ruling children and creativity, the possibilities for building families and success with Leo are truly endless. They can benefit greatly by meeting someone who can teach them to laugh at themselves, as they’re often unable to take a joke at their expense in young life. As long as they are rewarded for their boundless internal energy and high spirits, Leos are a joy to be around.

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So it seems a Sagittarius would be the best match for a Leo Man as she can teach him to laugh at him self as well as expand the Leos horizons with philosophy etc


Cancer men are amazing partners for female lions!! They have the need to push the lioness to better herself. They are affectionate, passionate, creative in bed and over all true givers when the Leo has gotten the cancer to remove his wall to protect his heart. My marriage has lasted 14 years simply because my cancer will go above and beyond for me even if I’m not deserving at that time or even if I’m morally wrong! He truly loves me for me!!:-)