Cancer Love and Romance Profiles

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Cancer Woman

Cancer Woman and Aries Man
Cancer Woman and Taurus Man
Cancer Woman and Gemini Man
Cancer Woman and Cancer Man
Cancer Woman and Leo Man
Cancer Woman and Virgo Man
Cancer Woman and Libra Man
Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man
Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man
Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man

Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man
Cancer Woman and Pisces Man

Cancer Man

Cancer Man and Aries Woman
Cancer Man and Taurus Woman
Cancer Man and Gemini Woman
Cancer Man and Cancer Woman
Cancer Man and Leo Woman
Cancer Man and Virgo Woman
Cancer Man and Libra Woman
Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman
Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman
Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman
Cancer Man and Pisces Woman


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Night falls upon us and the remnants of the days wins and losses stir in the tides of the ocean, such is the domain of Cancer and their hold on us subconsciously in the midst of the night. They are possibly the most perceptive of Sun Signs (allowing for Pisces Moon) and detect things on a subconcious level that make them want to protect their household tightly. They can take this too far, however, into anticipating pain and mistakes that haven’t even happened yet and would never have done so if they hadn’t acted out to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Cancers may be introverted by nature and protect themselves with their guard up against pain or imperceptible thoughts, yet make no mistake their are willing to climb the mountain in order to get the best of what life has to offer. It is just, unlike their opposite sign, maybe they are willing to do it in the stealth of the night and help themselves to a backdoor or two along the way. Why not? Cardinals are opportunists and Cancer knows they have suffered for opportunities to come their way.

You’ll find Cancers stealthing their way through the ranks of society – London, 2013.

Cancer is the last of the ‘me’ signs, ruled by the nurturing energy of the Moon, and focused on the security of ‘my home’. The Moon has a pull on all human emotions just like it pulls on the currents of the earth’s water surface.

Its ties to the galaxy run deeper still, acting as the proverbial ‘Mother’ for the universe and representing the individual soul in an astrological birth chart. The soul acts as a vessel for the spirit to occupy any living body, and so Cancer understands how humanity begins to exert itself from birth in an acute sense.

In love, Cancers find it hard to trust and having their guard up with the claws ready to fight back. They can be givers to no end, with the right partner, and teach anyone else how to protect themselves or offer to defend the helpless that are within their inner circle. Yet, do not leave a Crab scorned or crossed or hell hath no fury… Cancers in breakups play for keeps and will take all possessions. Rule Number Four of the Zodiac: House Always Wins!

Cancer Woman can play up to the illusion (whether real or not underneath) of the butter-wouldn’t-melt princess, and over time will begin to initiate control over her partner’s estate and affairs. She runs the house well, so it would be hard to argue there are any more capable hands elsewhere. Cancer Man is a deeply emotional and intuitive soul, but he uses his unassuming nature in life to weed out those who take him lightly. His capacity for acquiring wealth and social advancement often flies under the radar of those who simply aren’t paying enough attention.