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Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman and Aries Man
Aquarius Woman and Taurus Man
Aquarius Woman and Gemini Man
Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man
Aquarius Woman and Leo Man
Aquarius Woman and Virgo Man
Aquarius Woman and Libra Man
Aquarius Woman and Scorpio Man
Aquarius Woman and Sagittarius Man
Aquarius Woman and Capricorn Man
Aquarius Woman and Aquarius Man
Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man

Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman
Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman
Aquarius Man and Gemini Woman
Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman
Aquarius Man and Leo Woman
Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman
Aquarius Man and Libra Woman
Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman
Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman
Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman
Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman
Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius are probably the last remaining ‘nice guys’ of the zodiac and they may have earned this reputation by being highly concerned for the welfare of people as a whole, yet they shouldn’t be mistaken for being at ease with the label ‘people person’. There’s a key reason why Aquarius is at the latter half of the zodiac in this respect. Unlike their air cousins Gemini, Aquarius may be concerned with their place in society but they don’t need to be interacting with others to figure this out. They’re more comfortable on the sidelines and, as such, rarely ever offend anyone.

Signs of a fixed modality are focused on self-worth yet, for a Fixed sign, Aquarius is certainly the weirdest of all four. ‘Weird’ is certainly a tag they would embrace but – unlike Taurus, Leo or Scorpio – Aquarius struggles for direction early on in life with their ideas. They are the reason for the notion you must master the rules before knowing how to break them, yet the feeling of sticking around in one place to master anything is almost alien to Aquarius without outside help to show them there’s a different way to do things rather than always doing them… The Different Way!

Their opposite sign, Leo, is a stickler for the rules and yearns for hierarchy in society. Aquarius is equally concerned with the welfare of society as Leo, but is far more of an equal opportunity and democratic sign on the whole. Their fellow Air sign, Libra, gets a lot of credit for being concerned with fair mindedness but look to Aquarius to see real fair play in action, and not just in talk. To Aquarius’ credit, they have consistency in what they choose to stand for and firmly believe in finding principles.

As the sign of friendship in the zodiac, they’re also the first person to stick by their friends and the last person to desert them. They’ll join anyone they deem as standing up for a worthy cause, yet their problem is finding long-term, lasting relationships. If they were ever a sign that epitomized the rule ‘Those who can’t, teach…’, it would certainly be Aquarius in friendship. Their the go-to people for advice on how best to mend bridges, but will often let their own personal relationships fade into the ground. They’re often at a loss for why they do this, yet it can boil down to another trait shared with Leo – pride.

In love, Aquarius can feel vulnerable and uncover an explosive side to them. Be prepared to write Aquarius a blank cheque in relationships! They’re the one sign on the zodiac that most people willingly forgive, when they pull a disappearing act to go think, or journey off somewhere aimlessly rebelling from the routine of romance without cause. Their partners often forgive them because they’re so nice and genuine about wanting the best for everyone. Yet no one should be fooled – in romance, Aquarius likes control and will use subtle ego reactions in order to maintain a sense of control over their partner.

Aquarius have been known to forsake any relationship or personal ties, in pursuit of the truth. This can be any truth – universal, personal, spiritual or otherwise – as long as they feel they are better off alone in grasping it, they will often choose to be alone. The type of Aquarius you meet often falls into two categories, perfectly reflecting the dual planetary rulership of this sign. People often meet the well-to-do, reliable and stoic Aqua who embraces co-ruler Saturn… or they can meet the stereotypical rebel, in need of guidance but lacking the manner by which to ask for help in Aquas who’ve chosen the path of co-ruler Uranus.

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