What makes them?

Libra Woman and Cancer Man both like nice things, value the home and keep an immaculate appearance.

What breaks them?

There are too many to count but some of the most serious ones are: emotional distance, compounded depression and moodiness from both sides (often not even provoked by anything in the relationship or even related to the other person) and both needing to be in charge. Too many chiefs, pure and simple.

Can it work?

The odds are slim to none. This is one of the biggest misfits on the zodiac.


This relationship is dangerously deceptive considering both cardinal signs do not play well to their expected roles in society. Libra is a woman who’s Air sign is more celebrated for giving birth to beautiful men and Cancer is one of the most notoriously sensitive people known to mankind. However, Libra and Cancer will both take a second look at anything with enough cultured appeal to it, which is why (at first) they will openly protest as to what could possibly go wrong with taking it further.

On the surface, Libra woman plays up to the ideals Cancer man fantasizes about in his dream conquest. She looks good, dresses the part and even seems like she has to spend a lot of her energy on keeping a calm, composed exterior. That is simply your heart tricking you into dreaming up a fantasy, Cancer! Libra is no conquest and certainly does not want to be “spoken for” even in a happy relationship.

The calm and composure is essentially what makes Libra herself. It is not a masquerade and, when Librans find themselves removed from a sense of equilibrium or safe distance from their emotions, they can actually turn as nasty as Cancer on his worst day. He will have to learn that she actually places value on distance, independence and spending time alone or suffer the price.

When Libras are left to their own devices, they often come back (no matter how long it takes) to please their mate with solutions for any problem that appeal to both interests. If you can keep a Libra happy with her unusual requests, she makes for one of the most committed partners and matches up to Cancer’s dedication. However, what Libra requires in order to feel comfortable giving herself license to feel are unlikely to be found in Cancer’s full-on intensity.

As individuals, they are both cautious and weigh up the cost and benefits of engaging in a new romance. Because they are actually good-natured in this manner, it could only ever be the appeal of Cancer’s considerable savings, life options and impressive plans that convinces Libra to give it a go. This unfortunately makes for an “all or nothing” dynamic where both build a castle to surround them and their ideas of love but often means bricks and mortar will be involved in the fall. It is a premature commitment based on both signs convincing themselves it can only be the real thing.

Libras love with logic, therefore they reason that the object of their interest must be the love of their life or they simply would not be interested. It is more a question of not wanting to doubt their tastes and Cancer started off as such a beautiful self-reflection of their life choices. Cancer reasons in much the same manner, only he feels this reasoning with a severity in his heart and doesn’t often engage his mind into the formula until it is too late.

Cancer, normally so unrelenting in giving his woman all the loving she needs before she thinks to need it, simply waits and hold out for a certain sensitivity from Libra woman that will never come. If he continually fails to engage Libra on the levels she needs (intellect and stimulation of the mind) she can even turn shockingly disloyal.

Libra woman has a hard enough time making room for accepting her own emotions, so she can barely be expected to tolerate massaging his on a near daily basis. She wants to apply logic and cold arithmetic to his problems, whereas he just wants someone to tell him it’s okay for him to behave this way. Instead, the coldness of Libra at moments of calling is only reflected back to her by Cancer’s increasingly distant, mistrustful and insecure routine.

Perhaps, at the beginning of the relationship, Libra thought Cancer would lighten up if she could introduce him to all the tasteful and arty past-times towards which he could invest his life savings. Perhaps Cancer believed Libra needed to get shaken up and connect with her own emotions to find a stronger voice. They both genuinely want to be their for their partner, but aren’t what the other one is really looking for.

It becomes most damaging when they seek to communicate their dissatisfaction with one another through a passive game of sexual deviation and domination. They both want to be on top and it doesn’t often turn into a pretty sight. Cancer cannot understand how, when he wants only to see he can invoke some feeling in Libra’s body, she is only longing for an escape or release in her mind.

The worst trait these two share is being prone to long periods of depression and weekly mood swings. Libra really wants to see the optimistic side of life but that simply won’t be possible with a Cancer man who believes just as vehemently in caution. Perhaps both signs could learn a little from each other about the practicalities of planning… as in, planning for the worst and planning to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes again.

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21 Notes on "Libra Woman and Cancer Man"


You are pretty harsh on the Libran female and exact opposite of what I’ve read before besides the Cancer’s emotional deal


I agree Daphne. I thought it was a bit harsh. I’m a libra woman and find this not representative of myself at all. Well maybe small aspects but overall not hardly. This sounded bitter, like whomever wrote it had a bad relationship with a libra girl. Any way don’t take it personal. It’s not true.


I agree as well…made us Libra women sound like awful people! This Sounds to me like it was written by a wounded cancer man


This was a horrific representation of libran female personality.completely opposite to whatever i have read till date. AWeful.


On point !


This is true about both signs. I am with a cancer who is extremely poor with communication cannot tell me when I annoy him bug chooses to ignore me instead!!! Hoping I will come around.


I am exactly in the same situation. Plus Cancer men cannot be at fault, ever, it is never their fault, even for the stupidest details.


This is a good definition of nonsense.


Intriguing to find something that divides so much opinion here already. At the end of the day, the dangers of this relationship spoken about here are about miscommunication typically happening between Air and Water signs. If you have overcome that communication and made this relationship work for you – I’m happy to hear more about it. The thing is people who are saying this is inaccurate aren’t explaining why they feel this way.

I was with a cancer male for 10 years. We didn’t know the best way to communicate. He fougt hard for my love. Things happen on both ends that lead to our separation. We have been apart almost 2 years. We have both grown and learn from our mistake s. Throughout that time we have hooked up maybe 3 times. We learned and we are considering getting back together. We cannot get enough of each other. Truly learned from our mistakes and what we mean to each other. Had we done things properly we would still be together today. 12-13… Read more »

Glad to hear it. Looking back on most of what I’ve written about all signs back in 2012 when I first wrote these – my understanding of the simple issues of communication between signs has changed. I would (and do) write about this topic differently today even if still touching upon the same core issues.


Are you a libra? My husband is cancer and my problem with him is being so stingy and MAMAS BOY

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