Libra Woman and Aries Man

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What makes them?

Aries Man is all for pursuing a romantic conquest and Libra Woman will be delighted if he can make his conquest as public as possible. This is the recognition she’s been waiting for.

What breaks them?

There’s a tendency to rely on the very pleasing surface of this “boy meets girl” romance that ticks all the traditional gender boxes, but never really gets below the surface and screams a little contempt should they get too familiar in one another’s company.

Can it work between Libra Woman and Aries Man ?

It can, but sometimes Aries Man will be asked to dial down the intensity and Libra Woman will have to dial down the snobbery for both their sakes.

Here is a polar opposition of zodiac romances that functions much more consistently when Aries is the man of the union and Libra the lady. As much as Libra is a positive zodiac sign, truly Libra Woman’s boundless reserves of feminine energy get to express themselves overtly for every picture-perfect moment Aries Man gets right, in his pursuit of her love. Libra Woman are less inclined to need the baton in their relationship than their counterparts, and this suits Aries nicely. He’ll want the thrill of the chase, and be delighted with the ego-stroking rewards rattling off the lips of Libra’s gift of the gab when she chooses to encourage him to keep on doing what he does best – action, gifts, roses and a lot of it to surpass mere words.

couples romance compatibilityLibra Woman will be suitably charmed by Aries’ way around town, making friends and acquaitances wherever he goes with enough uplifting charm to spare that he can choose to dispense with a few relationships gone wrong along the way. Libra Woman is similarly inclined, as she finds her efforts at pleasing others often goes unrewarded or others will choose to time their backlash at moments where she is caught off-guard and simply unprepared to take their criticism on board. For Aries Man, being unaware of flaws mirrored back his way is simply an everyday routine. He’s often taking measures to protect his fragile ego, only he takes a few shortcuts through the city whereas Libra may set her GPS to the long way around town in order to have life just the way she wants it.

Aries is used to ostentatious displays of emotions on his (or anyone else’s sleeve) to seal the deal

Aries will never openly admit to their fundamental attraction for social recognition and approval, but it won’t stop them gravitating to and pursuing the prospect of it when it arises. Libra is a little more blatant and unapologetic in their sycophantic ways, and so the two can immediately pair-up with obvious goals to take over their mutual circle of friends and acquaintances. They can set about any sequence of events they choose in order to get closer towards their goals and dreams, and this understanding can be particularly apparent if they meet each other a little later on in life – where they’d have the chance to be disappointed and deceived elsewhere by others and so find a knowing companion in each other.

If it sounds cynical or callous, it really isn’t and this is perhaps exactly why others aren’t quite in on the inside Libra-Aries track. They’ve both been let down by deception in appearances because they insist on looking at the upward, positive, glass-half-full side of life in spite of the naysayers and slower-moving realists. Nevertheless, in finding one another, it’s perhaps bitter irony that appearances is exactly what they mutually promise to settle on in order to achieve a happy bond. This can be the undoing of this otherwise great partnership, because there are more than a few polar differences between the inner workings of the Libra-Aries axis that will mean they’ll really want to get to know one another before jumping across the threshold.

For one, where Aries runs hot Libra runs cold. She’ll be unaccustomed to his displays of emotion that are so ostentatious that she begins to understand his “devil may care” attitude – once so cute and socially profitable when he was making grand gestures of romance to win her in front of all their friends – is not always something to make her feel right at home in this pairing. Libra Woman actually instinctively reacts to Aries Man’s impetuous emotions by pouring ice cold water all over their intimate quality time, pulling away and leaving Aries Man with more than a little to ponder as to whether his time wouldn’t be best spent elsewhere. He is not the only one with Plan B on his mind, since Libra Woman is known to always have an exit at the ready. Both Aries and Libra can be shocking in their deception and betrayal; so much so that they even shock their own selves.

The emphasis really is on Libra Woman to make the effort to climb down from her ivory tower and get her hands a little dirty in this relationship. She will likely only benefit from the sacrifice and so will her beau. If they needed any convincing after all, Fire and Air always gets very dirty (nothing a little steam can’t clean off in the process) in the bedroom when they electric connection rattles off night after night off passionate lovemaking and deeper, tender moments than both initially thought possible. Similarly, this open-mindedness to make way for new territory between them in their quality time and conversation is needed. It takes less dismissal and pretence on Libra’s part and more patience and restraint from Aries so she can avoid judging him as a brute and see he actually has more than enough to appeal to her mental needs, complimenting the physical connection.

As long as both are willing to break away from their public image and spend much needed private one-on-one time together (getaways! And not just for the wordless passion!) they stand the chance of activating the “nest building” traits out of one another. Aries Man is actually more than capable of finding his way home to the house he helped built, bearing gifts of any magnitude to keep in good graces with his spouse; and there’s no more sophisticated lady on the zodiac than Libra Woman to find and decorate those gifts around the house. Together, they can use their undying optimism to achieve anything just as long as they can turn that childlike outlook on life into an inner reflection on the possibilities of their own romantic union.

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@Asmi, in my opinion you don’t want to control a Libra that is the quickest way to loose them. It’s best to give them an environment they can be themselves and grow. Encourage them and help them learn from their mistakes in a positive manner


I wish I could have my aries man older now as he is too.wish me luck


I’m an Aries for the taking:)


I’m a Libra woman dating an Aries man. I gave up on dating Libra men it was too much of a headache. So the Aries guy is completely opposite of me other than being aggressive, we both have aggressive personalities. He’s ready to move quickly all in into a relationship, he already tells me he loves me n I find that hard to believe after 2 months. We met two years ago but we are just now officially dating and he’s a bit younger. Any advice?

True love
All I can say is when you know you know. I’m a Libra woman and I’ve been dating an Aries man for almost a year (1 year November 5th) and we met online, talked on the phone for a week, went on our 1st date/met for the 1st time, and have literally been together ever since the 1st date. He told me he loved me that night and of course I was like yeah right but after about a week I realized I loved him too and now I am sooo in love with this man and would marry him… Read more »

Are u married yet cause he is affraid of being tied down


i am madly in love with the libra lady am with now. and she’s really not believing when i say i love her. prolly because she thinks it’s too quick early rather to say that.

sharday fernandez

Its not that she doesn’t believe it..she doesn’t want 2 disappointed again..showing her heart 2 fast, getting used 2 someone and having 2 pick up the pieces when he decides this isn’t what he wants.,if u noticed she is loving u as if she has never been hurt..Libra woman want try, unconditional love…. So we don’t dwell on past relationships..we learn from them

sharday fernandez

Same phuckin scenario lol so far its cool but he is a bit jealous and has no problem expressing that…but sweet as pie and has no problem showing his affections for this sept 29th Libra woman and I’m loving every bit of it….

Nikki G

Ong, my birthday is Sept 29th as well and I am always attracted to or attrating an aries man. I’ve talked to 4 already and 2 of em I’ve been in a long term relationship with and the other 2 we still talk every now and then to check up after many years. Idk why I always fall for aries men!


I advice you go for it i have a libra with me too


He is lieing he just wants sex and nothing more , he will shatter u as soon as his eyes catches someone else


Fuck Libras


He wrecked me, i gave him my heart and he shattered it , i almost killed him , how could leave me for a rich bitch how ?