Leo Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

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What makes them?

The mutually giving nature of this chemical attraction makes for a positive growth in both Leo Woman and Pisces Man. There is also intellect, creativity and an adventurous sex life to bank on.

What breaks them?

They should be careful not to build any ivory towers or glass houses around their love. A firm connection with real day-to-day life is needed for Pisces to maintain the respect of his lioness, and for Leo to foster loyalty in her Pisces lover before he swims to fresh water.

Can it work between Leo Woman and Pisces Man?

Solid marriage material sustained by a mutual physical attraction that lasts the distance.

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It remains the gift and the curse of Pisces male to find himself capable of building so many bridges with women that lead only to pure fantasy lands. He has a unique grasp on what makes people tick along with an ability to mentally switch off from the politics of it all. He is never lacking for a new place to stay or couch to crash on since most of his friends are pleased to have the chance to catch up with him anyway. In short, he is a remarkably humorous lover and friend that is utterly hopeless at understanding what it will take to make the commitment he so desperately craves. Cue Leo woman, the lioness that has been stalking her domain for a prey like Pisces.

Leo woman sees that half of this hopelessness remains of his own making since he likes it that way. Remarkably, he will be more appreciative of the fact that she has stuck around to pay attention. These two signs have the ability to make the wholesome, charming sides of each other rise to the surface for a lifetime. There is no real dramatic conflict here even if the typical traits of both these signs would usually give them license to find enough reasons for an argument. Leo likes the chance to perform or act out her misgivings with life, but her Pisces male is so indulging and willing to humour all her requests that all prior disappointments with life gradually begin to vanish.

True to their stage role, Leo women are usually insistent on their partner jumping through all the correct hoops in order to justify a romance with the lioness. It is not a question of her balancing her heart or emotions, but rather a simple matter of correct protocol. Pisces man understands this, since he is hardly ever emotionally invested into anyone exclusively (although no one should tell Leo this) and he would do well not to rebel against the orderly nature of her procession. He simply craves a woman with enough dynamism and mystic to match his wildest imagination and he certainly doesn’t hit wide of the mark when he decides to court Leo.

In return for all the courtship and romance newly entered into Leo’s weekly schedule, she finds herself gravitating towards smoothing out the rough edges in Pisces’ life. He will need someone to tie up the loose ends of his past and inject a little purpose and direction to all the experiences he has been through. Here is a man who, with enough backbone, can weave a story to position himself in any industry or career. If he starts out working for someone else (most likely in a marketing or advertising company) then he will inevitably end up working for himself at some point down the line.

Leos can be open-minded when their lover does not have everything figured out yet, but she will be vocal if she has a hard time finding respect for her lover. He will have to be a go-getter to keep her. She will also find herself pre-occupied for large periods where she has to satisfy herself by pursuing her own career interests. She is a very adept businesswoman capable of making big moves in the management world, with class to boot. Leo would be careful that work does not get in the way of their romance, however, as Pisces can stray when given enough reason to.

Both are so focused on putting on a good enough show that they might find themselves neglecting what lies backstage. They would do no harm by making sure they have enough mutual (and honest) friends and family around them to keep their eye on the purpose of their attraction. Leo can sometimes be distant and cold while embroiled in the prospect of uncertainty on the horizon. She does not handle indecision well, and inaction from her partner even less so.

When Pisces is shut out, he is surprised and rarely in a position to say ‘no’ once he discovers another woman has been waiting in the wings to fill in a void where his Leo confidante has left. Pisces will need to apply patience and intellect to read between the different cat-calls of Leo or she will end it. It would be a shame to quit such a partnership, however. With Leo a dominatrix and Pisces the willing subservient, you can imagine the endless possibilities the Leo Woman and Pisces Man bond will explore in the bedroom.

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I have never had to have this much patients with someone before. My first reaction or thought is to run or just give up on us and that scares me. but so far i have stuck it out and stayed. I am not sure if i am doing the right thing or not. I do love him. although there is so much good in this relationship i do also feel like i have lost parts of myself and don’t feel like me anymore. he has changed me and I can’t distinguish if its a good or bad change.


Omg omg…ohhhh my gooosh! You sound exactly like me. Oh my goodness…this is the same exact feelings that I have right now. Wooooow


Personal experience .. i’m a pisces guy and I always manage to find a girl who is a leo 😀 … if I meet a group of girls and I find one of them really attractive .. 95% she is a leo and since I have dated so many of them .. its not an easy task dealing with them although personally one of my best friend is also a leo and we dated only to realise we wont last. Now I am about to meet another Leo woman through a friend and i’m thinking .. my damn luck …

I am also a leo woman and i have been with my pisces boyfriend for almost four years. when we first meet we worked together and i would always catch him staring at me. At first for me it was a mental game (if you will). he was so innocent. i felt like i ruled his world; I was his queen. i wondered why i let myself fall in love with someone so beneath me. but then …. he surprised me. he challenged me mentally and intellectually. It made him even more attractive to me. he was interesting. he was… Read more »
Woman of Wonder
…cont’d Don’t give up on your Pisces man (when they hurt you) ignore them as you would a child giving them very basic conversation but be careful when choosing your battles lest be called a drama queen. Put on some makeup, do your hair and strut around the house. Your confidence is what turns Pisces men on. They hate/love that. You, as a Leo woman, are everything the Pisces male needs and could ever want, you just have to play a bit of cat and mouse every now & then. The lioness has self-confidence and is always optimistic, looking on… Read more »

Wooooow AWESOME! I love it…thanks for the tips bc this sounds just like him & I.

What i have found to be our down fall is that I crave his attention. He is also very jealous and can be so insecure. It takes so much work convincing him that i am completely and utterly faithful and i just want him. he is also so kind and is always living me love notes and making sure i have a cup of hot tea and a warmy blanket. I think “how did I become so lucky?” there are also hard times between us that make it so hard for me not to be impulsive. He has a temper… Read more »