What makes them?

This is an epic romance for the ages. It has a dash of everything… friendship, romance, courtship, trust, sensual lovemaking and security.

What breaks them?

Only undesirable secrets from Leo’s woman’s past or a force of nature could tear this one apart.

Can it work between Leo Woman and Cancer Man?

It not only works but never ends. Even if it should somehow be declared “over”, they will always support and love one another in the background.


Here is a blissful bond to make the rest of us look on with envy. Leo female is a gutsy woman but even she dare not to dream that such a man as Cancer would ever walk into her life. He is a capable lover with an adept heart to go the distance in career and family, minus the male ego that usually steps all over her considerable pride.

In return for such a unique combination of qualities, Leo hangs up her claws and comes off all over-bearing in her affection for Cancer male. Only there is no such thing as over-bearing with this crab, because he cannot get enough of it!

Leo women value the aesthetics in life and dwell in halls decorated to reflect to this. You will find them in high society, often earning their own way but only ever allowing themselves to be tamed for a man who’s earning capability exceeds their own. The usual complication is that Leo woman wants her to have her cake and eat it.

She wants her man to be able to do for her what she cannot do for herself, but also pay her due respect and credit for her role in every step of the way. For many men, this is an overly neurotic set of demands but Leo won’t pay heed to a word telling her to get real. Luckily, Cancer man would never think to utter a word of that nature in her direction.

To get with a Leo female (or, more accurately, to get within a hundred miles of even noticing each other) Cancer male will likely have had to go through the rounds and be firmly set in his goals whilst well on the way to success. If they meet at a young age, Cancer male will likely have come from a solid family foundation that provides for anything.

Either way, he will have to be in good company to brush with a Leo. Because of this, he is likely to know that it is better to control his emotions rather than repeat some ill-mannered and tempestuous outbursts of the past. He has spent so long controlling himself that Leo woman sees no need to do anything but love her calm Cancer.

She is bowled over to meet such a man who loves with equal warmth and grace. He does not hold any lingering sense of wanting to conquer her, only wanting to sit by where she already stands atop her throne and whisper sweet nothings to keep her purring. It is exactly the comfort that Leo woman needs to allow herself to be a lover and become equally daring in everything else these two eventually set their mind to.

Building a home between Leo Woman and Cancer Man involves a lot of decorum and culture with which to bring up an extremely socially adept family. Leo woman is thrilled and surprised at herself to come off as a bit of a matriarch, but she is quietly supported by Cancer who needs a woman as firm as she to guide him in moments of gloom and darkness. You would think Leo could take to Cancer as a bit of a pushover when he’s down, but she has enough foresight not to ruin a good thing.

The only issues arise when anything gets in the way of Cancer’s enduring attention for his lioness. This includes their children, which Cancer is prone to dote on and shift as a priority once they enter the equation. Leo will undermine any threat to her position as the foremost beneficiary of Cancer’s sensitivities and could have problems with the face that stares at her in the mirror, when time shows her to have grown into a bit of a love junkie. These two love with such tenderness and understanding that anyone would forgive her transformation. They also have enough trust and friendship to know when it threatens to go too far.

Despite how rock solid this couple is, every bond has their surprising weaknesses. Problems could arise if Leo was not always all the prim and proper madame she pretends to be, or unnecessary lies enter the equation. Cancer himself might fall upon hard times but fear the judgement of his lioness, even if he used to know she would never turn her back on him for material things.

There is a deep mutual need for security that cannot be trivialized or dealt with light-heartedly, should it even come under attack from outside forces. They will do well to remember that their great penchant for protecting one another from the outside world should not interfere with the need for honest talk and confrontation inside the household.

Cancer men are not known for definitively starting or ending any relationship so, even if Leo negotiates a peaceful end to their romantic affair (for whatever reason we can’t imagine) they won’t truly ever let go of each other. There is nothing better out there waiting for either of them and time will only re-enforce this notion.

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25 Notes on "Leo Woman and Cancer Man"


To funny! Sooo true I know we will be back together someday once she realises no one better can love her
She’s my queen forever!!


Are you back ??


True.. Feels like we will be together again and hopefully soon.. This time FOREVER 🙂
Felt like being with my soulmate. Will love him forever and for always…


I feels too. My boy friend i cancerian too. I feels we shall be together forever at this.


I didn’t want to admit it but I think mine is my soulmate too

It seems so true. I am still new in this relationship with my cancer man. He is exactly how its written here. He can’t be any more perfect for me. I worry that I smother him with my affections but after reading this and also asking him if its not too much for him, I am thrilled to know that I can love him as much as I want to without him being sick of it. I do feel that our bond is blissful and I have never been this happy with a man in my whole entire life. I… Read more »

Once again, just describes me and my gorgeous, sweet Cancer man. Everything I could ask for emotionally. Love him so much.

In my early 20s I met a cancer man that loved me hard and I also love him. He made me feel like the best thing walking on this earth. I also was dating another guy that was more stable and that was going to be able to provide for me and my child from a previous relationship. To be honest I was more in Love with my cancer man but I know that our relationship will have ended on a bad note because he was unable to financially provide for me and my child. I also know if we… Read more »

Try and go back to your cancer man

cyrus pavel

Leave him alone. He will always resent you. As a Cancer, he is hyperaware of the fact that you left him to be for someone more stable. He hates that exact notion. It’s materialistic and Cancers do not care about it the way Leo’s do. He will always love you, but only the you that you were then. Once he has you back now, he will dismiss you and find every single thing that makes you imperfect. He may never tell you about these things, but he will never be exclusively yours again.

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