What makes them?

Gemini Woman and Cancer Man have a strong circle of friends and can talk with each other until the cows come home.

What breaks them?

The dialogue gets weary over time because they’re interesting in expressing different things. It would have to be a disconsolate Gemini woman that allows herself to get totally kept under the thumb of Cancer male, until she wakes up and realizes that is not where she wanted to be.

Can it work between Gemini Woman and Cancer Man?

It only works if one side (either side) changes themselves for the other. Although that is never recommended, the truth is it can be a worthy change since they actually do have the power to make each other happy.

Imagine an intimate art gallery setting where a group of friends stumble upon a topic unbeknown to any of them. They lack the facts or figures to genuinely settle a debate until Gemini Woman and Cancer Man weigh into the circle with their knowledge. Nobody is surprised, as Cancer is known to have spread his interests in many fields to find his way and Gemini just likes to dance her way through anything.

The only two people who are remotely confused to their common ground are Gemini Woman and Cancer Man themselves, staring at each other across the table wondering where their friendship is going.

She is known to be the most attractive of all the star signs a woman can be born under, and Cancer male is the man-with-a-plan to be able to land a woman as alluring as Gemini. He may not have gotten the prom queen and even met with much romantic failure in his early youth, but Cancer has been quietly biding his time for a shot to prove himself at someone as appealing as Gemini.

They are initially relieved to find a counterpart who can shift from one topic to the next, and their connection is re-affirmed through their circle of friends who all speak very highly of them. The differences that could pull these two apart will only make themselves known with time. Cancer should be weary not to treat his woman like a conquest, or Gemini foolish enough to believe she can easily find another kindred spirit who is a cultured and tasteful in the arts, clothes, emotions and sex as Cancer male.

For a woman like Gemini to stick around in Cancer’s sphere, she will most likely have had to ingest a heavy dose of reality. Her fanciful youth might have given way to some unfortunate brushes with fear and disappointment. The language of fear and deep-seated emotions is Cancer’s domain. He will never make Gemini’s fears worse and always treat her to the best in life, but his mistake is assuming that allaying her concerns is a dealmaker for Gemini woman.

Providing her everything she needs to get back in full momentum can only lead to Gemini following her heart. No matter how much Gemini may grow to love Cancer man, her heart craves fun and games and changes of scenery.Cancer man would want their relationship to grow towards completely the opposite. He wants a woman who can embody the domestic life and help him to set an intimate home environment to keep all interferences out.

In fairness to him, she should have noticed long ago that he only shares his innermost thoughts with a few trusted friends. That she counts as one of them may prove to foster some sort of loyalty and gratitude in Gemini, but it equally as likely to not turn out the case. Gemini can yearn for a return to the days of party spotlights, whereas Cancer just wants the quiet boat trip once every summer.

The worst place Cancer can find himself in is one of provider to everything Gemini dreams of but has not found the responsibility to cater for on her own time. She can inevitably grow to resent demands place on her by Cancer male, as a trade-off for everything he gives her. She does necessarily she that her loyalty or commitment should be bought and reasons with herself that she never offered such assurances in words of stone.

She will often spend time away from him or do things to prove his anger and trick him into ending it. This is only to spare him of the hurt in sticking around too long, because she will even go so far as adultery (wanting to get caught in the process) to spell it out.

The only way this bond is worthwhile as a romance, between two very pleasing individuals in their own right, is if Gemini learns a little something about standing on her own two feet before she takes a fateful step with Cancer. Geminis actually have the power to acquire a lot more substance to their character than typically known for. If she has enough experience to accept there are serious matters at the table ,behind the jokes and games, then Gemini will be able to appreciate Cancer is a steady hand in times of turbulence.

Each one will have to know what it means to make this romance work without fearing it means they lose their identity. Either he gives up some peace of mind or she will have to sacrifice some of her more unreliable friends, but Gemini Woman and Cancer Man have enough laughs, conversation and culture to privately console the other.

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7 Notes on "Gemini Woman and Cancer Man"


I’m a gemini girl, in a relationship with a cancer man. I love how he proves his love to me, spoils me and makes me feel pretty. it gets rocky. he cheated on me for a sagg girl, didn’t work out for her and i’m still with him. i do like his care for me, love him to pieces.


I’m in the same situation it’s going to work this is what I do — I just stop caring and when mine realized that and I stop fussing & fighting with him he got on his “act right ” and almost 2years later we back together and I’m a Gemini & he is a Cancer … I love mines to dealth do us part…& we have no kids together … & I had to


We’ve been together for almost 2years


Every thing is good with my cancer man. Bt recently we fight over stupid thing n i get to moody n think of cheating on him.some times i feel like i want my own space bt i dont wnt to. I stay with this guy my fear is that soon will get marry n if im bored now wat will happen wen it forever.


well this helps a a bit for i am a gemini woman falling for a cancer man last time i was in a relationship was with a gemini cancer way to controlling and loved to push my buttons


OMG you all have extremely bad grammar. Its shocking and slightly scary.

Yes i am a Gem lady 37 yr old. With a 53 yr old Cancer man. Hes my 3 children father. We have had such a rocky on again off again. Romance. That just recently over our last breakup truly realized just how much i love and adore him. Yes we both have our flaws. Yet we both, love eachother to no end and our 3 kids. I will admit a trueCancer man who truly loves his Hem lady. Is the most loving and adoring man. I am working on marrying mine. I love him to Death. Milton Niki loves… Read more »