Chart Reading Case Study – Scorpio Sun x Leo Moon ’77

The main theme of your chart: Vanity Fair

Your most influential planet – Mercury in Scorpio
Your natal Goddess archetype – Persephone and Aphrodite
Your Apheta planet – Sun in Scorpio
Your Anareta planet – Saturn in Leo

Child and young adulthood – Thelma Dickinson of Thelma and Louise


This is where your ability to attract suitors and people willing to take you places is unbridled and unleashed in your life. But if you are overly-willing to use your powers of attraction to take you places while neglecting the responsibility of your choices, you leave a trail of mess in your wake.

Your chart is very Scorpionic in calling in the sense it clearly defines a need to destroy and rebuild – but specifically in the sense that you have to separate yourself from your comfort zone (South Node) as much as possible. It’s fairly common for this to be the journey for most people. But while others can do it in peaks and troughs, for you it’s critical to be consistently redefining the terms of how ‘You’ shakes hands with your world at large.

In late adulthood, middle age and beyond – Becky Sharp of Vanity Fair


Redefining yourself as a child, teenager and young adult leads to you excelling in the vanity fair playground of social bonds and success. Even though you may very well live out the twilight of your life as a Capricorn-influenced person, you’ve no doubt been well-read and well-accustomed to the Scorpio way of life so far. So you know that great power can sometimes mean choosing not to use it to disadvantage others.

Becky Sharp mirrors your nature in that your chart suggests you’ve always been intuitive and able to pinpoint others’ motivations (perhaps before they could even recognise it themselves) and exploit this for your own benefit or theirs… or both (it needn’t be mutually exclusive).

Note: What follows is a sample of our birth chart reading you can order for yourself. It does not include the full pdf chart, aspects and degrees. For the sake of privacy, I renamed our Scorpio member to ‘Rebecca’ as she kindly agreed to let us publish this part of her reading and her full email replies. You can click on the black envelopes at any point throughout this post to match the chart aspects mentioned with Rebecca’s emailed reply on her life experience. Tiziani.

Your calling is to use your natural charm and seductive nature to bring about favourable outcomes for those around you that are ready for the opportunities you win on their behalf. You also find yourself often in position to exact revenge and ‘equalize’ the score against those who get ahead in life where they neither were ready nor paid their dues when doing so.

Why should you be the one to decide whether to spare someone or be their benefactress? Because no one else is in a better position to do so. No one else sees the angles quicker.

If you don’t do take up the responsibility, no one else will. Worse yet, someone less talented will seek to mould your surrounding environment around their desires and goals – it can leave you feeling like you were never true to yourself.

An underlying theme of your chart is the seeking fulfillment through the half-side of your chart where all your natal planets lie, to discover the empty vast space of the other half in your natal wheel. The mild theme in early life is self-determination: being an actor of your own day-to-day events rather than just swimming with the tide and letting things carry you.

rebecca-scorpio-sun-leo-moon-reply-5What stops you from being an actor completely going on your own path is your Venus in 12th House in early life around 8 years of age.

Any sort of 12th House affairs inhibited your child self from completely cutting your own path through life (and more often than not this was for the best at this stage) but no matter whether you decided to tear the house down or, conversely, observe the proper “order of things” as a child – the consistent opportunity here was to redefine and rediscover yourself as an individual who often found herself given the choice between the two.

Not many people find themselves in this position in early childhood and that’s unique to your path.

As a potentially subversive child and “uprooter”, you often found the chance to indulge your Leo Moon. Drawing attention to yourself in such fashion was (at the very least) a way to bask in your emotions, get used to them and learn how to feel a little more comfortable in them. But your Leo Moon isn’t stereotypical in the sense of ‘any press is good press’. It’s more complex as it presents great risk to you and your perception in the eyes of others.

Your Moon falls at anaretic degrees in your chart. Essentially what this means is anything that brings you to center yourself on your natal Leo Moon presents a great risk to you and your tenth house. Natally, you have your Leo Moon conjunct Saturn and Regulus. Any notion of establishing order or giving praise to people who clearly have power over you is a matter of personal risk and wrestling with public perception. Any kind of credit you’ve earned in your social life (or if you have a public-facing career, your work too) is often at stake when it comes to ‘finding your place’ in between the wills of others.

There are key points in your life in early and late adulthood following this theme when it comes to you embracing the role of benefactress or mother figure to those under you. Do it at the wrong time and it could cost you the chance to build an intimate and close family setting. It will take you some time to be ready and emotionally open to the responsibility of being a ‘mother figure’ on your own terms.

This goes back to the Conservative vs Subversive conflict theme throughout your life. There were clear opportunities in early adulthood to trust your life into the hands of a person who was offering a chance to tear up the rulebook, and it would even increase your chances of overnight success (in conventional terms) if you took this path at around 26 yrs of age or so. Yet it would have come at the expense of fully finding yourself or maintaining close bonds with your newly-made family at the time. You could have missed the boat on discovering you actually quite like to put things back in place ‘just so’, even if you have to be the destroy-and-rebuild character in the lives of those around you to make sure normal service is resumed.

In the twilight of your life it’s important to remember, if you’ve moved as far away from your South Node into your North Node as possible, you can really set an example for others to follow and enjoy a lot of social success and fulfillment in your tenth house as a result. But that’s not what is truly at stake here. The chances are you will always have the drive to bring this success about anyway.

The stakes are whether you enjoy that success while still feeling in touch with your core self and feeling like you’ve lived a life true to yourself, or do you achieve it while feeling that… somehow, somewhere along the way… you lost touch with that relationship between ‘Me, Myself and I’ in your private time?

If you want to keep that healthy relationship with yourself well into your twilight years, it’s important to seize any opportunity that comes your way in your 1st to 6th house throughout your lifetime. Any challenge to self-explore and question your self-image, no matter how difficult or how unnatural the opportunity may seem, will keep you in touch with your sense of self later in life.

This is important because you are best served to be the example of behalf of others yet being that example takes a lot of energy. There needs to be a personal sense of reward for expending all that energy at the end of every day, every year. So don’t lose touch with opportunities to face yourself in the mirror and constantly check and balance your relationship with yourself.

The best way to do this? There are key moments in your life you can remember, write down and hold onto.

In your very early childhood (rewinding back on what we’ve said so far a little) there were moments to be the subversive – the young Thelma in action.

You knew you were intuitive, perceiving other people’s desires – most importantly your friends desires for their own life.

Anytime you stood out or tore up the rule book a little, you felt people who wish they could do the same for themselves gravitate towards you a little more… even if they didn’t know or realise why. You became the example.

In late adulthood and middle age you become this example for others in a more understated, subtle, Rebecca Sharp-esque way. Every time you see the opportunity to be an example for others, you can write down or record what it feels like and save it for later to savour it. This is a healthy self-indulgence for you to practice as you will draw upon it for energy, feeling and emotion that serves as the example for others who look up to your legacy.

rebecca-scorpio-sun-leo-moon-reply-4You have Moon square Mercury natally but it operates atypically, as Mercury in Scorpio is the most influential planet in your chart. Whenever your thoughts and feelings were at odds with one another, your chart suggests you actually found it easier to resort to rationale and logic rather than basking in the immediacy of your feelings. It made more sense that way, presented less of a threat and it helped you to maintain and juggle all your close relationships.

But you’re a mover and shaker in your relationships. You recognise when some have run their course or when they’re at odds with your life goals, and you move them out of the way. To achieve some measure of consistency in terms of matching up your personal life goals with your social and professional skills, once again you have to challenge yourself to feel the immediacy of your emotions. To indulge in them even if it means risking exposing yourself to strangers or peers who aren’t in your immediate circle.

You’re better off bridging that gap. Again, the end goal of this is to keep in touch with yourself no matter how much your life circumstances might chance over your lifetime. And your best bet is to record the moments where you feel you’ve been an example to set for others. There’s consistency in there, in taking pride at grinding out your place in the hierarchy of your life, friends and family. That consistency is what gives you sense of self, where you can recognise yourself into advanced age without feeling ‘old’ or constrained by the idea that you gave too much away and lost your vitality. You can retain your charming influence and vital energy from your early youth by bridging the gap of successive life events with the internal feelings and memories that bridge them for you.

rebecca-scorpio-sun-leo-moon-reply-1In your late teenage years you find a lot of drive to separate yourself from old ties and take big personal risks to find yourself as a Scorpionic character. Your chart suggests you were either more cut-throat then, or otherwise you may have been more afraid that falling into your core self – this ‘new you’ overcoming all sense at the time – would be at odds with keeping up good relationships with your friends of the day.

If you remember what those choices felt like, then the eventual outcome of your choices at the time doesn’t matter as much as you remembering it, recording it and being able to pass on what it feels like to be in that position as a young teenager to others who can benefit from you re-telling the tale. Who stands to benefit? She could be another conservative-slash-femme-fatale like yourself, who fears losing her own vitality. You can show her she needn’t be afraid.

rebecca-scorpio-sun-leo-moon-reply-3In early to mid adulthood, as we mentioned, you had the chance to give yourself into an incredibly risky relationship that would have meant emotion overpowering reason. Back in 2004, the world at large saw Saturn conjunct Regulus at this time. People who survived the dotcom bubble crash at this time could invest in other “safe” areas and really get ahead of the social wreckage, both personally and professionally. You may have been one of those people if you let yourself get carried by that relationship and opportunity at that time. Whatever your choice in the matter, it’s important to remember what it felt like making that choice.

Turning 30 years of age seems like it was actually a breeze for you. At this point in your life your chart suggests if you pursued 9th House affairs and looked outside of your immediate cultural circle into new boundaries, you would have drawn up some personal expenses… sure… but for some reason you gained back tenfold.Both personally in terms of character enriching experience, but also in terms of metal and precious metals. The whole combination of transits here suggests marriage or engagement.

Either way, the transition through to your thirties was not a stressful time, it was a time for new beginnings. For paying attention to opening doors rather than the ones you willingly shut in their place. If you remember what that felt like, you actually have two similar kinds of opportunities like that this year of 2015. One in August and another in late September.

rebecca-scorpio-sun-leo-moon-reply-2This year, others might have been looking at Jupiter and Venus in Leo as a time of reaping gifts. But for you it actually has consistently been squaring the hell out of your personal energy, desires and identity. It’s been presenting you with questions about what you want, and whether getting it means you have to give too much that you can’t get back. It has been knocking on the anaretic degrees of your chart with destructive questions and energy.

Any opportunity you have in this area to expand your horizons, whether it be expanding your family or expanding your creativity or moving further into showing yourself in your social setting and exposing your character – they are opportunities to be seized in a methodic way. The Uranus retrograde is going through your 7th house and finishing all the way back in your 5th to 4th house. This calls for you to renovate how you do things in these areas of your life before you agree to any bigger commitments.

Your strategy and your life goals are going to take a new shape here. It could feel like it’s inhibiting you from determining your own life because it takes being able to put trust in others to show you the boundaries of the pitch you’re playing on are now bigger and fully realized. If you’re not fully aware of the rules of the game, you really need to bide your time and be patient in rethinking your strategy.

Renovate and innovate in your 7th, 6th and 5th house in particular and let your long-term goals reshape themselves naturally around you in the background. It could take – yet again – some cutting out of relationships and friendships that you now see in the way of your new, bigger personal goals this year and next. But the theme of your life currently is clear – keeping being creative and be willing to invest in your creative energy and you will be injecting life and vitality into how you feel towards yourself. It’ll pay off when it comes time for you to give more of yourself to others.

If you have resources set aside now to learn a new course or invest into something creative, then the lessons learnt in investing these resources wisely will bring about two opportunities for you similar to when you were breaking new boundaries as you turned 30 years of age. Back then your priorities may have been different. Today, don’t worry about self-image or holding onto what’s in the mirror for the rest of this year. Concern yourself with self-improvement.


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