What makes them?

Capricorn Woman and Virgo Man have a incredibly strong appreciation for the small details in life. They can build small moments to keep them together.

What breaks them?

Without sufficient life lessons and experience (before they meet each other) to pick over with a fine-tooth comb, this is a potentially hazardous and deceptively soul destroying combination before anyone knows it.

Can it work?

When they get it right, they get it really right. On paper, this is a great relationship… but buyer beware.


Capricorn Woman and Virgo Man bring a combination of similar assets and values to weigh the odds heavily in their favour, in terms of a nourishing relationship to bring happiness and discovery to their lives. Capricorn females are generally more reserved and save their capabilities for times when they have to focus on being pleasing to achieve their desired aim. Virgo revels in this, knowing it is a cornerstone of his nature.

Both can please the pants off of each other and hold all the keys to a picture perfect relationship.
Unfortunately for both of them, it is necessary to come to terms with a key idea they’ve both largely avoided until now: the events that keep them together are, by and large, out of their immediate control.

There is no plan or account for the experiences bringing Virgo and Capricorn into an extremely blissful and rewarding union of minds and souls. They have both made a point of making private plans to mitigate against the worst life has to throw at them.

Unless they have actually suffered through real reasons for justifying this (it is embedded within their skin so, even if they have led a charmed life, they cannot help themselves anyway) they will find themselves building a house over weak foundations.

The house they build, in theory, means so much to both Virgo and Capricorn. However, it will need a heavy dose of faith to prevent this from becoming a frustrating and empty journey in circles. The gift and the curse of this relationship lays in the fact that Virgo males have incredibly accurate designs on life.

They have an ability to pinpoint reasoning or logic behind every fateful reaction they or they loved ones show when faced with emotional dilemmas. This ability, albeit largely scientific in the way Virgo initially uses it in his daily habits, only enhances to a fine art when Virgo finds the charming company of his Capricorn female as a goal to work it towards.

Here is a Capricorn female, so used to fixing things for other people, who knows find herself in the alien position or attracting a partner who wants to “fix” things for her. Virgo will want to trace every moment of happiness or sadness in his Capricorn female to a particular time and event. If he cannot understand why she behaves the way she does, he will linger in large periods of silence.

The relationship is loving enough for those silent moments to start out as comfortable, while they both ponder. This is only because he cares about her so much, and begins to learn the very definition of what it is like to be in love with another person. Capricorn female is similarly head-over-heels to have found a man who will live true to upholding the principles of family life that she craves so much.

Unfortunately, sometimes there simply are no alternatives but to get to grips with the notion that there isn’t a reason for everything. Virgo and Capricorn have the potential to make great conversation between them for a lifetime, if they can make room for this simple idea.

Otherwise, Virgo will not only grow to be bored of his Capricorn woman but will succeed in driving her to feeling irritated or even inadequate when she cannot provide him with the rationale he seeks. These two can easily suffer from trappings of their own making. It comes in stark contrast to how it so beautifully started out, since Capricorn correctly guessed that Virgo is not one to naturally take advantage or be unappreciative of the vast gifts she has to give him.

The situation can deteriorate to a cold, empty stand-off where neither knows what to do with themselves. Their relationship always seems outwardly pleasing to their friends, so no one will be any wiser or know when an intervention might be needed.

Capricorn Woman and Virgo Man is a union who’s success is largely determined, much to their dislike, by forces out of their control. And don’t get us wrong, we have met more than enough Capricorn-Virgo couples that are genuinely enthralled, delighted and charmed in each other’s presence to feel like nothing will ever be too wrong in this romance.

If they have enough sobering experience and mistakes on their personal CVs before they engage in a serious romance with one another, they will both have awakened their shared powers of forgiveness to keep each other happy. They also hold the potential to make the best of parents and build a wonderfully happy family household.

Having children as a focus for their designs on life greatly helps to relieve the sources of pressure or stress that may build up between them. They put themselves under stress of their own making, only because they want so much for each other. If the forces of fate and nature decide to bless them with favourable circumstance, there is no reason why this charming couple shouldn’t go all-in for a fateful loving dance into the night.

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10 Notes on "Capricorn Woman and Virgo Man"


Bullshit…Capricorn women are controllIng and manipulatI’ve….Virgos will not be put in boxes.


True Capricorn woman wants to be on top of virgo

Capsun Arimoon

I am also dating an older Virgo and I totally respect him he does me too we look at each other as equals.

Capris un

I disagree. I an a capricorn woman and i’m seeing this older virgo man with my absolute respect.


Not all caprivorns are like this, you’ve obviously met a controlling one :-/


I’m a Capricorn women and I’m now dating a Virgo man and it’s going good between us


I am dating a virgo man born 01/9/63 n I’m a Capricorn born 22/12/65. Are we compatible


I / Capricorn woman,(58 y/o), I have loved 3 men in my life .. all 3 are Virgo … 2 actually share same birth date … I did not know this before my being involved with them … I never thought too much about the stars but this is too much to just be by chance ….
with first one for 26 years …second one only short time as I was freaked out when I discovered he shared same birthdate as first …. been with third for 17 yrs … anniversary is today …


Definitely something to look into – usually when this happens we look at parallel points in both people’s chart – beyond just the sun sign into the entire birth chart. But even by Sun Sign only I do get a lot of Virgo and Capricorn people telling me how crazy they are over each other, in the usual Earth understated kind of way. Hard one to let go of, for sure.


Capricorn woman, Virgo man. 23 & 24 years old with 2 children. Been together five years and keeping forward.