Capricorn Woman and Taurus Man

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What makes them?

It’s a pretty old-fashioned, traditional romance when it works. In theory you’ve got two stable Earth signs who never have to worry about the unexpected, imbalanced or impulsive with one another…

What breaks them?

Never embracing spontaneity can easily be a problem. Capricorns are afraid of rejection and Taurus Men, some of the most indecisive men around today, aren’t too keen on ever showing their full hand. She can leave early for fear of him keeping her guessing – whereas he believes he’s already let her know where she stands.

Can it work between Capricorn Woman and Taurus Man?

It involves big internal changes. When these changes happen together over a lifetime, don’t expect them to trust many people outside of their small circle. The difficulty is getting that circle drawn in the first place. There’s a LOT more ground for miscommunication between these two than most astrology articles would let you believe.

We could comfort you with the storybook, Western tale of this romance. When it works, it works. This is a couple born before the modern era, a bookish tale to gather children by the fireplace and listen to their grandparents stories of love mixed with the grit of commitment.

Even if it wasn’t their real life story, any head of a household would love to borrow details from the Capricorn Woman-Taurus Man couple to emphasize what a steady, middle-of-the-road partnership is all about at core. What might lack zeal or adventure to other individuals is exactly the same thing that puts a smile on the face of these two. They like the know the details of a commitment before deciding to put their name to it.

… But it still takes a lot of ironing out miscommunication to get there and there is plenty room for the Bull and Goat to perceive one another’s standing in a false light.

For one, Taurus pride themselves on being Venusian. Their mentality is life can always be what you make of it. Seeing a “glass-half-empty” Capricorn fearing the worst in high stakes commitment can actually bring out the snob side of Taurus, looking down upon her reactions as if she’s caging him.

Truth be told, only Taurus is allowed to be the “controlling” partner at the beginning of any love affair. It’s one of the double standards you have to put up with in a Bull’s repertoire to make it work smoothly. You can grow into a more equal footing later, of course (which Capricorn Women are delicate masters of such a process). But trying telling any Cardinal sign such as Capricorn – the signs who always need to be starting something – that they should submit to the control and pace of another and they get cold feet.

Cold feet is exactly what the Taurus pride of heart doesn’t want to see. Bulls can misconstrue the Capricorn heart as full of uncertainty. And while you may see this as his cue to provide you with reassurance, dear Cap – the truth is he sees your uncertainty as a sign your heart is stone cold. He prefers warmth. He wants you to exercise your own free will. Figure out your own boundaries. Rub up against his – throw something. Whatever it takes to show you care. Taurus can secretly revel in their partner’s frustrations within the first year of any romance, since they get to be the ones swooping in late in the day to soothe those frustrations.

It’s the Taurus way of reasoning: ‘You need me’.

For your part, Taurus, when you really care about your Cap then you must be willing to accept (even if you don’t understand) that Capricorn women compartmentalize like no tomorrow. She has her feelings organised in boxes, like any Earth sign would appreciate. When you keep appearing and re-appearing into her life, it brings her back to ‘that place’ inside.

Do the yo-yo thing too much, and she begins to associate you with being dragged back into the past. Not because she’s cold hearted, but just because she’d rather process things in a way where she can feel something steady for more than a day. And, after all, that Taurus themselves wouldn’t appreciate the need for something steady?

Earth signs are all about sensual power and discovering every inch of one another, so there needn’t be any worries about sexual connection or sex life here – it can be as great as you want it to be. You both understand it takes practice.

Of the Cap-Taur couples we’ve heard from on the Blackbook so far – all too often it’s been the Taurus who ended the relationship prematurely and the Cap woman still holding a flame. But Capricorns are pretty good at living in denial for however long need be. So something’s got to give.


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Im in a relationship with a Taurus man, myself a Cap, but as it says above, the Taur man doesnt like to show any emotions.If he said ‘i love you’, thats for the whole year.He likes having his space but when he needs ,me, he must find me by his side.Nonetheless, the love and passion is still burning high.He is very jealous and possesive but also, this is what i admire most about him.He has a very strong personality and very authoritative too.Just what i want in my man…..

Capricorn girl ?

I was dating a tarus guy and I really did fall hard for him… But my pride got in the way and I ended things. I miss him every now and then… Its been 5yrs now Im married to someone else but I still miss him nothing can come close to the way he made me feel!! Every time we see each other its like I just want to run off wit him… But instead my pride kicks in and I walk pass like I don’t see him knowing that its killing me inside!


So very true!!!
Me and my Taurus ex. I called it off and he vanished. I’m very much in denial and after 6 mos I am still unfortunately very loyal. If he were to attempt a reconcile it would only piss me off! Yet I secretly hope he will just so I CAN BLOW him OFF!


Taurus gang them caps are crazy and dont kno what they want! If your a Taurus guy dont date them confusing af


Just got out of s marrige with one. Man that bitch drugged my heart through the mud


I am Taurus and a I miss my Capricon
Even though she call it off, my is broken


Heart isbroken


Yep…that is what happened to me and my tar man. I ended it though, drove me crazy, I don’t regret it but I do miss his tenderness and feeling secure in his love. Maybe I should have waited until my grief/loss process was over. Either way….I will live in denial…lol


Exactly what happen to me im still undecisive and second guessing myself some days i want him back n some days i believe he cant fully make me happy


Caps cant even make themselfs happy #bullgang


i am about to date a Capricorn woman I thought that she and I are a perfect couple, reading these notes are confusing .Lol taurus


Caution brother move with caution