What makes them?

This is take-it-or-leave-it marriage material. Scorpio and Capricorn do not mess around or engage lightly into commitments, so they know they’re not wasting each other’s time. The potential for material gain, wealth and social acceptance is pleasing to both.

What breaks them?

Taking issues like loyalty, commitment and results to a life-or-death level can easily backfire or exaggerate the magnitude of their mistakes. At which point, they may regret turning the considerable arsenal they’ve built on each other prematurely.

Can it work?

It certainly can, but possibly end in even more destructive fashion too. Buyer beware.


Capricorn Woman and Scorpio Man find a partner who can animate the darker aspects of their relationship in a humorous manner. They will both be relieved to find someone who can give them breathing room for their pessimistic and cautious approach to life’s decisions. They see no reason to look at the glass half full, considering the opposite has gotten them this far already. So why change a good thing?

Many dissenting people have spent fruitless moments trying to convince them to step outside of their emotional comfort zone, so Scorpio and Capricorn view finding each other as the final long-awaited vindication that they way was the right way all along.

There are no more distractions from marching ahead with their commitments. “Perhaps others were simply jealous of what we have!” they reason to themselves.

In other areas of their life, away from the entertaining private time one-on-one, they can’t approach things with such an easy smile and devil-may-care attitude, however. It is often the deadpan seriousness of affairs in front of a watching audience that can make and break the Cap-Scorp romance.

This union is often characterized by material gains and the acquisition of wealth together with social acceptance, but there is a deeper meaning to the common ground they discover.

They have the capacity to bond on so many levels even if they sometimes check their morals and kid gloves at the door.

Scorpio and Capricorn deeply value commitment and the follow-through on intentions. They have also been on the look-out for the loyalty each craves but this has often proved illusive to them, because of Scorpio’s artificial manipulations and Capricorn’s overextending herself in her plans.

The prospect of these two giving each other the kinds of values they feared to desire or want for themselves is more deliciously loaded with sexual tension rather than bringing relief. What could have been elevated into a spiritual bond typically descends into more of a playful, strategic game on many levels.

Capricorn Woman and Scorpio Man can intellectually joust with one another and take that sexual tension to bed, where they toy with one another until they are satisfied for another night. This is one relationship where Scorpio Man will not get his ruly, dominant way in bed… mainly because Capricorn likes to keep him on his toes until the final moment of release.

This symbolises the same kind of wit and sharpness they bring into professional and social environments. By all means, this couple has the power to get anything they set their mind towards.

The potential pitfalls come into play when Capricorn either sets her mind to too much, or Scorpio allows his emotions to temporarily distract him from the perfect partnership he has built at home.

It is unfortunate than even small mistakes or insensitivity can explode like a grenade lobbed into their hand at the last second. This can especially manifest itself when Scorpio has had enough of Capricorn’s constant criticisms and one-upsmanship that toils on his deep emotions.

Capricorn is usually a forgiving soul (even if this often goes hand-in-hand with forgetting their partner and moving on) but Scorpio has magnetized her and polarized her to the darkest, judgmental depths of her nature for too long. They risk becoming victims of their own success. Scorpio, on the other hands, never forgets.

They can turn on each other with too much haste and will have acquired more than enough resources to attack each other in a dramatic fashion that both will regret permanently. If they can accommodate third parties or find a spiritual element above and beyond the contractual call of duty they have given themselves, then it is possible to survive and maintain a rather unique romance of two cunning minds.

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