Strong bankers for success in this relationship

Great friendship, humour and the capability of creating many things (most of all, a family) together.

Potential pitfalls

Sagittarius could shoot off one too many laughs for Capricorn’s liking, or she overcook the game of cat-and-mouse to the point where he thinks she is the least serious priority of all on his shortlist.

Can it work?

The stakes are pretty low in terms of what could go wrong for this couple. If they lose, they won’t miss each other too hard when it’s done. Yet, should they stick together, they won’t miss anyone else either.


Capricorn Woman and Sagittarius Man bring a diverse portfolio of differences and common ground to keep each other entertained and interested, perhaps for the long haul. Both are completely distinct in how they view and approach every day.

Sagittarius would rather look on the bright side of life and not be bogged down by anyone else’s undue concerns, but that is exactly the compromise he will take on board after committing to a relationship with his Capricorn conquest.

He won’t go down without a fight, carefully unloading his arsenal of foolish jests and disarming kisses. In response, Capricorn surprises herself by covertly encouraging him for more but she won’t want to be completely open about this, at first. Capricorn’s walls are a welcome resistance to Sagittarius.

He sees through the cracks because there is a guiding light in the context of when and where they are likely to first take an interest in one another. Capricorn makes it a point to be inside successful circles, and Sagittarius will typically take friends from all influences and quarters of the world.

Together, they can re-tell enough cultured stories to keep a smile on his face and a glint in her eye. That is why he persists and will not buy into her coldness or shooting down his playful suggestions when they steal time alone. He is right to suspect that Capricorn has secretly spent a lifetime yearning for more.

Sagittarius Man is equipped with the x-factor and persistence to justify her high-maintenance. She never allowed herself to believe a man would match up to her will from the completely opposing side of the emotional spectrum, but here stands Sagittarius male with open arms.

If she chooses to step into them and join him in his world, for a few brief moments, she can have a permanent tempering effect on his life’s course. He will accept change is afoot within him. Sagittarius’ numerous social pursuits can bring distraction to what is a man capable of high-achievement, but his Capricorn queen will give him focus on an everyday level and a channel for his passions and more passionate aspirations.

Sagittarius’ imagination and adventure brings its own reputation when it comes to the bedroom and sexual encounters. In Capricorn Woman, here is a body and canvas upon which Sagittarius can experiment suggestively, push her buttons and entertain her senses.

She may sometimes pretend to be prude if he slightly hits wide of the mark, but they won’t leave it too long before coming back to each other for more of what works.

As long as Sagittarius remembers that too much playing the fool and aimless energy will bring a sharp rebuke from his mothering Capricorn, he can teach himself good habits to circumnavigate her more pessimistic moments. Eventually, he might tire of this or she might become weary of how well-practiced he has become at defeating her in her own game.

Capricorn are masters of the long game, waiting it out until they discover the true limitations of a potential partner. However, Sagittarius adapts and uses these exact same principles to let her face up to a different side of herself in the mirror.

Eventually, she might have to ask herself if she really wants to persist in taking herself so seriously at the cost of permanent detachment. Sagittarius also has the same dilemma to answer, as there are a number of compromises he must adjust to in order to keep a place in the home he has grown to love.

Luckily, a couple like this should have enough outside influences and a very educating environment surrounding their household. It brings enough life stories and stimulating tales upon which to start a family. When given a temporary diversion (such as children) for their respective introverted and extroverted natures, they can avoid stepping on each other’s toes and live a relatively harmonious lifestyle together.

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8 Notes on "Capricorn Woman and Sagittarius Man"


Very nice your words


Thank you.


I am Capricorn and my BF is Sagittarius. This is exactly what we are! I know he loves me and understanding importance of me but I have hard time how he communicate when he is not with me!!! Also everyday opinion changes. Today he wants to be with me for the rest of life, tomorrow he can’t see future because we don’t live close! My BF is now so much into sports and can’t see him!!!!


Capricorn women are demanding and opinionated, Sagittarius men are selfish and have no empathy. These two have a high divorce rate. They both want to be in the limelight and compete with each other. There is a lot of fighting and neither wants to compromise. The worst combination!


Whaattt!? Excuse me!? Vattttttt did u say!? (: Ummm… I’m a very different/unique Capricorn. Not all of us are demanding/crazy/possessive/EVIL.. Whatever you seem to think of me. =D When I ask a person to do something for me, I usually do it with ze smile on my face. I don’t scream or give people ze attitude. I have a bright, fun-loving personality and I like to make people laugh or smile.

I have a super bright fun-loving and very upbeat and optimistic attitude I value freedom but see the discipline interpreted in Capricorn. In the right atmosphere and not around/enganged terribly pessimistic, self pittying and gloomy people… these wonderful traits flourish! Parts of both signs traits are wonderfully sociable and lively and can draw in a “limelight” whether first wanted or not. Learning to embrace the qualities and whom It attracts is something I sort of become ambivalent to if I want to live big and free within myself and amongst others who seem to enjoy the limelight for different reasons.… Read more »

Yeah, I see your point. Some people are freakin’ ignorant cunts. Not all Sagittarius are the same and not all Capricorns are the same. It all depends where you were born and how you grew up and blah blah blah blah blah 😛 Can’t judge someone you don’t know. Am I right?

Ankita Dewan

Awesome ! Every bit is true