What makes them?

If high achievement is your thing, this could make for a picture perfect relationship; Excellent friendship and a lot of laughs and jeez… what a spiritual connection!

What breaks them?

Change can work for or against every relationship. Unfortunately, this is one pairing that is likely to come off on the wrong side of it. They may have to steer clear of most outside influences.

Can it work between Capricorn Woman and Pisces Man?

If Pisces man is willing to face facts, accept Capricorn woman runs the show and remain happy to reap the benefits… they will both be fulfilled and contented. They certainly won’t forget meeting one another.

Pisces man often finds himself on a sliding scale of gender reversal, for every relationship he chooses to commit to. This is an extreme case of this particularly scenario, once he finds he has let Capricorn woman sink her claws into him.

Capricorn women are known for efficiency, reliability and getting the job done while they quietly garner respect from their friends. They can often be more romantically docile and disconnected, however Pisces awakes something within her that can risk turning to darkness.

Capricorn woman finds a new purpose in making Pisces man her priority. Whether this new-found energy turns sour will depend heavily on the Piscean man denying himself from playing up to what makes him so romantically successful with most women, and choosing to adopt boundaries whilst learning to accept his Capricorn woman’s timetable for their love affair.

Any Capricorn-Pisces relationship, particularly where the Pisces in the male, will likely get off to a slow start or develop at a young age. This is not exactly the “high stakes first date” at the glamourous restaurant. Much to Capricorn female’s surprise, she doesn’t mind that at all. She finds herself gradually seduced by the prospect of more than just a glancing friendship with her lost and hopeless Piscean male. He’s the guy that keeps her conversation platter full of fun, light-hearted and sometimes humourous sentiment. She finds this refreshing even if they almost never hold the same opinion on more serious topics.

She’ll soon discover that he is man on the cusp of great self-achievement, but he is lost in his own disorganised state of chaos. The Piscean man’s penchant for deep internal conflict wages within him for so long, it is bound to reflect itself in his everyday state of affairs. He has a wonderful and adventurous tennis career, only he booked his next tour tickets too late. Or he took the chance to open a respectable car dealership full of exotic models, except the engines supplied to his second-hand models are overrun and Capricorn woman would rather see him selling Hybrids. Even if he is working an office job in a rather colourful marketing company, he would get to the desk on time everyday if he could simply organise his sock drawer.

For Capricorn woman, his personal life is two steps away from reading like an open erotic novel. Here is a man she can save, set straight and enjoy him making her laugh whilst doing so. For Pisces man, the initial relief is tremendous for him too. Regardless of what little he may show on the outside, inside every Piscean man lies the fantasy of a woman marching in to prop him up to his dreams.

He will go on to create many things that lay too long within the far recesses of his head, with the guiding hand of Capricorn woman in the mix. The problems arise when the hand that guides no longer stays so quietly by his side, and will never fade into the background. Pisces men have a tendency (as a second nature without realising) to over-indulge such women, until the routine is so familiar that he has spoilt his perfectly respectable Capricorn matriarch against herself. Now, she will not listen to “no” or “slow down”. If Pisces man exercises his god-given right to spent large amounts of time alone or travelling, his Capricorn woman will find herself lost and confused at the grey areas popping up in their bond that had such perfect momentum.

She is none too good at voicing these fears or delving into conflicting emotions. What can really throw her is the loss of their sexual connection, as Pisces man was the all-pleasing lover who injected warmth and intimacy into her cold bed sheets. If he finds too many new friends or pursuits, he will come to see (but no longer accept) it is an impossibility for Capricorn woman to operate on any timetable but her own. However, if he can return to their love nest without inviting too much temptation from outside their four walls, he can learn to live with the fact of the matter: there is no one better equipped to run the schedule than his Capricorn wife.

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6 Notes on "Capricorn Woman and Pisces Man"


Well said !


I love the piscesman but he dont show it back maybe i love to hard

Hi I’m a pisces male and just broke up with my capri gf. We were instantly hooked onto each other the moment we met and the first month was like a dream. I enjoyed her company so much and getting to see her everyday was the highlight of my life then. Suddenly into the second month everything changed. She said we met too often and she was feeling tired that we had to meet after her work. That she didn’t pick up her ex’s phone calls but did to mine because she was afraid I will feel insecure. When she’s… Read more »

me fetch her and even introduced me to her friends. What did I do wrong? Was it wrong to care so much?


Yes. It may have been a little much. I’m a capricorn woman and man constantly trying to get ahold of me would bother me. Capricorns don’t like for our partners to seem “needy.”


I make excuses for my pisces man to leave because I’m afraid that I’m not good enough for him and that I may bore him if we’re together too long. The problem I create by doing this is that he may disappear for a while and I hate the distance. However, I do love him. I have never loved a man more, but I am sooooo.. afraid.