Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man

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What makes them?

A strong and intense emotional understanding forms between the two. What woman hasn’t dreamt of a man who can anticipate her needs before she even thinks to point them out? Enter, Cancer Man.

What breaks them?

Common to all Capricorn female partnerships, if the male isn’t comfortable with her wearing the pants (no matter how subtly she wears them) – then it will end. Capricorn woman will also do well to treat her tie to the male Crab as less of a partnership and more of a loving bond.

Can it work between Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man?

Most definitely. This is one of the healthy opposite attractions that will capture the heart, mind and soul of both lovers involved.

Here is a couple frequently meeting with the open admiration, adoration and praise of friends and acquaintances. Their friends don’t quite know how they got their relationship to work, but the glow and smiles all over these two lovers are unmistakeable signs of being better off for having found each other.

Everyone promotes them as that couple who quietly feeds hope to our desires and dreams of all turning out as decent adults, when it is said and done.

Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man have their hands full smoothing out the differences between them and making sure not to bring disharmony into a perfectly good thing. Forget outside approval, because inside the house walls it’s hard enough to keep the communication from hurting two individuals who share a common fear of rejection.

Cancer Man works as mental and emotional candy for our Cap lady. Cancer men aren’t necessarily known to be stunning lookers or the guy that will inflict an immediate crush on you, but he is far more powerful as he will slowly take up your mind’s thoughts on a steady basis. For Capricorn woman, the aesthetic surface concerns are pretty trivial to a lady who hasn’t prioritized anything over career obstacles for a while. She can be mistaken for being cold and uncommunicative but Cancer, suffering from similar misconceptions his whole life, knows how to read in between the lines when he sees this. He will not make the same mistake.

He knows why she has been dressing down for years. If there is anyone to help her see how she might have taken the eye off the ball of what truly makes her happy and tick, without coming off as patronizing or meeting with her pure disinterest, Cancer Man is best equipped for this particular job. In return for his quietly positive influence in her life, he finds a woman with the dedication and commitment to a loving relationship that matches his own. The power balance will only shift in Capricorn Woman’s favour from then on; it is an inescapable truth determining whether this harmonious bond survives for an extremely happy life, or comes to a disappointing end.

“Gender bender” doesn’t even do justice to the Capricorn-Cancer relationship. Cancer Man has been dodging society’s judgement of such a docile, emotionally-tuned man his whole life. He has irked the disappointment of many women before because he simply refuses to take the first move in haste, if at all. Capricorn sympathizes with this deep rooted fear of making mistakes in her love life. She is the perfect woman to accept him in his own packaging. She normally finds him at a time in her life where she has many balls to juggle professionally, and he can ease her daily routine by taking her away from the madness and bring harmony to her personal and domestic life.

Therefore, it is highly likely Cancer Man will be wearing the kitchen apron while Capricorn Woman wears the pants. If there are no qualms to this role reversal, these two are truly one of the happiest pairings on the zodiac. There are more than enough reasons to accept such a union.

For one, Cancer Man cannot be mistaken for anything other than the powerful initiator in their sex life. In this respect, he continues to hold most of the cards. He knows how to awaken and arouse bodily senses Capricorn always suspected she had, even if she didn’t know how best to make use of them. He brings passion, an intensely romantic connection and breath-taking moments to fill the air, while they are both rapt with each other’s charm over the other. They are truly connected across their electric opposite attraction with the deck fully stacked in their favour to conquer all.

The only obstacle Cancer faces are the growing, complicated desires of his Capricorn Woman. As if the outside judgement of prying eyes weren’t enough complication to threaten their blissful existence, Capricorn Woman may unnecessarily start to question whether her man couldn’t bring more stated ambition (in job and career, or otherwise) to their pact. When, actually, all Cancer Man needs is usually time to speak this out loud for himself.

This is one of the few relationships where Capricorn Woman might be the guilty party in messing up a good thing and somewhat new territory for her. She is normally used to setting up an idyllic relationship, only to see the other party throw away their dreams. This time, the shoe is on the other foot. As long as she resists temptation to try changing her Cancerian male into an alpha-male fantasy he persistently refuses to indulge, she can eventually learn to pay attention to the truth of the matter: Cancer’s very capable reach often exceeds any of her own ambitions.

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I am a Capricorn..which means always being in control of a situation, now I find myself totally in love with a Cancerian man, throughout our quirky messages and occasional interaction at the work place, I have fallen for him, how is this even possible, I can only assume its the Cancerian charm, because although he only wants friendship and has placed me firmly in the “friendzone” I cannot seem to get him off of my mind. I have ended our friendship as I don’t see how I can still be friends with someone I love so dearly, at first he… Read more »

I love cancer man he love me a lot but what day i meet him.i dont know i leave usa.he leaves india.?


Follow Love.. everything else is fake.


I love my cancer man? He is perfect in every way?


This article describes myself and my boyfriend perfectly. I’m always trying to control his actions and I give him tough love. He’s constantly reassuring me that he can handle situations that require responsibility and growth, but I doubt him sometimes. Cancer men are very sweet, but very sneaky. Just watch out ladies.


i love a cancer man i know he also love me but he never share me his feelings 🙁