What makes them?

A burning hot sexual bond and understated desire to live out a relationship that meets with society’s approval can keep these two together.

What breaks them?

There are some early pitfalls that can have Capricorn hastily dismissing a potential affair before it’s even begun; Half of the steaming sex only comes about from Aries rebelling against Capricorn’s orders till the bitter end.

Can it work between Capricorn Woman and Aries Man?

This is a union founded on the principles of learning to love, rather than loving to learn. Both will have to give up some long held pre-conceptions about how they saw their life unfolding.


There are precious few couples that are more susceptible to individual quirks than the Capricorn Woman and Aries Man. Aries propels along with the fire and guidance of his feelings and makes no apologies should they change at a moment’s notice.

Capricorn Woman develops a well-constructed guise to filter out any nonsense suitors that will not meet her standards, yet sometimes fails or willingly ignores the red flags popping up from the Aries Man. Meeting up on the same page and staying there can be a tricky affair for these two.

Aries is used to ostentatious displays of emotions on his (or anyone else’s sleeve) to seal the deal, whereas Capricorn simply won’t be dragged into the prospect of discussing any feelings in the first few months. She knows she can feel a sort of intensity that does not come around every day, and is intrigued by her Aries male.

It helps that he holds favourable opinion in the circles of loose friends that he keeps. This leaves just a hint of suggestion, in her eyes, that Aries wants more of the steady life in the slow lane than he might let on. She will want to see that he can jump through her hoops before she generously “fixes” him.

Although this might seem like the prospect of impending doom to Aries, Capricorn’s intuition is not completely wide of the mark. Aries will never openly admit to their fundamental attraction for social recognition and approval, but it won’t stop them gravitating to and pursuing the prospect of it when it arises. In Capricorn woman, Aries has found a mate that stocks up on what precious little concerns he allows to consume his mind.

Aries often lack forethought when asked to think before they act, but their heart is often set to the prospect of what may come about tomorrow. For Capricorn, she may not feel the same concern as much as she has been preparing for it with a carefully laid plan. “What if” and “some day” are scenarios that Capricorn are never found wanting for answers. She has just enough to scatter in Aries’ path and make him chase a commitment to her, since that is what he feels is right at the time.

Once Aries finds himself placed into Capricorn’s rigid (yet successful) structure of going about obstacles, it won’t be long before his heart and spirit rebels. He is prone to childishness in a way often confused with emasculating impudence. It would be emasculating for him if he wasn’t such a ram in bed; this is a fact Capricorn will rejoice in discovering. Capricorn woman simply doesn’t give herself license for deep sexual discovery on her own, so Aries’ presence in her life is highly educational. His prowess extends to the point of making her borderline self-aware.

Even though these two are not the most extreme case of opposities, we have a picture perfect scenario of Aries being made to think where they would normally act. Meanwhile, Capricorn is made to feel where she would normally press on. The only way these two can avoid resenting each other for the change or unnecessary power struggles and brinksmanship becoming a hallmark of their relationship is through stronger ties and commitment. Think carefully, Aries male and Capricorn female, if the relationship provides enough health and happiness to start a family. That is precisely magic key required to unlock a more stable and balanced routine between these two. It can be full of achievement, social climbing and contentedness. But it may take children to enter the equation before Aries finds a permanent anchor for his feelings, and Capricorn a different target for her matriarchal tendencies.

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This is pretty bad combination.50/50 chance.

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dim a capricorn women does my aries man cheat on me now ?