Cancer Woman and Pisces Man

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What makes them?

Loyalty, idealism, romance and high emotion. Cancer also has the patented ability to push Pisces into becoming an alpha male of sorts.

What breaks them?

This relationships isn’t without arguments. If the stakes in disagreements get too high, the damage to each person can take a very long time to heal. Both are unconcerned with real life as a priority, so they may live a financially hazardous lifestyle at first. They are better off finding responsibilities to ground them that are greater then the sum of their parts (such as faith or the more likely option of children), then they will truly awaken their full potential.

Can it work between Cancer Woman and Pisces Man?

It can work to some very delightful results if not without road blocks along the way.

How could Pisces male and Cancer female come together to make a relationship that isn’t for the faint at heart? As individuals, they both make it a point to avoid harming others because they know how easily manipulated the depth of their emotion can be when used for no good. As a result, you will normally get Cancer overcoming her act as the “shy girl” to give you the time of day only when she really means to take an interest. Similarly, if Pisces focuses his attention on someone then they can be sure it is no light object of desire.

As a consequence, when the object of their affections is one another, what you usually get is a do-or-die affair with courtship, marriage, love letters, rose petals and family plans on the immediate journey ahead.

If that doesn’t sound like your type of deal… look away now.

No one would think to anticipate this couple getting it together or even finding a common place where they could meet up. When they venture into public as a romantic item, people scarcely believe they are serious and quietly accept a silent countdown to when Pisces and Cancer will call it quits. The skeptics aren’t entirely without good reasons. Cancer has a tendency to get wrapped up and overcome with her own emotions while Pisces has carefully constructed an escape hatch into another dimension, when the intense feelings get too disruptive or seem to be out of control. This often leads to fights, bickering and accusations of insensitivity flying back and forth.

But to look closer is to see an ardent faith that both of these signs share in ideal romance. The kind that lasts beyond anything as easily distorted as reason or doubt.

The greatest trick Cancer possesses in her natural makeup in the ability to be both maiden and matriarch. There won’t often be calls for her to switch between the roles with such deception fashion, changing her role as her judgement sees fit for it. In Pisces, she has found a rare case of a man who is willing to match her ability to feel and identify emotions but who can be guided to use this for very masculine “hunter-gatherer” means. In short, the mystery that Cancer can hold over Pisces forces him to man up. He finds a never-ended journey in her prodding his family-building instincts and then using the bait-and-switch tactic to make sure he comes to her rescue.

This really is impressive, since Pisces normally make it a point for any of their other partners to do the rescuing for them.

Cancer will oblige Pisces on some of his expectations. Pisces’ ideal mate is someone who will fix them or take the lead. Where Cancer quietly takes initiative will be on purely household-related affairs. She cooks, cleans and massages with the kind of duty Pisces has always fantasized about. Yet, it is all in the name of setting up a home for them to be comfortable to move onto bigger and better projects. As a matter of fact, the subject of marriage and family will be a topic openly thrown on the table relatively early. It is unlikely that a young, immature Pisces with all the brooding sentiment and identity issues will survive the arguments that come their way if he isn’t ready to make these fundamental commitments.

Luckily, a Pisces is often awakened to a shared sense of belonging to the home and living to build it into something bigger than himself or his romantic ideals. Because Pisces are not necessarily emotionally monogamous (another bone for Cancer to pick at and get over) they learn to compensate with by doing whatever it takes to make a steady household thrive. This includes adapting and pushing the limits of their imagination into great avenues of creativity and work. It is more likely for a Pisces to end up lucrative self-employment, with the quiet support of his Cancer queen encouraging him to the finish line.

There are drawbacks to this pairing that highlight the importance of steady mutual friends and a family to focus their energy upon. They are unlikely to make the best of friends in the sense that they cannot rely upon each other for a reality check or see things differently without blowing it to dramatic proportion.

Despite the potential emotionally unstable times, these two have a firm grasp of the point of it all: to make each other happy. Once they have found each other, they rarely let anything else distract from that aim. It is an intense but delightful match.



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lamont cortez harris
This is right on the point ima pisces and i have mad love for a cancer women very different than any other women ive met she tells me we just friends but i told her i just cant ive known her since she was 14 and she’s 22 now we have our ups and downs but she knows she can come to me and ill be there or call in a hurry,right now we dont talk and its killing me cus she got that special hold on me. And no matter what family thinks negative about her ill never think… Read more »

Im a cancer woman and have dated 4 pisces men. In fact I only have found myself getting along with Pisces men. They are very approachable, but for some reason I can never see myself with Pisces long term. Cancer needs a manlier partner. I am always the heart breaker : (.


I agree with u……i’ve known a pisces man for some time. He wantd a relationship so we got along but after some days, he went to his silent mode. When asked he said he can’t go with it n we got seperated but still we talk as we work together. Heard he’s with his ex……but sometimes he texts me saying he misses our times n i just ignore it. Cancers need manlier partners who will keep them.


I’m a pices man, a mutual friend introduced me to a cancer woman. That was over 4 mos ago and we are imseperable . Both of us are divorced and our only regret is we didn’t meet 30 yrs ago. After reading about these 2 signs, and how compatible the romance and love Are, I could not believe how close it is to us. Felt like it was written for us. It is exactly our personalities.

kathy lownes

Just met pisces man very quiet while im cancer woman very chatty is that a good thing x

kathy lownes

Reply please

Cancer female here been with my Pisces man for nearly two years went to school with him nearly 20 years ago when we were children, crossed paths with him 2 and a half years ago. As for the arguments phwoar! We can argue, seems to be no boundaries there. It’s always him that crosses the boundaries and me that gets upset. Not anymore, since we’ve gone through insulting each other to the depth, we don’t go there anymore because, it doesn’t solve anything, heard it before (lol) takes ages for either one of us to heal, mostly me and on… Read more »