What makes them?

Opposites attract, and these two have a healthy capacity to get under each other’s skin for the benefit of both.

What breaks them?

If things get too rude and too brash, words could be said that may never be taken back; the pursuit of material stability from Capricorn may not sit well with Cancer’s need for emotional journey.

Can it work between Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man?

The chemistry is off the chart. Capricorn can provide for everything Cancer woman desires, and she is possibly the only one to bring out his prowess in lovemaking.


If there was ever a man to be tasked with overseeing the electricity of a polar opposite relationship does not melt down all the potential, Capricorn man is perhaps the best equipped of them to be trusted with the job. Capricorn and Cancer is a coupling playing upon all the romance stories as old as time itself. The head vs the heart, emotion vs logic… it all makes for a very engaging drama stirring both these cardinal signs into the all-action commitment that others rarely know them for.

Although most of the murky waters they sometimes have to steer their boat through will be because of their differences, both Capricorn and Cancer would be kept apart by one very annoying similarity at the start: a deep-seated fear of rejection and unrequited love.

However, the extremely endearing feminine ways of Cancer are agreeable to most men’s inner need to be there for their woman. Capricorn is no exception to this. In many ways, he is the archetype of this and will find himself provoked into making the first move.

Once engaged into the ensuing love affair, neither will hesitate to do whatever it takes in progressing the relationship. Considering this translates to very different actions on the surface for Capricorn and Cancer, this over-eagerness could often prove to be their temporary undoing. The discord and disagreements come in various guises, not always full of stormy passion to provide the electric make-up sex that often falls upon them.

Cancerian women are rapt in their emotions, so much so that they often find it second-nature to intuitively know how anyone else in the room is feeling. This is especially true for someone they care about.

To Capricorn man, this can be a revelation and a godsend.

Even if he does not prioritize emotions over his everyday pursuit of bottom-line common sense, he will find he can sector off the uncomfortable details of his feelings to a certain part of the day, where Cancer woman will be tasked with taking apart his day and putting it back together for him to make sense of it all. Sometimes, she will be able to do this without the need to utter a single word.

She can rejuvenate him to go out and attack the world again. Although very loyal, dutiful and a one-woman man (particularly for his beloved Cancer), if Capricorn should stray too far into the material world he might find his Cancer woman deeply afraid that he has lost touch with her and no longer understands what makes her tick.

As long as she does not let her emotion consume her, Capricorn will eventually learn to keep ahead of these moments so as not to let the distance or cold ever come between them again. All other exchanges, for good or worse, will be heated. Particularly in the bedroom.

This is the real deal for Capricorn, a valued relationship in a sense that it is truly unique.

Capricorn man is, perhaps unfairly, not celebrated for any sort of fame or reputation in between the sheets. This is because, as an earth sign, he is so in tune with his body’s sensory reactions that he will not manufacture a feeling which simply isn’t there.

However, once Cancer enters the equation, it is a differently story entirely. True to her water sign, she permeates and sets deeply into the Capricorn’s skin. She arouses senses within him to bring a truly powerful and all-encompassing lover to the peak of his powers. Cancer woman will be so taken by this, and both cannot believe their luck at finding such passion between the sheets twinned with security outside of the bedroom.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime relationship that can be thrown away if both sides do not make adequate allowances for the differences that could easily be mended towards complementing one another, instead of hurting each other’s view of the world. Cancer will have to get a grip on her emotions, and Capricorn will have to learn to hold his tongue. A fair effort from both sides can lead to soul-nourishing happiness.

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15 Notes on "Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man"

Ms Cancer

I love this and i believe this is so true. I have known my capricorn since i was twenty two and i will be twenty eight this year and i hope we get married one day soon. I don’t think i will ever love anyone the way i love him. Finally i found a man worth all of my love and attention.

Mr Capricorn

Hey Ms Cancer I hope it’s still working out for you. I also agree with the above – awesome stuff. Unfortunately due to a few hurdles I am now separated from my Cancer lady – I am gutted. Not only have I lost a friend but also her as a lover….


I had a feeling that this couple would provoke a comment. The only one out of all the pairings. I would love to meet a male Goat.

Cancer Mistress

I wont indulge with all the emotions I feel. But to be honest. A man has never made me so hot in bed, my first orgasm from sexually intercourse is due to this man. 25 years my senor. But still desires burn for his body.


I love my Cancer man. He’s strong, handsome, fierce, emotionally attached, a real hoot, and even better….a freak in the sheets 😉


It is a hard thing to find, this chemistry, this connection, this deep stuff. my Capricorn and i have only just began our journey, it is amazing. me being a overly sensitive cancer with detachment issues he has been a God send. I can not imagine my life with out him in it.

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