What makes them?

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman understand where the other is coming from and learn it is better to abandon their usual games. Security and stability is a focus for both, so their priorities are on the same page.

What breaks them?

There are so many emotions in the mix, building up over a period of time, that this might force them to put ice on everything for large periods. The distance (even under the same roof) can be permanently damaging and it can end as strangers.

Can it work between Cancer Woman and Cancer Man?

It really can. They put all their best natural assets into the home environment, leaving them to often become adventurous, humourous and try new things when they venture outside.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman are always a little strange and hard to figure out when you’re not on the inside. These two can fight over small things, often confusing the issue, only to appear in public holding hands the next day as if nothing happened. Their friends will sometimes swear that certain fights signal the end, but learn not to be surprised when both Cancers have come to a mutual understanding with all smiles, only hours later.

Cancer is fundamentally a sign that likes to mask the iron fist with a velvet glove. They feel that anytime they are thrown into darkness or depression it is only because life gave them just desserts to warrant such behaviour. This self-entitlement cannot survive because they soon learn the tricks of their trade, usually working wonderfully to scout out the true limits of other signs, are fruitless on one of their own. A Cancer tactician can see the strategy of his Cancer love from a mile away. Luckily, Cancer female has enough girlish charm and Cancer male enough reserve to simply wash any disagreements away.

If these two genuinely find the right setting to grow fond of one another (usually through heavy mentions of family dilemmas that both can help the other out of) then they bring enough deep understanding to foster a warm entanglement.

Issues can arise when there aren’t enough boundaries to separate one set of concerns from another. Cancers have a tendency to become so reliant on each other, to the point where they often bring home problems best left at work or elsewhere. A casual mention of fights with a colleague or friend turns into a game of attention-seeking.

Remember that Cancer male is just as emotionally needy as his female counterpart, so both can gauge the other to see if they are quick enough in responding to a call for an ego massage. The worst thing either of these Cancers can do is manipulate by pulling out the support structure from underneath the other’s feet when they’re unsatisfied.

The issues often get so confused and muddled, old disagreements can be stored as ammunition for the really big transitional fights later in the relationship. Cancer battles often explode to very heated proportions when they are young. With age and experience, they quietly adapt by holding grudges while keeping a calm exterior. However, this fosters severe communication problems. These two lovers can spend days arguing over a bone of contention, only to grudgingly admit it never really was the heart of the issue.

The only real grievance a Cancer ever has is a basic need for comfort and security on both sides. Because this is a constant fear in their life, along with the fear of rejection, they’ve both made a point to take care of the bottom line before all else. This is why it becomes pointless to ask Cancerians to start separating business from pleasure and save themselves a whole lot of grief. Often, the house is run like a business and lucrative work is only ever executed with colleagues that hold the same amount of trust as family.

If Cancers do mature to overcome their threats to pull out of the relationship, they can often support each other and liberate one another’s time for some uncharacteristic daring and adventure. In a social setting, Cancer woman is often as relaxed and stress-free to be a feminine as she likes and Cancer male is… well, free to be a Cancer! Both sets of friends and family love them, even if they don’t always understand how they go about the business of staying together.

The truth is it is done by keeping their eye on the ball of their common needs. They both need the self-esteem of building a successful family and long moments of tender loving care. The simply act and symbolism of spending enough time ticking all the right boxes… lovemaking, quality time with the children and quality time in the home, is enough for both these crabs to know it’s going somewhere.

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