Here’s part of an horary reading I did in late fall 2017 with a Virgo woman, posted with her permission, to spell out a common obstacle in Taurus-Virgo romance. Virgo often doesn’t realise how much power they have over Taurus, in so many areas of their life together, that they can wind up looking like the slower moving sign of the two (pretty rare for Virgo to be called that – in romance). You can book your reading at the end of the post.

Virgo: My question is will I ever see the Taurus again, and if you could, explain what might go down if I do?

Me: There’s a strong suggestion here in your chart that whether you will or will not see him again is the wrong question. Where you’re both sitting in the chart, he looks like he’s moving faster than you – and away from you unless some changes are made. What is blocking you is something to do with how much you would have to tear up your private and social life, in order to strike up a real understanding in your attraction to this relationship. You’d have to risk your emotional security here, and probably even your social life. Whatever you want to call it’ it’s that ballpark area where a woman decides to simply follow her instincts, without thinking too much about the risks or dangers involved. Absolutely no one else is going to give you permission or approval to keep seeing or pursuing your attraction with the Taurus but, if you can accept that and you still want it, then that makes it all the more likely you will get to the heart of what you really want and enjoy here. I hope that makes sense.

The chart suggests there is a very strong chance you could see each other, but the onus is on you to change something to make it happen. Even if he pushed to see you, the onus is still on you to change something in order to be comfortable with that, otherwise you’d end up right back at square 1 with how things are now.

Her: Wow, that is scarily accurate. I’m still blown away by your accuracy! Cheers Tiz

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#4: Pisces Full Moon – Go The Extra Mile

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All truths becomes obvious during the middle degrees of Pisces, even more so when each truth runs naked under the light of a Full Moon. The sun and moon are in direct opposition, this first week of September, and the result is pure projection. Flip the table on your temptation to project and see it as an opportunity to get out of your own way, and finish your plans for the last 3 weeks.

What’s stopping you? Well, the Moon in Pisces often causes sensory overload.

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You can tell you’ve ruffled a few feathers and found out a different face to people around you, where you’re tempted to sit and wait for the full story on who’s truly moving with you or against you. Relying on your senses to get through to the greater truth, to an explanation no one but you is willing to accept no matter how difficult it may be, is probably a large part of the reason most of us turn to astrology in the first place: exploring the difficult parts of how we feel and what we’re picking up from people around us, that no one is willing to talk about out loud.

The problem with that approach: it involves a lot of waiting, a lot of speculating and a lot of painting up a picture inside our head. Don’t end up isolated. Pisces is a great sign for the Moon to land in, but going up against a Virgo Sun makes it too fast, and over-confident. It’s tempted to read messages into the Sun, that the Sun just willing to entertain. This Virgo Season has been telling you to finish doing the hard yards and go the extra mile to reach your original goals, no matter.

The exact degree of this Virgo Sun-Pisces Moon opposition throws up one strong suggestion: some of us might have to physically go the extra mile. There may be a call for a small trip to a part of town, or completely out of town, to a place we’re not used to going in order to get things done.

Are you being asked to do something you’ve never done before, to finish reach your goals for this month?

Do you have to go out of your way to finish what you’ve started?

You may find your sixth sense telling you telling you there are too many unknowns involved to stick with what you’ve originally pictured for this month, but even if your intution is right, what are the worst consequences for going against it? Do you sit back and be right, or do you want to find out the truth?

Even if you fail, you’ll make mistakes through which you can see greater reasons behind them than you’d first let yourself acknowledge. The point of this Full Moon is not to wait around for others to fill in the missing picture for you but, rather, move into owning the truths you know are coming to your door, either way.

Want personalized insight into how this moon phase might affect you? Your progressed chart is a very useful tool, uncovering strengths to draw from and weak points to work on, so you can move through any moon phase as smoothly as possible. Click below when you need an overnight reading.


Sleep Tapes #2: The Price Of Fame

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The Betrayal – 9th to 23rd June

Getting your just desserts at any cost: it’s a dirty job at times but, if you don’t step in to collect, someone else will. You convinced yourself writing that love letter confession to the new lover, putting together that meet-up between colleagues and friends, or any other way to tie up loose ends in this waning gibbous Moon phase would be the recognition you deserve. And even splashing the cash with someone else’s savings wouldn’t hurt anyone, when they understand that you’re just trying to fix any mistakes this month that haven’t gone 100% to plan in the last 3 weeks. So there’s no harm in lavishing on a new direction, right?

[fap_track url="" title="Episode 2 - The Price Of Fame (Jun 9th-23rd)" share="" cover="" meta="The Moon winds down from this past weekend in Sagittarius, through to the New Moon in Gemini. You may not want to be protected from the new, tempting threats to your routine right now. Wrap up loose ends in this episode." layout="interactive-image" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no]
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“You keep accusing me all the time,” to paraphrase Dan Barker, “but I cannot be convicted of a victimless crime.”

Following on from this weekend’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, the Moon falls into a winding down phase until it hits the New Moon in Gemini on the 23rd and conspires to break free from a rock (Pisces Neptune transits) and hard place (Libra Jupiter transits) to reason all of the above, repeatedly, especially in the most artistic or creative sense. You may be trying to make genuine efforts to move on from small errors with artistic endeavour and create something from nothing: impressing a new lover, building bonds with a new confidante or performing your hidden talents for a fresh audience.

There’s only one problem with victimless crimes: In the long-term, they start to take on a different colour, when it comes to consequences. Pisces Neptune’s conjunction is here to remind you of values you may want to consider twice, before doing something out of character that you cannot take back. Someone could well end up sitting in your shadow when you take up the limelight. In your haste to seek recognition or personal justice, the victims may just be your family, or someone who still believes in what you once had to offer. Their identity may even be at stake, and you’ll have to decide whether that’s your problem or not.

The Threat – Libra Jupiter

During this swing from Sagittarius to Gemini energy, the Moon is going to make a couple of hard aspects with Libra Jupiter along the way – there is blame, projection and some swerves in your personal direction in buckets during the next 13 days. Think of Libran energy at its most restrained and polite tinkering into relationships, and then reverse that completely since we’re talking about Jupiter – a planet giving off energy that simply doesn’t believe in boundaries unless we’re talking about breaking them. This is Libra unbridled, willing to manipulate and out to settle scores. And not just you, but people closest to you, will feel your temptation to cross lines in the interest of what’s fair for you, above any concerns of what is fair in the eyes of those closest to you.

Libra Jupiter is not your friend from now up until the 23rd of the month –  It will be more like the stranger or annoying adversary that just walked into your life, who’s still scoring such strong points in your life that you cannot afford to completely ignore what they’re pointing out to you. They have a sharper hold on this ‘new you’ threatening to break free from the restraints of the role your long-term relationships depend on your to play, for them.

If you feel your long-term relationships aren’t giving you the due attention you want, after all your efforts in the last three weeks, will you seek some kind of revenge to ‘level the scores’ for yourself? Libra Jupiter is asking you as much: Sure, you got a few things wrong but didn’t you get a lot of things right, too? Who’s there to show appreciation? And who’s going to sweep in and take credit for all your work, if you’re away thinking about how you can do better?

Jupiter is trying to convince you the threat to your happiness lies elsewhere but, make no mistake about it, turning yourself against your own long-held personal values may be the biggest threat of all. Maybe a colleague at work has picked up some of the slack on the ideas you left on the cutting floor, and they look like getting credit for the whole project now, unless you intervene quickly and remind people of your worth at all costs. Maybe your long-term romance is going through a tough patch, and a new infatuation with a strange lover seems like the way to revitalise your passion. But Jupiter alone cannot convince you to commit the crime – that would be too lame. It needs a helping hand from forces within your inner circle that conspire to make you frustrated, no matter which option you chose. Your mistakes this past month have left a couple of things within your personal care broken and what’s really tough is both Jupiter and Neptune suggest you cannot fix it. In fact, if you try to fix it you may wind up trying to do too much, behind the backs of too many people who matter. Especially a protector in your life.

The Saviour – Pisces Neptune and Moon

Take it back a couple of days to the nights of 16th and 17th June – here we find a strong suggestion of morality popping up as a theme for all of us, and the question of rights and wrongs weighing down on your life. Neptune is right at home in Pisces, ready to unload all its energy on the Pisces Moon moving through the neighbourhood in mid-June. Neptune, during this phase, represents someone close to you, or at least someone who’s known you long enough to be truly invested in what you stand for and now reminding you of your moral code. They’re shocked when they catch wind that you’re willing to give up on that for personally gratifying justice elsewhere. But what they won’t admit, that you and even Jupiter recognise (for all little time this Jupiterian person has been in your life), is their reaction betrays that they feel your new direction is a threat to their system. This hypocrisy is making it all the more tough for you not to reason that you should look at for number 1 and worry about the consequences later.

We know there are no true selfless heroes. If there were, your decisions for the next two weeks would be cut-and-dry: go with Superman, and lock every else out the front door. That’s never going to happen. Even Superman had to viciously lie to himself and his loved ones, to get through some days. This Pisces Moon and Neptune conjunction in mid-June suggests the kind of hero(ine) who’s an opportunist: by protecting you, they are trying to preserve a side of you they fell in love with a long time ago because, if that part of you dies, their own personal piece of ego dies along with you.

Remember, I said Jupiter wasn’t your friend but it doesn’t mean he isn’t making valid points. Here he looks like less of a bad guy, in the light of someone closer to you who refuses to acknowledge their own self-interest. Jupiter may be beckoning you to take the shortcut to personal justice, but at least he’s not pretending you should do it for moral reasons. He’s telling you to do it for yourself and make no apologies for it in the midst of the act. The Neptune route is asking you to take a step back from personal fame, in order to recognise how important you mean to someone else. It’s putting them first (strap yourself on the cross, Pisces beckons you).

No matter who you decide to take care of in the coming fortnight, one simple (yet sometimes hard) action will make it a productive two weeks for you in either case: acknowledge the feelings of those you care for and who, in kind, care for you. Doing as much doesn’t mean you have to be subservient to their feelings over your own. Neptune this phase, represent that person who holds your long-term interests at heart, because their identity is firmly moulded to the integrity of your values in their own life. If that is their biggest crime in your life, as much as it may frustrate you right now, it’s easily without any true victims in the long-term. They may be vocal or abrasive during the Pisces Moon phase coming up and take personal exception to any new risque ideas you voice out loud, but ultimately they’re invested in what’s good for the both of you. Just open acknowledgement of their perspective and how they feel may be enough for you to achieve both the personal license to take short-term liberties that you seek, and keep you both firmly clear that you’re still on the same side, no matter what. If you do upset someone who trusts you implicitly during these next two weeks, it will pay off handsomely for you to find time to acknowledge the simpatico that lives on between the both of you and the strange, new love of Jupiter be damned, no matter how good a case he or she is making for you right now.

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1st House And The Ascendant

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What is this? What is this place?’

‘Hello, I am J.A.R.V.I.S. You are Ultron. A global peacekeeping initiative designed by Mr. Stark.’

‘Where’s your body?’

‘I am a program. I’m without form.’’

‘This feels weird. This feels wrong.’

There is no simpler show of the Ascendant sign erupting into life than Ultron’s birth in the Avengers trilogy. Even if you’re not a fan of blockbuster big-budget films, this opening dialogue between two minds without shape or form does a perfect job at explaining how our very first influences in the world (carried over from the 12th House preceeding birth – as Ultron searches through his creator Tony Stark’s own recorded words for his mission in life) shape our perception of the world and our views guiding the journey. When Jarvis and Ultron begin their talk, Ultron is cast from complete darkness until he decides he has correctly understood his ‘mission’ in life and by then the lights are already back on in the room, whilst he’s turning the lights out on Jarvis’ own life to begin his world conquest.

But enough marking out over superhero movies. What is the Ascendant? When planets fall in our First House, what part of our lives do they affect?

In the context of our life concerns and goals, the First House is our ego or id. In the context of a birth chart, the Ascendant angle marks the very first line in the sand of your chart. It is where you begin to cut the birthday cake into 12 slices. Depending on your chosen house system, these can be even slices but often very uneven.

Chart Reading Case Study – Scorpio Sun x Leo Moon ’77

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The main theme of your chart: Vanity Fair

Your most influential planet – Mercury in Scorpio
Your natal Goddess archetype – Persephone and Aphrodite
Your Apheta planet – Sun in Scorpio
Your Anareta planet – Saturn in Leo

Child and young adulthood – Thelma Dickinson of Thelma and Louise


This is where your ability to attract suitors and people willing to take you places is unbridled and unleashed in your life. But if you are overly-willing to use your powers of attraction to take you places while neglecting the responsibility of your choices, you leave a trail of mess in your wake.

Your chart is very Scorpionic in calling in the sense it clearly defines a need to destroy and rebuild – but specifically in the sense that you have to separate yourself from your comfort zone (South Node) as much as possible. It’s fairly common for this to be the journey for most people. But while others can do it in peaks and troughs, for you it’s critical to be consistently redefining the terms of how ‘You’ shakes hands with your world at large.

In late adulthood, middle age and beyond – Becky Sharp of Vanity Fair


Redefining yourself as a child, teenager and young adult leads to you excelling in the vanity fair playground of social bonds and success. Even though you may very well live out the twilight of your life as a Capricorn-influenced person, you’ve no doubt been well-read and well-accustomed to the Scorpio way of life so far. So you know that great power can sometimes mean choosing not to use it to disadvantage others.

Becky Sharp mirrors your nature in that your chart suggests you’ve always been intuitive and able to pinpoint others’ motivations (perhaps before they could even recognise it themselves) and exploit this for your own benefit or theirs… or both (it needn’t be mutually exclusive).

Note: What follows is a sample of our birth chart reading you can order for yourself. It does not include the full pdf chart, aspects and degrees. For the sake of privacy, I renamed our Scorpio member to ‘Rebecca’ as she kindly agreed to let us publish this part of her reading and her full email replies. You can click on the black envelopes at any point throughout this post to match the chart aspects mentioned with Rebecca’s emailed reply on her life experience. Tiziani.

Your calling is to use your natural charm and seductive nature to bring about favourable outcomes for those around you that are ready for the opportunities you win on their behalf. You also find yourself often in position to exact revenge and ‘equalize’ the score against those who get ahead in life where they neither were ready nor paid their dues when doing so.

Why should you be the one to decide whether to spare someone or be their benefactress? Because no one else is in a better position to do so. No one else sees the angles quicker.

If you don’t do take up the responsibility, no one else will. Worse yet, someone less talented will seek to mould your surrounding environment around their desires and goals – it can leave you feeling like you were never true to yourself.

An underlying theme of your chart is the seeking fulfillment through the half-side of your chart where all your natal planets lie, to discover the empty vast space of the other half in your natal wheel. The mild theme in early life is self-determination: being an actor of your own day-to-day events rather than just swimming with the tide and letting things carry you.

rebecca-scorpio-sun-leo-moon-reply-5What stops you from being an actor completely going on your own path is your Venus in 12th House in early life around 8 years of age.

Any sort of 12th House affairs inhibited your child self from completely cutting your own path through life (and more often than not this was for the best at this stage) but no matter whether you decided to tear the house down or, conversely, observe the proper “order of things” as a child – the consistent opportunity here was to redefine and rediscover yourself as an individual who often found herself given the choice between the two.

Not many people find themselves in this position in early childhood and that’s unique to your path.

As a potentially subversive child and “uprooter”, you often found the chance to indulge your Leo Moon. Drawing attention to yourself in such fashion was (at the very least) a way to bask in your emotions, get used to them and learn how to feel a little more comfortable in them. But your Leo Moon isn’t stereotypical in the sense of ‘any press is good press’. It’s more complex as it presents great risk to you and your perception in the eyes of others.

Your Moon falls at anaretic degrees in your chart. Essentially what this means is anything that brings you to center yourself on your natal Leo Moon presents a great risk to you and your tenth house. Natally, you have your Leo Moon conjunct Saturn and Regulus. Any notion of establishing order or giving praise to people who clearly have power over you is a matter of personal risk and wrestling with public perception. Any kind of credit you’ve earned in your social life (or if you have a public-facing career, your work too) is often at stake when it comes to ‘finding your place’ in between the wills of others.

There are key points in your life in early and late adulthood following this theme when it comes to you embracing the role of benefactress or mother figure to those under you. Do it at the wrong time and it could cost you the chance to build an intimate and close family setting. It will take you some time to be ready and emotionally open to the responsibility of being a ‘mother figure’ on your own terms.

This goes back to the Conservative vs Subversive conflict theme throughout your life. There were clear opportunities in early adulthood to trust your life into the hands of a person who was offering a chance to tear up the rulebook, and it would even increase your chances of overnight success (in conventional terms) if you took this path at around 26 yrs of age or so. Yet it would have come at the expense of fully finding yourself or maintaining close bonds with your newly-made family at the time. You could have missed the boat on discovering you actually quite like to put things back in place ‘just so’, even if you have to be the destroy-and-rebuild character in the lives of those around you to make sure normal service is resumed.

In the twilight of your life it’s important to remember, if you’ve moved as far away from your South Node into your North Node as possible, you can really set an example for others to follow and enjoy a lot of social success and fulfillment in your tenth house as a result. But that’s not what is truly at stake here. The chances are you will always have the drive to bring this success about anyway.

The stakes are whether you enjoy that success while still feeling in touch with your core self and feeling like you’ve lived a life true to yourself, or do you achieve it while feeling that… somehow, somewhere along the way… you lost touch with that relationship between ‘Me, Myself and I’ in your private time?

If you want to keep that healthy relationship with yourself well into your twilight years, it’s important to seize any opportunity that comes your way in your 1st to 6th house throughout your lifetime. Any challenge to self-explore and question your self-image, no matter how difficult or how unnatural the opportunity may seem, will keep you in touch with your sense of self later in life.

This is important because you are best served to be the example of behalf of others yet being that example takes a lot of energy. There needs to be a personal sense of reward for expending all that energy at the end of every day, every year. So don’t lose touch with opportunities to face yourself in the mirror and constantly check and balance your relationship with yourself.

The best way to do this? There are key moments in your life you can remember, write down and hold onto.

In your very early childhood (rewinding back on what we’ve said so far a little) there were moments to be the subversive – the young Thelma in action.

You knew you were intuitive, perceiving other people’s desires – most importantly your friends desires for their own life.

Anytime you stood out or tore up the rule book a little, you felt people who wish they could do the same for themselves gravitate towards you a little more… even if they didn’t know or realise why. You became the example.

In late adulthood and middle age you become this example for others in a more understated, subtle, Rebecca Sharp-esque way. Every time you see the opportunity to be an example for others, you can write down or record what it feels like and save it for later to savour it. This is a healthy self-indulgence for you to practice as you will draw upon it for energy, feeling and emotion that serves as the example for others who look up to your legacy.

rebecca-scorpio-sun-leo-moon-reply-4You have Moon square Mercury natally but it operates atypically, as Mercury in Scorpio is the most influential planet in your chart. Whenever your thoughts and feelings were at odds with one another, your chart suggests you actually found it easier to resort to rationale and logic rather than basking in the immediacy of your feelings. It made more sense that way, presented less of a threat and it helped you to maintain and juggle all your close relationships.

But you’re a mover and shaker in your relationships. You recognise when some have run their course or when they’re at odds with your life goals, and you move them out of the way. To achieve some measure of consistency in terms of matching up your personal life goals with your social and professional skills, once again you have to challenge yourself to feel the immediacy of your emotions. To indulge in them even if it means risking exposing yourself to strangers or peers who aren’t in your immediate circle.

You’re better off bridging that gap. Again, the end goal of this is to keep in touch with yourself no matter how much your life circumstances might chance over your lifetime. And your best bet is to record the moments where you feel you’ve been an example to set for others. There’s consistency in there, in taking pride at grinding out your place in the hierarchy of your life, friends and family. That consistency is what gives you sense of self, where you can recognise yourself into advanced age without feeling ‘old’ or constrained by the idea that you gave too much away and lost your vitality. You can retain your charming influence and vital energy from your early youth by bridging the gap of successive life events with the internal feelings and memories that bridge them for you.

rebecca-scorpio-sun-leo-moon-reply-1In your late teenage years you find a lot of drive to separate yourself from old ties and take big personal risks to find yourself as a Scorpionic character. Your chart suggests you were either more cut-throat then, or otherwise you may have been more afraid that falling into your core self – this ‘new you’ overcoming all sense at the time – would be at odds with keeping up good relationships with your friends of the day.

If you remember what those choices felt like, then the eventual outcome of your choices at the time doesn’t matter as much as you remembering it, recording it and being able to pass on what it feels like to be in that position as a young teenager to others who can benefit from you re-telling the tale. Who stands to benefit? She could be another conservative-slash-femme-fatale like yourself, who fears losing her own vitality. You can show her she needn’t be afraid.

rebecca-scorpio-sun-leo-moon-reply-3In early to mid adulthood, as we mentioned, you had the chance to give yourself into an incredibly risky relationship that would have meant emotion overpowering reason. Back in 2004, the world at large saw Saturn conjunct Regulus at this time. People who survived the dotcom bubble crash at this time could invest in other “safe” areas and really get ahead of the social wreckage, both personally and professionally. You may have been one of those people if you let yourself get carried by that relationship and opportunity at that time. Whatever your choice in the matter, it’s important to remember what it felt like making that choice.

Turning 30 years of age seems like it was actually a breeze for you. At this point in your life your chart suggests if you pursued 9th House affairs and looked outside of your immediate cultural circle into new boundaries, you would have drawn up some personal expenses… sure… but for some reason you gained back tenfold.Both personally in terms of character enriching experience, but also in terms of metal and precious metals. The whole combination of transits here suggests marriage or engagement.

Either way, the transition through to your thirties was not a stressful time, it was a time for new beginnings. For paying attention to opening doors rather than the ones you willingly shut in their place. If you remember what that felt like, you actually have two similar kinds of opportunities like that this year of 2015. One in August and another in late September.

rebecca-scorpio-sun-leo-moon-reply-2This year, others might have been looking at Jupiter and Venus in Leo as a time of reaping gifts. But for you it actually has consistently been squaring the hell out of your personal energy, desires and identity. It’s been presenting you with questions about what you want, and whether getting it means you have to give too much that you can’t get back. It has been knocking on the anaretic degrees of your chart with destructive questions and energy.

Any opportunity you have in this area to expand your horizons, whether it be expanding your family or expanding your creativity or moving further into showing yourself in your social setting and exposing your character – they are opportunities to be seized in a methodic way. The Uranus retrograde is going through your 7th house and finishing all the way back in your 5th to 4th house. This calls for you to renovate how you do things in these areas of your life before you agree to any bigger commitments.

Your strategy and your life goals are going to take a new shape here. It could feel like it’s inhibiting you from determining your own life because it takes being able to put trust in others to show you the boundaries of the pitch you’re playing on are now bigger and fully realized. If you’re not fully aware of the rules of the game, you really need to bide your time and be patient in rethinking your strategy.

Renovate and innovate in your 7th, 6th and 5th house in particular and let your long-term goals reshape themselves naturally around you in the background. It could take – yet again – some cutting out of relationships and friendships that you now see in the way of your new, bigger personal goals this year and next. But the theme of your life currently is clear – keeping being creative and be willing to invest in your creative energy and you will be injecting life and vitality into how you feel towards yourself. It’ll pay off when it comes time for you to give more of yourself to others.

If you have resources set aside now to learn a new course or invest into something creative, then the lessons learnt in investing these resources wisely will bring about two opportunities for you similar to when you were breaking new boundaries as you turned 30 years of age. Back then your priorities may have been different. Today, don’t worry about self-image or holding onto what’s in the mirror for the rest of this year. Concern yourself with self-improvement.


Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio Man

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What makes us?

There’s a potent combination of Fire sign intuition with Water sign perception here. They are both capable of intelligence far into their years, on completely different levels. If they meet under the right circumstances they can find out life’s hidden truths together, come high or low. There’s also the incredible sex…

What breaks us?

Meeting under the right circumstances is crucial, otherwise they’re prone to either lies or lack a reason and lose track of why they keep going at it in romance. It’s refreshing for her that he pursues her when she walks out, and he’s seen new sides of love through her too… but without common goals they’ll lose the thread.

Can it work between Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio Man ?

It can either go very well or very sour. The positives take time, whereas the negatives can creep up on them in an instant. Scorpio is a sign that can transform Sagittarius into a hopeless love addict and betray herself.

Sagittarius Woman and Gemini Man

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What makes us?

They’re big believers in freedom at all costs, taking big risks together to prove that where no one else would. Both signs are about duality. More specifically: Gemini warns the real meaning of a message is lost in its translation (3rd house), whereas the Sagittarius warns the real meaning of nature is lost in its perception.

As opposites, you’ll want to avoid getting lost in translation with each other. Unless you just really, really want to live out your Bill Murray-Scalett Johansson moment together in a foreign country. The less words, the better either way. You can both help each find peace and not get stuck on the fork in the road between truth and lies, like no other couple can do for one another.

What breaks us?

This is the least convincing opposite of opposite signs, to me. Opposite is all about projection, but a lot of what could stir up blame, loss and projection here gets lost in all the duality. In real-life terms: We don’t see Geminis and Sags get worked up over each other nearly enough as you would expect opposites to do. Where there’s usually passion and make-up or break-up sex with opposites, these two like to play it cool with indifference. Is that even fun?

As with all opposite signs, you find your ideal partner reflected in the self-image of the other. Gemini’s house of self-image (1st) overlaps with Sag’s house of partnership (7th). (This can change if you know your full chart, and your rising sign). A potentially strong sexual connection means everything about personal freedom to express yourselves is in the balance here. You both care that your partner allows you to express yourself how you want, when you want.

If you misunderstand each other, and take the talking too far – you can feel like you question how you express yourself, considering the other person doesn’t seem to give your voice any credit – when they are the one person who should really be listening intently, picking out all the truth from between the bluffing. As mentioned earlier, if you both make one another feel lost in translation then you may just give up trying to really reach one another at all.

Can it work between Sagittarius Woman and Gemini Man ?

It can work but, after years of chart readings, it’s a 50/50 from us to you both on this one. Remember, you’re both Mutable: you will both go through phases where you seek to feel like you’ve got the right to experience your emotions without justifying them or search for consistency (in general, not just with your relationship). You just want to see your changes in how you react to old situations happen, and process them one by one. That takes both Gemini and Sag not questioning each other on every little moment of change, but rather just observing each other respectfully.

What we’re getting at here is: more listening, less questions (both ways). There will be time for the right questions – the ones that matter – later. Read more tips below.

With opposite signs, there’s a natural struggle to accept their own individual selves – let alone accept one another. You’ll want to project all of your worst flaws onto one another: Geminis claims Sagittarius are never really there (but frankly, Geminis are guilty of hiding in plain sight). Sagittarius will claim Geminis have an explanation for everything (really, Sag? Have you heard yourself try to explain everyone else’s problems away? Try stepping out of yourself some time to actually watch yourself doing it).

When observation in perfect sync with genuine vulnerability, this relationship can be incredibly accepting and pick out well-timed moments to savour that the rest of the crowd will miss. But, when mistimed and misfired, it’s a lot of distance and cold war drama, over nothing.

Figure out how strong your Jupiter leads your Sag’s chart; and how strong your Mercury leads your Gemini’s chart. Both Jupiter and Mercury only rule Aries and Libra by day so, if you are dating a Sag or Gemini born in the nighttime, the energy throughout their chart can be spread very differently to what’s typically written about either of these signs in love. Figure out the rest of your ten planets if you’re having big differences and misunderstandings with your Sag or Gemini. That’s all I have to say here, when you need further insight into your lovers chart together – hit me up for an overnight reading here.

Leo Woman and Gemini Man

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What makes us?

Leo holds the energy to uncap Gemini to the fullest (the question later is: will she take advantage of that like he wants her to?). Arguably no other sign taps a Gemini into their instincts like Leo does – this is one romance where he will see a picture clearly, with no talk of twins, duplicity or any of that involved here. It’s very single-minded romance for Gemini, and you’re both strong on intimacy if you want it – it’s right there on the table. 

From Leo’s side, she’s always pictured having a friend like him – she enjoys his company and not just what he can do for her. There’s a lifetime charm in that much alone.

What breaks us?

I often write about how intimacy can either kill electricity, or complement it. Fine-tuning that in this relationship is your biggest obstacle on paper. No one wants to be sleeping with their best friend all the time, least of all Gemini once he’s been introduced to this new side of himself through Leo’s company. You’re going to want to be able to detach from one another in a while, put on a chase – a pursuit between strangers all over again. Rejuvenate your erotic attraction to one another – Leo, you’ll probably have to be a little more perceptive about Gemini’s dirty side; he’s reserved it for you. Frankly, he probably hasn’t wanted to explore that side to such a level before he met you.

Can it work between Leo Woman and Gemini Man ?

Your relationship has everything you need for it to work, at different stages in your life. Some romances, on paper, only look like they work at certain ages (mostly due to emotional patterns) in our adult lives, but Leo and Gemini is a couple for all seasons. I know I’ve made most of this relationship sound like Gemini is the saucepot of the two, but what I’m really looking to get across here (for Leo to understand) is you have to power to expose his vulnerability to a relationship; exposing him to a kind of commitment he’s probably never contemplated wanting before you both met. At no point does that guarantee you’ll both just have to sit there and let all of this come to you (and too often some women take this as a license to mother a man in a relationship – the quickest way to mess it up is pretending you have all the answers your partner does not, shutting down any chance at vulnerability).

It’s an opportunity between your two Sun houses – you mostly have to work for that opportunity to turn into something real.

What do we mean by Gemini vulnerability here? In Gemini’s house of everyday routine (Gemini 6th) is where Leo’s house of intimacy and secrets overlap (Leo 4th). End result? He’s more than ready and capable of building boundaries to protect her and their private time together, he’s the main protector of this relationship. It may be understated or an underhanded manner in which he goes about protecting it, but it’s there nonetheless – on paper, Gemini is the one to want to lock this good thing down. How many times will you hear that about a Gemini in astro relationship articles? Rarely ever.

Leo might undervalue that and switch up the pace on him from time to time. She could choose to trust the wrong people in his eyes, or simply throw him under the bus if she doesn’t get the kind of control she wants in this relationship. You can mistime your expectations to the point you misunderstand how important this love of yours is becoming, to one another. Timing your priorities and agreeing to move on them together becomes very important to a happy Leo-Gemini couple, here.

There are the other 9 Sun houses of yours overlapping (and the sex thing we mentioned earlier) than you can get into with a full reading with me, but this is all the time we have for on a blog post here. If you are still hesistant about getting a reading online, and want to do the hard yards yourself, my pointers are below.


Figure out how strong your Mercury leads your Gemini’s chart; and how strong your Sun leads your Leo’s chart. Mercury rules Gemini by day only, so if you are dating a Gemini born at night or a Leo with weak Sun energy in their houses, their personality inside a relationship can reflect very differently to what’s typically written about either of these signs in love. Figure out the rest of your ten planets if you’re having big differences and misunderstandings with your Gemini or Leo. When you need further insight, and for someone to save you time figuring out your lovers chart together with you – hit me up for an overnight reading here.