What makes them?

Ambition. Both might learn from one another’s differing ways in getting what they want from the world.

What breaks them?

Capricorn Male is simply too rigid and analytical to permanently satisfy the thrill-seeking ride of Aries Female.

Can it work between Aries Woman and Capricorn Man?

These two can amount to surprisingly kindred spirits but their two natures often make for a scorched earth policy that Aries female will leave behind.

Here are two signs that are known for moving past all obstacles, opinions and people when they want something bad enough. If that something turns out to be each other, it won’t take too much beyond what meets the eye. Capricorn man is someone who goes about acquiring everything he could ever want, and an inch more just in case. Aries woman has very deep and uncompromising needs, including the need to be able to respect her man.

In this area, at the very least, Capricorn Man will never come up short in Aries’ eyes. That is all very fine and well as a novelty but, once the opening salvos are spent, Aries might open her eyes to many other areas in which he is slow or where he begins to fatally question whether she really merits his time and compromise.

Where Capricorn tends to question on a more negative and fearful scale, he will be intrigued by Aries’ bubbly optimism. If she can stump up enough glass-half-full answers for a Capricorn man who often has justifiable reason to feel he has seen and done it all before, he might be surprised enough to momentarily shift his goalposts and meet her ever-changing insatiable need for adventure, thrill and lust.

In the latter department, Aries will have to do her fair share of taking the initiative and spelling out her sexual cravings in the bedroom. Yet again, the riseable nature of her lovemaking comes as nothing but pleasant surprises to Capricorn. He views sex as a way to cleanse the day’s compromises off his body and wake up feeling himself once more. Even if that cleansing has more of a flame-throwing feel to it while Aries wears him to exhaustion, that will do him just fine all the same.

The surprises from Aries outside the bedroom, however, will be less welcome to Capricorn’s studied and meticulous plans. Where Capricorn has put in the solid foundations for both of them to work towards a common goal, Aries’ shoot-first-questions-last nature might find itself scattering any common ground they find between themselves. With a little more patience and use of that energetic mind of Aries, she might well find some tools and support for her fiery and uncompromising march onto the next adventure, lent to her by Capricorn’s differing ways to go about achieving the same end.

Similarly, Capricorn male might continue to learn from Aries in all arenas of his life. It is no exaggeration to say that, if the two have not involved sex and consummation past the point of no return, they could find a mutual grudging respect and capable friendship growing in the background.

Nevertheless, Aries has never made it a trademark to stick around for a polite affair between friends. If Capricorn does mix things up more often than he would like, she will find her feet itching towards the door. Capricorn has a capacity for darkness and thirst that Aries secretly wouldn’t mind him exercising on her from time to time. Nor does Aries argue with the strides he has made in society, that she will try to carefully bend towards her own advantage.

The problem lays at the start, and whether Capricorn can see any purpose in riling himself up for an adventure in holding hands with Aries at all. He will never end their relationship, but there certainly is a no small talk involved in getting him to start it up.


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