What makes them?

Two high-dreamers with a wonderful collective imagination.

What breaks them?

This relationship isn’t very resistant to change. Aquarius can sometimes have false hope of her Pisces to be more of a man of action, and then be even more bewildered when he wants to spend time alone.

Can it work between Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man?

Although it would be easy to see why these two are initially attracted to each other, it would take a very lucky and hard-working couple to make this go the distance.


Gender benders are familiar territory for Pisces male. Here is another woman, in Aquarius, who finds herself sitting in the driver’s seat at the very beginning of their romance. Pisces male will actually have to learn how to overcome himself and grow into the man Aquarius woman supports him to be, in order to keep her.

At first, they are mutually enchanted by their hours spent philosophizing and painting a perfect picture of the future. If anything, Aquarius is relieved to have found a man with his own ideas and voice to share. Pisces are often amiable creatures with qualities to unlock many doors and meet a wide variety of people. Because of this, they have an eclectic palette of thoughts and experiences to share. Conversely, Pisces might just have met his match in an Aquarius woman who’s nature forces him to look internally and question whether his routine doesn’t need a little self-actuated change.

Aquarius isn’t really one for romance and passion, instead choosing to keep the pleasing relationship she has discovered with Pisces at just about arm’s length, for the most part. Her mind is captivated and her body is sometimes willing to follow through, hoping to support and stimulate her man to turn their fairytale introduction into enduring reality. When he latches onto the prospect of their connection with aspirations of romance, undying love and dreamy passion, Pisces unwittingly forces Aquarius to become more of a mothering figure. It is her natural instinct, in order to cope with a connection she would initially like to keep but quietly bargains for more time to suss out whether Pisces is everything he seems.

The answer is, of course, he isn’t. Normally, this would be a credit to a Piscean beings who possesses untold amounts of depth beyond their pleasing surface and a mind Aquarius would like to swim in, if only Pisces would let her do it on her own terms. Instead, they both find themselves frustrated at not being able to get much of what they prioritize out of each other in the long term. The tables could actually turn on Aquarius’ aloofness and distance, as she will find herself not only mystified to see Pisces pulling away from certain attempts at verbal communication but truly disoriented when her man wants to spend large amounts of time away from as lucky a catch as her. Pisces doesn’t do this to alienate her or hint at the coming end of their romance, but Aquarius won’t see it that way.

All too often, this is the type of bond where the woman is likely to end things because they have “grown apart” or with even more haste when she cannot she a direction to it. As much as a woman as typically self-confident as Aquarius wouldn’t like to admit, Pisces is the kind of man that can prompt deep-rooted insecurities in her. She should feel some consolation by the fact that she is in good company, and Pisces would be the first to acknowledge this from previous failed romances. In truth, all Aquarius really ever wanted was to see her man flourish. Often, her mind reasons it best to end it because her presence is seemingly doing nothing for him to grow.

It is possible for these two to maintain something to please them both. However, it dictates a lot of changing themselves on both sides of the equation. Aquarius will have to learn to accommodate for Pisces’ need for emotion, passion and tender acceptance as a fully accessible lover and confidante, rather than a mere figure bringing the occasional female intuition to his life. This is the stereotypical relationship bringing out the old saying “it is sometimes easier to be a mother than to be a wife”, as Aquarius often finds herself hiding behind such labels in order to quietly process why Pisces doesn’t seem to share her notion of something being off in their relationship.

Pisces, in return, will have to man up and encourage different sides out of people other than the one where he plays on their temptation to fix or correct his constant mistakes. If he can take some proactive efforts to put a little gloss on his act (and he can find enough motivation to do this for a shot at love), then he will find change rewards him by presenting new faces and sides of other people, instead of changes working against him. Nevertheless, this couple can often be torn apart by changes inflicted upon them from outside experiences and encounters with third parties. They will have to improve their communication channels and learn one another’s language to be mindful of such interference.

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10 Notes on "Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man"


This is worst match ever. Pisces man can never satisfy aqua woman.


This is worst match ever. Pisces man can never satisfy aqua woman.

Kaya Cassidy

I’m an Aqua with a Pisces man and I could not be more happy. He is the light of my life. And he is plenty man.


I am in complete agreement. There is much more to this than the “sun” sign though. I am an aqua woman, but my “moon” is in Pisces. My Pisces man has a heart of gold and only ever wants to make me happy. He can be a bit of a scatterbrain, but I think it is cute. We connect on every level. Please know that we are not just our “sun” sign, there is so much more to it and I would suggest having your complete birth chart done. It is really eye opening : -)


I agree with you 100%, but it also holds true the other way around. An aqua woman could never ever satisfy us Pisces men. We are just to deep(emotoinally). I recommend a saggy for you aqua. However, some of my best friends ever(both male and female) have been Aquarius 🙂


Pisces man want mommy’s and they are not man enough to be dependable

Agree 100%. And that is such a turn off for us aqua women. As it says there, we want our man to flourish. We fall in love with the mind, the potential, the possibilities rather than the person. When we stop seeing all that we “grow apart”. Omg that was the baselina of my divorce (from a Taurus) and now, 4 years into a relationship with a Piscis I’m questioning why we argue all the time? Why can’t he understand my point of view, why is he such a hot head and can’t admit when he is wrong?!? Grrrr makes… Read more »

Yeah I’vs noticed it seems they can’t mKe up their own mind


I just want him to see me and here me to love me !!!!@


Too adaptable. I want my man to be unique and not change for anyone. And jesus. Give me some space and if I’m not asking for your opinion, don’t give it to me. Especially about work. Do what makes you happy and IL be happy but live your own life and stop trying to make mine perfect. It was fine without you, I made it to thirty I don’t need help making it further.