What makes them?

The endless possibilities… a theme that scares many couples into self-sabotage, but no so here with Aquarius Woman and Capricorn Man.

What breaks them?

Classic folklore will tell you this can be a rough ride at the beginning but in our experience it’s the opposite: The turbulence comes at the very end.

Capricorn Man will have to be careful at the beginning to not confuse his Aqua Woman as being an “extension” of himself. He can be ready to put her on a pedestal or confuse her traits for his – she will prove him wrong with time.

Can it work?

It will take a lot of patience getting to a place where it can flourish. These two are very very similar at some stages in their life, but Aquarius will never want to hear that and Capricorn needn’t point it out.


There are some obvious differences between Aquarius Woman and Capricorn Man that may be glaring to outsiders but no so apparent to either lover. A conversation we recently had with a 20-something Capricorn Man asking for the rap-sheet on his new Aqua love interest more or less typified the strengths and weaknesses of first impressions between Cap and Aqua in a nutshell.

‘Aquarius have this reputation for being out there,’ our Cap Man reasoned, ‘but she seems very down-to-earth? Very sensible and quiet.’

The surprise in his voice was obvious. He was expecting the notorious “rebel without a cause”, swinger streak of Aquarius Women you warned off everywhere on the net, to jump right out at him.

He maybe even wanted and had prepared for it to happen that way.

A little more investigation and he related to us she was the third eldest of five in her family – the sort of upbringing where any sibling quickly realises they are responsible for at least two other lives very early on in life. So it’s no wonder she struck him as very responsible, very down-to-earth, very… dare we say it… Capricorn-like.

And that’s the deal with Aquarius – as a sign ruled by two different planets and two very, very different kind of energies – it’s luck of the draw as to which side of Aqua Woman you’ll walk into on any given day.

She can embrace her eccentric streak in her Uranus side, or be a meek as anyone when she listens to her Saturn side – and it’s obvious the latter appeals to Capricorn Men.

To him it feels lie finding a sibling and a lover (and potential wife) when he finds her in her more conservative moods.

We’re dealing with this romance from the Cap perspective, Aqua Woman, so you can understand what attracts him to you and not end up in constant internal turmoil.

But rest assured – turmoil or not – we should all know by know if you try to paint Aquarius Woman into a wall or put her into a box, she will take flight at any second for the pure kicks of making you think twice and gaining a new perspective.

She does it because she’s a deep thinker and (no matter what the usual astro cookbooks will tell you about Air Signs) an even deeper feeler. This is true of every Aquarius Woman we’ve spent time with – hands down. Their emotions very often outweigh anything else, to the point where they can barely express themselves and can come off very passive aggressive in their disappearing acts.

Capricorns should recognise this disappearing act, however, as the moments where she’s afraid of what she will say or express and how it may or may not hurt others she cares for, and so she takes an interest in her romantic partners in the only way she initially knows how to in the long term: from a distance.

Capricorn Man will recognise it as he’s known to help himself to a few disappearing acts in his own time. It doesn’t necessarily make the taste of his own medicine any better this time around.

If Capricorn Man thought he was used to asking patience of his women in romance, here’s a woman who will outlast him in every sense. Patience is needed on both sides to avoid misunderstandings and turbulence later (because it will come!)

This romance is a classic cautionary tale about judging a book by it’s cover. Delve beneath the surface and take your time as there is substantial common ground upon which each sign’s core traits can support one another’s desires. Whatever common ground Aquarius Woman and Capricorn find is real and can last the test of time – they just have to accept it themselves or leave.

Capricorn Man prefers to keep his circle of friends small and influential. Think about it, Aqua… it’s the keys to the world right here. Not only would she not have to keep her man entertained at all hours of the day (she needs a lot of mental rest and recharging alone and he can handle and keep himself busy with work) but she will also have a man who’s social circle can turn her universal ideas and intuitive philosophy on life into practical realities. Both can benefit and build a solid foundation from this little everyday chemistry alone.

If Aquarius woman wants to live her dreams outside the confinement of anyone else’s terms, she may occasionally find the biggest prison her mind becomes boxed into is one of her own making. Where she hasn’t trusted anyone enough and hasn’t supported enough of her own freedom with ties to the right people who care for her in turn. The only way to truly honour freedom is with responsibility – and Saturn teaches this to anyone in time.

It’s best to trust others and let them in when she truly wants to show her interest on a more personal, intimate level. Capricorn Man is consistent enough to earn her trust and open her eyes to this way of life. They can bond over this steely foundation with time. They both get to respect the rules of give and take with one another, and she gets to discover new freedom inside of herself – new ways to push herself forward.

For her part, Aquarius Woman brings a lot of forethought to any partnership. She’s an able planner when she allows herself to be, and she exceeds most men she partners with in this respect. Her vision can give Capricorn Man the security he needs since he always fears making mistakes (even if he wouldn’t admit this to most people).

Just be careful not to scare him in the sex department right off the bat, Aqua lady. He’s a more than able lover as an Earth sign – he knows all the right boxes to tick. But he may not be as receptive to new ideas in the bedroom unless you convince him the ‘risque’ factor was his idea all along!


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9 Notes on "Aquarius Woman and Capricorn Man"


My cap is so quiet around me its hard for us to have real convos I think I make him nervous is that possible??


It’s not unheard of for Cap men to take a while to loosen up and trust. Really depends how long you’ve both been seeing each other and the rest of the placements in his chart.


We first met in 2004, we messed around for a min but he was always in unhealthy relationships at one point he asked for a relationship and I said no.

Ok, well typically Caps are very closed off in the “honeymoon” period of the first two years, but since you’ve known each other this long it’s a case where you’re both better off sitting down and talking and you be as clear as possible that you’re wanting to be able for him to talk more. Everyone has a different way of showing love and understanding how they’re getting love from their partner. Usually Earth signs show love through action and acts of service so be sure to give him credit for what he is doing in your relationship other than… Read more »
My cap man has been harboring resentment towards me for a few months now and out of nowhere says he needs some space. It has been 6 days and this is the longest time he has not communicated with me during our 15 month exclusive relationship. I just reached out to him bec Im afraid this “distance” or space will only make matters worse. He now says he wants to break up and Im sitting here saying WTF to myself. Im being blindsided & did not see this coming. We said we are best friends but now he says he… Read more »

Sounds like something that can only be worked through with verbal communication between you both. You can ask him what changed, what he’s feeling now. But don’t go beyond that – don’t try to change his mind. The best thing you can do is bring yourself up to speed with where you both stand today and make your own decisions. You certainly don’t want to be going back to something where you can just end up blindsided again. There’s no way you could trust a relationship like that

That is probably the most sound, practical & best of all — wise piece of advice anybody has ever given me about a relationship. Thank you. My cap can’t seem to let go of old issues from past arguments. He will say “Im fine” but in truth is not. I dont even say stuff like that. If i am mad, i say it and i deal with the feeling of being mad right away. The Cancer disease runs in my family & I was raised to believe that it starts with unresolved anger and resentment. So I understand we all… Read more »
Sounds like a bit of a gender-bender dynamic there. You’re the more confrontational one whereas he is defensive. When it comes to understanding different ways of achieving the same thing, that is where astrology is a very useful study and tool (certainly has proved so for me). But I always tell myself, strategy first – then astrology later. What I mean by “strategy” is figuring out where you stand with someone. If they’re genuinely willing and open to working through your relationship then you worry about miscommunication and understanding their point of view (and hopefully they’re willing to put in… Read more »

Didn’t you give more time and attention before? Actually the best you can do to show is your humor…… make him smile and laugh. Not argue with him. And if he wants break ups ask him why? And better give him a space.