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A voice message on how, when and what the blog brings to your astro life today.

From late 2012 to 2013 I’d given up on this blog more times than I can tell you; it looked like my fancy attempt to get over a lengthy break-up on the worst days, while sorting through emails of others’ love-lives on the best.

(… Yes, firmly bringing home every stereotype you’ve ever heard about counsellors trying to fix others when they cannot fix their own life).

I didn’t plan on astrology turning out to be the first line of work I could actually take pride in as a writer, researcher and doom-merchant.

All doom aside, what no one tells you about counselling: people get in touch with you only when they feel their life is off track; God forbid you should ever hear from a couple you rooted for, once things are going well again. Sometimes you have to make up the happy ending on your own, once the radio silence hits. And that’s fair game, it comes with the territory. They’re probably busy having great make-up sex.

Before I learnt any of this, ad cheques starting coming to my door. I wasn’t a counsellor, “professional” astrologer… at most I was a blogger with a couple of astro posts online that I’d left for dead while I tried to revive my personal life. What better did I have to do with my time? Work it out with my ex? Take my own advice? Nah… never that. The fact I had no idea where the first cheque came from, and that it came from this blog, was exactly the kind of unknown risk I was looking for in relationships in the first place. It was the same feeling I’d have at the beginning of all my other jobs, only this time I was my own pimp and my own gigolo. I got to say when and where. I put myself to working on a little blog originally known as My Astrology Book.

Through 2014-2015, the blog moonlighted as your dating and relationship advice service by e-mail. I’d make a few strides into winning some very loyal subscribers, piling together what I’d written about breaking the myths of the Libra man in love on Kindle. I’ve had all sorts of feedback on my first book, from the kind of moments you simply cannot buy as a writer where people write into to you to say they read the book page-to-page taking notes, to the other extreme of 1-star reviews from faceless names (I thought they’d come a lot sooner) that claim I wrote nothing but vague, philosophical bs.

Either way, you decide. I finally figured out I should bring in some way for clients and readers to leave their reviews on the blog here.

The Victims of Astrology Game

Astrology offers you temptations. Chief of all of them: the temptation to reason any flaw – playing up to a role where you think and walk in circles. That temptation only exists if you’re planning on astrology as an emotional crutch, or humiliating yourself by courting attention to yourself as a victim. That begs the question: who’s the villain in your life?

Maybe you’ve been left for dead, abandoned, cheated –  or any other number of hurdles in love and relationships – there is plenty of astrology writing out there to wrap yourself into a world where things “happen to you” and very little to convince yourself that you can have an active part in your own life events. I moved away from free will astrology, into the world where astro deals with fate. With fate, you get to tell yourself you’re a part of something from the beginning and not just a passenger with no direction.

Depending on how you use it, astrology can sit on your shoulder as either your true tool of insight, or your worst enabler setting you back even more years.

The real hard picture of astrology is far simpler, far more human and far more superstitious than most would like to admit. Maybe the harder truth to admit is: it always has been. There has never been a time in history where astrology hasn’t survived, and sometimes thrived, in the hands of its closest gatekeepers: mentalists, magicians and con-artists (both of the good and dark kind). For a while, it looked like being in the hands of scientists until science moved on (and so did a few really pioneering voices inside of astrology).

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With progressed and horary astrology – two kinds of astro based on fated events – You’re the one holding the cards. How will you play them?

Play Your Own Cards

What is progressed astrology? It’s not a liberation movement, or politically correct astro. Progressions are a simple, old belief that every day of your life maps out to a year of your birth chart patterns. You have four major phases to your life (childhood, adolescence/young adulthood, middle age, twilight years) where those patterns will repeat themselves through the parental influences of your Moon and Saturn moving together.

Once you know these patterns, you have solid ground under your feet for learning whatever else takes your fancy in astrology – and out of it into psychology, maths… more cutting edge tools than astro today. I’ve used what I’ve learnt to meet people around the world, make a solid living, understand myself fully as a writer and publisher driven to write about relationships, loss and the Pathos mindset behind how we deal with both loving/losing. More importantly for me, I’ve met the love of my life in the whole process, moving to Italy to enjoy the rest of my days with her. Among all the hats she wears, she works as a psychologist (of course she does, Tiz! another stereotype ticked off the box).


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