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The Latest With Me in 2019

It’s about to be 2019. I’ve stopped doing chart readings over the web for good.
Just for social proof, you can always check out the reviews from Blackbook readers who took out a reading.

Where Am I Right Now?

I still write both inside and out of astrology but I’m dedicated to illustration and comic art until June 2019.

I’ve hosted the Blackbook since 2012 – it’s a small blog. Here are some guides below to find your way around:

  • Modern Love Signs – Every compatibility post here between all Sun signs. Strictly speaking, Moon signs are a better read for day-to-day love matters (I’m happy to explain why) but Sun signs still have their use when looking at personal drive and long-term common interests.
  • Your No-BS Astrology 101 FAQFrustrated at airy-fairy articles on the new age web about twin flames, North Nodes or however other many contradictions out there? I post straightforward answers to your questions in the FAQ.
  • Taurus, Love and Money – If you’re a Taurus Woman or head-over-heels for one, you’re in luck. This short book is free to read on Kindle Unlimited or simply buy it on regular Kindle when you want more insight into what makes Taurus tick.
  • What You Can Expect from a Good Chart Reading – Maybe you’re introverted, prefer the web or just don’t fancy meeting astrology types in person. If you’re still considering getting a chart reading over the web, I’ve detailed the minimum you should expect before booking a reading online.

I limit being on social media as much as possible (for my own routine), but if you prefer to get in touch that way or simply want to see comic art I’m working on – I post on Instagram here.

You can also leave a comment on this page in the comments section, I’ll reply as soon as possible.

P.S. I’ve had comments and emails about the e-book I’d published in 2012 on Libra Man. I’ve got be real: I cannot read that book today. I’d write it very differently (and have tried many times). I really look at it now as a book where I was coming up with easy excuses for myself. I keep it up on Kindle because of the emails I’ve had where people have said they’ve taken away useful tools from it, and just because well… it’s a book of shame. Download it at your risk if you find it.

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