The Blackbook blog – I started this back in 2012,
since then I’ve released books, articles, astrology and music –
all of which I post here for you.
Happy Spring 2018.

No-BS Astrology 101: The F.A.Q.
No-BS Astrology 101: The F.A.Q. Simple Questions, Real Answers
Read The Blog Reviews
Read The Blog Reviews Thinking About Getting Your Next Chart Reading?
Unsure about your next Birth Chart or Relationship Chart reading?
Check out reviews from others here at the blog
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12 Ways To Overnight Compatibility
All 12 Signs
144 Compatibility Profiles
Read the posts that started the blog 5 years ago
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Under The Mask Of The Libra Man
Under The Mask - 7 keys to seducing any Libra man... or overly-philosophical bs?
This was my first book published to Kindle and I've had all sorts of reviews and emails. You decide.
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The Latest Updates
Latest Updates
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